How Does Shower Head Air Injection/Pressurized Technology Work?

Almost all of us have experienced bad showers. Like when you’re under the shower to cozily lukewarm water, yet with a frustratingly unreliable sprinkler system. And then you barely feel clean at all. 

As you might agree, good showers should have plenty of pressure, creating a pleasant experience that feels like a massage.

Luckily, the emergence of shower head air injection technology allows you to indulge in experiencing this sensation at home. It’s a new way of delivering water that offers you an invigorating shower, improves your water pressure, and saves water.

Let’s know more about this new technology, which is starting to revolutionize the showering experience as we know it.

What Is an Air Injection Shower Head?

Air injection shower heads are exactly what they sound like: a shower head with an air injection system. More specifically, these units infuse air into the flow of water, increasing water pressure and the size of water droplets. 

Instead of relying on the water pressure from your shower head, air injection systems use compressed air to create a water stream that moves through the nozzle. This means faster water flow with better coverage and lower water usage.

Air injection technology is used by many hotels and resorts and homeowners who want a more enjoyable shower experience at lesser costs.

What Does an Aerator Do in a Shower Head?

Shower head aerators are devices that mix air and water before entering the shower head. The aerator is located at the faucet’s tip, where the water comes out. 

A small screen breaks up the water stream and mixes in the air. As a result, the aerator increases water pressure while using less water. It also makes the water feel softer because the air bubbles act as a cushion.

Does a Shower Need an Aerator?

Aerators are not required in a shower, but they can be beneficial. If you have low water pressure, an aerator can help increase the flow. They are also helpful if you want to save water. 

Besides, they often become necessary when installing a new shower head because it may have a higher flow rate than your plumbing can handle. Or perhaps your local water supplier has lowered the water pressure in your area.

Are Aerated Shower Heads Good?

Aerated shower heads are a great way to improve your shower experience. They provide more pressure and coverage while using less water. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional shower heads. 

Here are the benefits of using an aerated showerhead, including:

  • Water Conservation

Aerated shower heads can save you up to 1270 liters of water a month, which is a huge help if you’re trying to conserve water.

  • Improved Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure, an aerated shower head can help increase the flow.

  • Softer Feel of Water

Despite the powerful jet, the air bubbles in aerated water can make the water feel softer on your skin, giving you a more pleasant shower experience.

  • More Energy Efficient

Aerated shower heads use less water, which means they use less energy to heat the water. This can save you money on your bill.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

As they use less water, aerated shower heads have a reduced environmental impact. This includes less water waste and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from water heating.

Do Aerators (Air Injection Technology) Save Water?

Aerators, or air injection technology, can save up to 1270 liters of water a month. Air injection technology works by injecting air into the water distribution system at different points along its length. 

Turning on your aerator increases the water volume and pressurize the nozzle to increase and push water through them more quickly. 

Hence, it limits the amount of water delivered per minute to reduce the overall water consumption.

In addition, since it takes less energy for the water to flow through a pipe when it’s already pressurized, you can reduce how much electricity goes into heating and cooling your water.

How Much Water Do Aerators Save?

Aerators can save up to 1270 liters of water a month, which is significant. However, this depends on your chosen model and how often you shower.

The EPA (The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that a typical showerhead uses about 2 gallons of water per minute. And their reports also suggest that an aerated showerhead can save up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

From a financial perspective, switching to an aerated shower head can save an average family of four 11,000 gallons of water and $60 every year.

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Details about Showerhead Air Injection (Water Saving) Technology

Like any other mechanism, shower head air injection technology is a system for moving fluid through a pipe. However, its specific purpose is to move compressed air from one place to another. 

This works by releasing a fine mist of water into your shower’s air stream, which is then dispersed through the head with increased pressure. The air is pumped from the compressor through a valve into the shower head. 

This causes water droplets to shoot out of the shower head and onto your body. There are two main mechanisms used in this type of technology:

  • Air Blowing Mechanism

The first mechanism used in these systems is called Air Blowing Mechanism. In this method, an air pump creates pressure inside the compressor that can be released through a needle valve into the shower head. This causes the water droplets to bulge with air as they shoot out of the showerhead.

  • Vacuum Tube or Pipe Mechanism

Another way that these systems work is by using Vacuum Tube or Pipe Mechanism. This mechanism has two parts: compressor and tube or pipe. 

Turning on your water supply valve creates a partial vacuum inside the tube or pipe, which pulls air into it through an opening at one end (compressor), where it flows into the shower head.

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All in All

It might sound like a high-tech concept, but the shower head air injection technology is just as simple as it sounds: the air is injected directly into the water as it flows. 

As you can see, this technology doesn’t only offer a superior shower experience but also helps to save water. It’s a win-win situation all around.

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