Are Bigger Shower Heads Better?

Bigger shower heads are relatively new. It was not until the 1980s that the shower head revolution began, and they came to the market. Since then, they have been growing in popularity.

Yes, they are better considering all the aspects. Bigger shower heads provide you with a better showering experience, and they are easy to maintain as well. 

The low water pressure and the cost can be a worry, but it compensates in other areas. Read our article to know more about bigger shower heads.


Large Shower Head Pros and Cons

Like any other commodities, larger shower heads have pros and cons.




  • Coverage

The idea is as simple as it sounds. Due to its bigger size, a large shower head covers more areas than the smaller ones. This way, you don’t have to turn and twist your body in your bathroom to ensure water reaches everywhere.

  • Maintenance

The broader gap between nozzles will allow you to clean the shower head easily. Just take a wet cloth and rinse the exterior every month to keep it clean.

  • Save Energy

The average American family spends about $2,000 a year on energy bills. While it is essential to conserve energy whenever possible, there are some easy and affordable ways to do so. 

Installing a large shower head is one of them. A large shower head can save you up to 30% on your water usage, which will in turn save you money on your energy bill. 

Not only that, but a large shower head will also make your showers more comfortable by providing more water pressure.

  • Showering Experience

When you walk into a store and see a large shower head on the shower experience, it’s hard not to be intrigued. You may be asking yourself, What is the big deal? How is this different from a regular shower head?

The answer is that a large shower head can provide an entirely different shower experience. A large shower head can offer more coverage, making it easier to get wet and clean. However, it can also provide more power, making the water feel more forceful.

[ NB. We will discuss the effects a large shower head has on our bathing experience later in our article. ]

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  • Elegant Look

Who doesn’t want a good looking bathroom? I know I do! Modern homes nowadays prefer more elegant and futuristic shower heads. 

Due to the growing demands in the market, bigger shower heads come in many designs as well, be they classic or trendy. A large shower head can add some excitement to your daily shower and make it feel more luxurious. There are many options to choose from, ensuring that your bathroom looks exactly the way you want it to.

Plus, a large shower head can help you save water by making your shower more efficient. So if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your shower, consider upgrading to a large shower head.

[ NB. Want to find out the best luxury shower heads currently available on the market? Click here. ]


  • Needs More Space

A large shower head takes more space in your bathroom due to its size. Before buying one, you need to consider if your bathroom height and width are big enough. The smaller ones can be around 5 inches. 

The optimal size of a big shower head is approximately 12 inches, and it can be as large as 20 inches and above.

  • Water Pressure

Because of the more significant coverage area, you will feel less pressure even if the water flow is the same. You can fix this problem by buying a shower head with a jet spray pattern. Keep in mind that it will cost you a lot more than a traditional shower head.

  • Cost

The bigger ones cost more than smaller options. The fix and installation process can be costlier as well. Some renovation work might be needed if your bathroom is not pre-planned for a big shower head. However, this project might have a hefty price tag.

Showers are accountable for more than 30% of water usage in an average household in the USA. As we already know, the bigger shower heads use more water; you will have to spend more on the bills.

If the water flow in your house is satisfactory and your bathroom allows you to install a big shower head, we see no reason why you should not opt for one.

Does the Size of Shower Head Matter?

According to studies, an average person in the USA spends about 7 to 8 minutes in the shower every day. The reason why I said that is, you get to decide if it matters for yourself. 

Do you want a luxurious and convenient showering experience in your bathroom for 7 minutes every day? Or, are you just one of the guys happy with anything that can pour water? 

For me, the size doesn’t matter. I like when the water pressure and the water flow are high from my shower head, let it be small or large.

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Effect of Large Shower Head on Shower Experience


A large shower head comes with more nozzles. The water flow from extra nozzles ensures a soothing showering experience. It’s safe to say that it will not be a life-changing experience, but it has its magic.

A bigger coverage area means a more convenient showering experience. None is a fan of twisting and turning in the shower to rinse and clean their body. With a large shower head, you can just sit where you see fit, and it will cover your whole body.

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  • Does a large shower head affect water pressure?

A large shower head will not reduce or increase the water pressure in your home, but due to the mechanics it follows, you will feel the water pressure has lowered. 

Larger shower heads need more water pressure than smaller ones to perform up to their potential. If the water pressure in your house is low in general and you are determined to use a bigger shower head, we recommend you buy one with an aerator.

  • Do big shower heads have less or high pressure?

The traditional ones have less pressure than the smaller alternatives. If the water flow and pressure are the same, the bigger your shower head gets, the less water pressure you will feel. 

Due to having more nozzles, the water pressure that you get from a larger shower head will be on the lower side.

  • Does a large shower head use more water?

Yes, it does, considering that your supply line allows it to. However, many modern brands come with water flow regulators and aerator technology, which will help you save water and cost you less in terms of energy bills.

To sum up, it seems that the answer to the question, “Are bigger shower heads better?” is a resounding “yes.” Bigger shower heads provide more water coverage and a more relaxing experience; besides, they can save your time and money on your water bill. 

So, If you are looking for a better shower experience, then you should consider upgrading to a bigger shower head.

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