Delta R22000 Vs. R22000ws Shower Valve | Which One to Choose?


Shower valves are an integral part of any bathroom. Not just because it’s used to control the temperature and the water flow, but it also has other distinctive features. And when we’re talking about valves, the Delta R22000 and R22000WS automatically come to mind.

The main difference between the two is the “WS”, which means “With Stop”. The Delta R22000 and the R22000WS effectively provide the same functionality except the WS variant has the stop valve feature. Also, the R22000 is made from bronze whereas the R22000WS is made from brass.

But that’s not all when it comes to the difference. Since you’re here, read along to find out which works best between Delta R22000 vs R22000WS shower valve.

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Delta R22000 vs R22000WS Shower Valve


Delta R22000

Delta R22000WS


Slightly less durable because of the bronze material

More durable because of brass material


Almost same efficiency

Almost same efficiency


Less versatile

More versatile


Simple design

Complex design

Stop valve

No stop valve

Has stop valve

Water pressure control

Has better water pressure control

Has limited water pressure control


No leakage

No leakage


Easy installation

Easy installation


Slightly cheaper

Slightly more expensive

Now Let’s Know The Differences in Details:


Winner: Delta R22000WS

One of the key differences between the two valves is in their material. And the material is a key determinant for durability when it comes to any standard water valve. Both the R22000 and the R22000WS are specialized shower valves.

But the R22000 uses bronze whereas the R22000WS uses brass. Bronze is comparatively lighter compared to brass. On the other hand, brass has been an industry leader in toiletries solutions.


Winner: Both

The R22000 and the R22000ES both come from Delta. Delta hasn’t made much difference to the valves other than the material and functionality. As a result, both the valves perform almost at a similar level albeit the R22000WS has some extra features which we will discuss later.


Winner: Delta R22000WS

It’s hard to compare the versatility of the R22000 and the R22000WS as they are designed for the same functionality – being a shower valve. As a shower valve, both the valves are fitted in shower lines. However, R22000WS edges out because of the functionality it brings.

While the R22000 is not less by any means, its simple mechanism of heating and water flow control makes it fall short of the R22000WS.


Winner: Delta R22000WS

Again the design isn’t only about the complexity but also about the functions it brings. While R22000WS wins in the complexity because of the extra functions, the R22000 doesn’t really veer off much either.

The design of the R22000 is also consistent with the R22000WS.

Stop Valve

Winner: Delta R22000WS

This is where we have a clear winner. The R22000WS was designed to bring the stop valve functionality. The stop valve feature allows the shower valve to single out the water flow rather than completely stopping the entire flow in the house. It’s perfect for repairs without hampering the natural flow in other parts of the home.

Water Pressure Control

Winner: R22000

Both the R22000WS and the R22000 do a great job at water pressure control. However, the R22000 edges out the R22000WS.

At 40, 60, and 80 psi, the 17T cartridge on both the valves shows that the R22000 has a GPM of 5.9, 7.2, and 8.3 respectively. While the R22000WS has 5.3, 6.5, and 7.4 GPM respectively.


Winner: Both

Both the Delta R22000 and the R22000WS are uniformly designed shower valves. The R22000WS has an extra shaft in the internal mechanism for the stop valve feature. This does not affect the installation process and both of them can be installed pretty easily following the included guide.

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Winner: Delta R22000

The Delta R22000 costs less than the R22000WS. The low price is understandable considering the less features it comes with. On the other hand, the R22000WS might be more expensive but it offers the all-important stop valve feature.

Delta R22000 Overview

The Delta R22000 is a standard shower valve. As the name might suggest, the R22000’s use is not limited to showers only. Instead, it can be easily used in a similar setup like the toilet or the kitchen.

A shower valve essentially controls the shower water flow. The R22000 has been designed with simplicity and core functionality in mind. It means that this valve is only good for temperature and water flow control. While a more complex valve might offer extra features. Most normal showers can do fairly well with this simple set.

Pros and Cons of Delta R22000 Valve

While it’s hard to find the cons of simple mechanism valves like R22000, it isn’t without its faults. This particular valve offers value for money unlike any other and that’s definitely its defining feature.



Delta R22000ws Overview

The R22000WS is another capable shower valve from Delta. This one is a modified version of the R22000 as it has the extra “Stop valve” feature.

The stop valve effectively allows the valve to isolate the water flow from the entire running system. While in the standard valve, the entire water supply needs to be stopped, a stop valve can stop the water flow in certain parts without interrupting the entire system.

This comes in handy for upscale large households. The extra feature incurs additional cost but that’s justified considering the feature it brings.

Pros and Cons of Delta R22000WS Valve

The obvious pro of the R22000WS is the stop valve. But it also has some other benefits as well as quirks.



Final Verdict- Which One Should I Choose:

In the end, the choice between the R22000 and the R2200WS comes down to the price and need for functionality. If you have a large household that uses several water outlets, chances are you are better off with the R22000WS as it will provide the stop valve feature.

But if you live in a small house, say a studio apartment with limited water outlets, then the R22000 can be an easy fix.

While it’s not necessary to stay fixed to a particular valve, they each bring their individual advantages as well as disadvantages.


How do you install Delta R22000?

The installation process of the R22000 is as follows.

  • Stop the water supply
  • Locate the connection point
  • Align the internal and external shaft
  • Fix the outlet port with fittings
  • Check for the water pressure and temperature

Are all Delta rough in valves the same?

Yes, the rough in valves from Delta are universal. So they are the same and can be fitted as a replacement for any existing valve.

Are shower valves interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable. But only with the same company and same cartridge.

How do I know what Delta shower valve I have?

To know about your delta shower valve, simply open the outlet port and check for the manufacturing details. Alternatively, you can check the faucet. If it has buttons, chances are it is a pressure and temperature control valve.

Can you replace a shower valve with a different brand?

Yes, it’s possible to replace a shower valve with a different brand, but we do not recommend it. 

While the threading on the connecting port is universal, the trim kit is not. So it’s better to stick with the same brand as the replacing one to avoid any leakage issue.

Can I replace a Delta shower valve with a Moen?

Again, you can but it is not recommended. Delta and Moen come with different trim kits for the same functioning shower valve. While it might seem like the shower valve fits perfectly, it might eventually lead to leakage over time.

All in All

The Delta R22000 and the R22000WS are like a different renditions of the same product. From hindsight, it’s difficult to tell them apart except for their material. You as a user can choose between any of the R22000 and the R22000WS and still end up making a solid purchase at the end of the day.

It’s just that the R22000WS brings an extra feature that you may or may not make use of in the long run. It’s a simple futureproofing option and nothing else.

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