Rain Shower Head Vs Regular Shower Head – Key Differences

If you have ever seen a rain shower head for the first time, you might say to yourself, “What kind of shower is that?” 

The answer to this question is, this one is the upgraded version of the regular shower head. 

You don’t have to wait for rainy weather to enjoy the rain; this modern shower head will give you the heavenly feeling on a daily basis. 

So, if you are stuck between choosing a rain shower head vs. regular shower head for your bathroom, this article will help you out on that. Read on to find out more.


Rain Shower Head

This kind of shower is specifically designed to give you the feeling of rain without letting you wait patiently for the rain to occur naturally. 

You can go to the washroom and fulfill your desire at any time.

Besides, these are the features you can enjoy having a rain shower head in your bathroom;

  • Water Spraying

The water spraying of a rain shower head is made with a good balance of pressure and the flow of water. 

You will feel this complete stability during the time you take a shower. 

That’s because the head consists of many spray nozzles so that the water can flow from every area of the shower head.

  • Adjustable Shower Head


Whether you are taller or moderate in terms of height, this won’t be an issue. You can easily adjust the head at any height.

If you prefer to adjust the head at an angular form, you can easily do that. Despite the change in your position, the water flow and consistency will be similar throughout the shower.

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  • Full Body Coverage


This shower head comes in both rectangular and square-shaped. Both types come between 8 to 10 inches wide. You can buy either one according to your preference. 

On the other hand, the size is comparatively bigger than the regular one. As a result, your whole body will get easily washed.



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Regular Shower Head


If you are unaware of a regular shower head, it is basically the most common one that you can see in anyone’s bathroom. 

These are wall-mounted heads, and the latest one comes with adjustable settings and angles.

There are other features of this shower head also;

  • Solid Water Pressure

The water spraying manages the balance of water pressure and the flow of water very efficiently

You will have a shower with full water pressure hitting your body if you are the kind of person who is actually looking for this type of experience.

  • Size Friendly


Most of this type of shower comes in a circular form within a width of 5 inches or less. This will be beneficial if you have a small bathroom.

In other words, this shower head can fit in any bathroom, whether it is a small or big one.

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  • Time-Saving

You can finish your shower very quickly as the flow of water is very fast. 

If you don’t have time to take a long and relaxing shower, this shower head will save your time so that you can finish your important tasks.



Rain Shower Head Vs. Normal Shower Head


This section will help you to understand the difference between a rain shower head and regular shower head for various characteristics.

  • Outlook

Both shower heads are used for the same purpose, but the kind of beauty it adds to your bathroom is profoundly different. 

Rain shower heads will add class to your overall bathroom. If you invite your family and friends in your home, they will surely compliment you for your bathroom. 

On the other hand, the regular shower head will give your bathroom a traditional and friendly look. Your guests will get a familiar feel during the time they get to use your bathroom.

  • Size

The size of the rain shower head is comparatively bigger than the regular shower head. These heads are built in a way so that your whole body can get covered with water.

  • Water Usage

If water is expensive in your area, go for the regular shower head as this shower head sprays with high pressure and your shower will be done very quickly.

At the same time, the water pressure of a rain shower head is slow. So, lots of water will be used up during your showtime.

  • Shower Experience


The rain shower head is the perfect fit if you are looking to uplift your mood and have a good time in your shower. The slower pressure will ease your stress and provide you with full relaxation.

However, regular shower head won’t provide you relaxation. 

If you are the type of person who prefers to do the only shower without having any other additional experiences, go for the regular one.

  • Cost

When it comes to cost, the rain shower head is much more expensive than the regular shower head due to its various beneficial features and elegant look. 

If you have a low budget, you can buy a regular shower head without a doubt.

  • Time Management

You never know when some important tasks just emerge out of the blue, and you have to finish the shower as quickly as possible.

In this situation, the regular shower head will be the best choice, but a rain shower head is highly applicable when time is not an issue.

  • Body Movement


While taking a shower, you don’t prefer to move and standstill. In this case, the rain shower head can help you out with that. 

The full-body coverage experience will get your job done for sure.

At the same time, you have to move your body in different angles while using regular shower heads as the head mainly focuses on your midsection.


As you have read up to this point, you probably have gathered all the beneficial information regarding Rain Shower Head vs. Regular Shower Head.

Use all the information to your advantage and buy the best one.

Have a good day!

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