Square vs. Round Shower Head – Detailed Comparison

If you believe square or round shower heads make no difference in the end, you are someone I was a week ago. However, after researching, I was astonished at how much they could do for our bathroom and showering experience.

In this article, we will discuss and hopefully assist you in deciding between a square and a round shower head. 


Side-By-Side Comparison: Square/Rectangle Vs. Round Shower Head

Square VS Round Shower Head: In Details

Here we will give you a clear idea of why your bathroom size, fittings, price, and even water pressure at your home might play a role. You need to remember only a handful of things:

    • Bathroom size
    • Showering experience
    • Bathroom’s look
    • Fitting
    • Water Pressure
    • Price
  • Bathroom Size


If your shower head is ceiling mounted, you need to make sure that it is big enough to cover the showering area, but it doesn’t spray water on the wall. A square or rectangular shower head may be preferable here, especially when you choose a type with a compact size.

You just need to keep in mind that round-shaped shower heads are for smaller bathrooms, square or rectangular heads are for the bigger ones.

  • Shower Experience

The water supply process is the same in the round and square-shaped shower heads. Both types of shower heads use nozzles to spray the water.

Assume you wish to install a rainfall shower head. A square rainfall shower head may provide a different showering session.

While the round shower head nozzles are arranged in circles, nozzles in a square-shaped shower head are usually placed in rows.

The spray spreads out in the first case. In the latter case, you will see that the water flows straight down. Thus, you will find the experience more natural. To sum it up, you will find that square shower heads provide a better showering experience than round ones in most cases.

  • Bathroom’s Look

The form of the shower head you pick should complement the overall style of your bathroom. For example, if you have a trendy style, a square or rectangular head may be more appropriate. 

On the other hand, if your bathroom is more classic in style, a round head may be more suited.

  • Water Pressure

Square and rectangular shower heads are bigger. They can measure from 6 inches up to around 20 inches. The round shower heads can be as small as 5 inches and up to 15 inches. 

Bigger shower heads mean they need more water pressure than the smaller ones to let water flow evenly from all the nozzles. If the water pressure in your home is low, going for round shower heads is the more viable option.

NB. do you ever wonder, “does the size of the shower head matters?” To find the answer, click here.

  • Bathroom’s Fittings


A rectangular shower head is typically a wiser choice if you’ve gone for sharper lines in your fittings, such as if you have a square bath and square switches.

On the other hand, if your bath and basin are round or have soft edges, a circular shower head will blend in more naturally, but a square or rectangular shower head would stick out.

  • Price

The round shower heads are the cheaper ones. However, a square or rectangular shower head will cost more because of the larger surface area and more number of nozzles.

On a side note: Nowadays, the price of a shower head might change rapidly. To have a clear idea about the current market price of a shower head, you can read our shower head price guide here.

Pros And Cons of Square Shower Head



Pros And Cons of Round Shower Head



Final Thoughts

It’s hard to say which one’s better because in most cases, it depends on what you need. But if we consider that your bathroom is spacious, you have good water flow in your home, and you don’t mind paying extra, square or rectangular shower heads have our vote.

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