Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons

Who doesn’t like to get wet under the sky while it rains? However, our civilizations have minimized life inside the boxes of buildings.

We cannot change the way the world runs but adapting to the creations that can provide a somewhat natural feeling is worth it. 

If you wish to take a shower under the sky while it is raining. Then, Rain shower heads can offer you this pleasuring experience. It is specifically built to bring the rain into your shower.

Here are some of the pros and cons of rain shower heads for a satisfying shower experience.

Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are one of the most popular choices amongst all types of shower heads. This spraying pattern is very satisfying as the droplets fall on the body gently. As the name suggests, it will rain in your shower if you install it in the shower. 

Yes, you heard it right, the mechanism of this shower head maintains a balanced flow of water pressure that transforms the water into larger water droplets. These drops are pretty similar to the raindrops and can provide you with a pleasant shower.

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Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons (in short)



Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons (in detail)

Rain Shower Head Pros

  • Shower Coverage

The mechanism of this shower head maintains a balanced flow of water pressure that transforms the water into larger water droplets.

Rain shower heads consist of many nozzles and this spreads the water in a wider range. It covers your entire body and showering becomes effortless.

It covers your whole body. This way, it’s effortless to rinse and clean without adjusting the shower head.

You just need to stand under the shower and turn it on, no movement is necessary. In some rain shower heads, it is also possible for couples to take showers under one shower head.

  • Rainfall Experience

The Rain Shower Head is specially developed to fulfill your desire to experience real rain in the shower.

You get to shower like never before. Given that the shower head is installed following the standard measurements, you get the feeling of rain pouring down on you. 

Each drop is pretty similar to the raindrops that fall on the body gently to provide a pleasant shower. Just like the rain, it will ease out all the stress and make your body much relaxed.

  • Design Variation

Manufacturers consider creating the most attractive models from this type of shower head and most users are obsessed with the designs of rain shower heads.

Many finish types are available for highlighting the interior of your showers like Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and many more. Installing one instantly makes your bathroom look more luxurious and classy.

Also, rain shower heads are available in various shapes like square, rectangular, and round.

  • Multi Features

With the growing demands, the manufacturers are making this kind of shower head with many features and technologies.

Whether wall-mounted or ceiling mounted, the rain shower heads have adjustable necks for your suitable placement.

They come with water pressure and flow control, a hand-held shower plus ceiling-mounted combo, different spray patterns, LED lightings, etc. 

  • Easy to Install

Rain shower heads can be installed on the sidewalls and ceilings. However, It might be a little more difficult than the usual shower heads. Although, the process can become easy if you follow the instruction manual properly. 

In most cases, a rain shower head comes with all the necessary instruments you need to install it in your bathroom all on your own. You can just screw the shower head to the pipe (pre-installed in nearly all of the bathrooms in the US), and it’s ready to use. 

Still, some ceiling-mounted shower heads have a very delicate installation process. For these, calling a plumber should be a wise choice.

  • Water Conservation

Modern Rain shower heads are equipped with water flow regulators which help preserve water. As the water flows evenly on your body, you can shower quicker, resulting in less water use and less energy bills to pay.

  • Easy to Clean

The shower heads are bigger, and so are the nozzles. You will find a lot of space in between to clean it with a cloth comfortably.

  • Health Benefits

Despite the common health benefits of a hygienic body, rain shower heads detoxicate the skin and make the muscles much relaxed.

The slow and time-consuming shower hydrates the skin to stimulate blood circulation. It will provide relief from anxiety and pain. In some cases, even the flow of water ensures headache relief.

Rain Shower Head Cons

  • Slow Water Flow

The water will fall slower compared to regular shower heads for keeping rain feeling more realistic. This might be a matter of irritation for some people, also there is no option to increase the pressure in these shower heads.

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  • Consume More Water

The rain shower heads consume more water than any other shower heads. The water spreads very widely and some of it will not contact the body and this increases water wastage.

The large volume of water usage will eventually increase your water bills. The cost should be noticed to prevent it from happening.

  • Consume More Time

You need to have a lot of time in hand while taking shower using the rain shower head. Low water pressure discourages rinsing off faster.

So, being in a rush may make you late for work because of the time-consuming shower.

  • Leaking Problems

Leakage can occur in many cases, especially if not installed properly or harshly moving the neck. Therefore, you should be cautious about these scenarios to avoid the hassle.

Also, rain shower heads can store a bit of water inside them. In some cases, if you turn on the geyser, the warm water will take more space and cause a drip.

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  • Needs High Ceiling

We recommend installing a rain shower head at least 1 foot above the tallest person in the house for maximum performance. Bathrooms with lower heights are not perfect for this kind of shower head.

  • Needs a Spacious Bathroom

You need to install your rain shower head under where you can stand, twist, and turn without touching the wall. A spacious bathroom is necessary to get the maximum output from a rain shower head.

  • Maintenance

Rain shower heads require proper care for lasting a longer period. The nozzles need to be cleaned if water is not coming out smoothly. 

Sometimes, water residues can build up inside or outside the shower head; this might ruin the appearance or water supply.

So, cleaning it within a few months should be on your checklist. Any type of breakage that does not fall under the warranty policy will cost you quite some money.

  • Expensive Price

The price tags on this kind of shower heads are much more than the traditional ones. The quality of the rain shower heads is mostly premium. Especially, the mechanism and finish are highly precise along with the enticing designs.

Therefore, all these features come with a higher cost. So, having an extended budget will encourage you to fulfill your desire.

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All in All

Rainfall shower heads are the most popular choice of this generation. It provides luxury and natural raindrops in one shower head also the designs are pretty attractive. Although, the price is much higher than regular a shower heads.

Now you know the pros and cons of all the rainfall shower heads mentioned above. Rain Shower heads are a safe bet. Even with the few disadvantages they have, if you can afford one, you should go right for it.

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