Single Bowl Vs. Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks With Pros and Cons

Knowing whether you need one bowl or more than one bowl for your kitchen sink is crucial, and we emphasized that it is an essential factor to consider in our kitchen sink buying guide

But, with the abundance of distinct benefits that both of these sink bowl types have to offer, you need to know which one is suitable for your style of work.

So, whether you like to stay organized while doing your chores or prefer to do everything all together, this article will help you distinguish between the single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks and make a purchase tailored to your necessities in the kitchen.


Side by Side Comparison: Single vs Double Bowl Sinks

What is the Main Difference?

Single bowl kitchen sinks are spacious and undivided sinks that have a single basin to do uninterrupted work. 

Double Bowl sinks have less room to do chores because those are separated by a divided and have two basins; these sinks are used for simultaneous work.

What is a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink?

Single Bowl kitchen sinks are generally spacious with a single basin. These sinks do not have any dividers and these function as a single unit. A bulk number of dishes are cleaned uninterruptedly in a single bowl kitchen sink.

What is a Double Bowl Kitchen Sink?

Double bowl kitchen sinks have double basins within their unit. A divider separates these basins. Generally, people use double bowl kitchen sinks for simultaneous work. For example, you can wash dirty dishes in one basin while keeping cleaned dishes dry in another basin.

On a side note: We have discussed different types of kitchen sinks in detail here.

Distinguishing Factors Between Single and Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

So far, you can guess there are 2 key accessibilities buyers generally expect to fulfill through using their kitchen sinks. 

    • Doing multiple tasks simultaneously. 
    • Doing a single task uninterruptedly.

Along with these accessibilities, you should consider these 8 factors to understand single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks better.

    1. Size
    2. Shape
    3. Cabinet Coverage
    4. Appropriate Utensils
    5. Faucets
    6. Garbage Disposal
    7. Maintenance 
    8. Price

Digging deep into a single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks:

  • Size


The average size most single bowl kitchen sinks need ranges from 20 to 35 inches in length, where the ideal size is around 30 inches. Single bowl sinks have enough space and depth to fit in several heavy utensils for this reason.

While most double bowl kitchen sinks have a smaller workspace than single bowl kitchen sinks, the average size is still similar, around 20 to 35 inches in length, where the ideal size is about 30 inches.

[ NB. To know more details about kitchen sink size, click here. ]

  • Shape

Single Bowl: Shapes in the case of these sinks are limited. So, you will not find many forms in single bowl sinks apart from the usual box and oval structures. 

Double Bowl: Double bowl kitchen sinks offer a multitude of shapes, each being appropriate according to how you like to categorize your dishwashing chores. 

First, of course, you may find the usual box and oval-shaped double basins. And along with that, you will discover symmetric designs and asymmetric sinks where one basin is for primary usage and the other functions as a bar sink.

  • Cabinet Coverage


Single Bowl: It is ideal for cabinets to be over 35 inches wide and 40 inches deep to accommodate single bowl kitchen sinks. 

Double Bowl: Cabinets should be over 33 inches wide and around 40 inches deep to accommodate double bowl kitchen sinks.

  • Appropriate Utensils

Large and heavy pots, fry pans, cookers, and similar utensils are suitable for washing in single bowl kitchen sinks.

However, glassware and other fragile items should not be cleaned with the heavier items in these sinks as those may break if not cleaned cautiously. 

Generally, smaller pots, fry pans, cookers, and similar utensils are appropriate for washing in double bowl kitchen sinks. You can also clean glassware and fragile items in these sinks, separate from the heavier utensils.

  • Faucets

Single Bowl: Ideally, you should install one faucet on your single bowl kitchen sink that offers a similar durability level as your sink. So, your faucets should have features such as heat, corrosion, and spot resistance. 

Functionalities like pull-up or pull-down handles are not significant factors to consider for your sink. 

Double Bowl: You can either get a multi faucet that acts as a single unit or two separate faucets for the separate basins of your double bowl kitchen sink.

  • Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal system in a single bowl kitchen sink is relatively more accessible than a double bowl kitchen sink because you will not have to connect your drain and strainers with two separate basins. 

In a double bowl kitchen sink installing a garbage disposal system can be tricky and you might need to hire a plumber.

  • Maintenance

Single Bowl: Maintenance of these kitchen sinks requires more products and time. Because of the immense structures of single bowl sinks, you may need to use more soap, detergent, and other cleaning materials. 

However, cleaning is still more accessible in this case because these sinks are a single unit. 

Double Bowl: Fewer products and less time are required to maintain double bowl sinks because their dividers take over the workspace. But, cleaning is tougher because more dirt and stain can accumulate on its edges because it has two separate units.

  • Price

Single Bowl: The Price range of most single bowl kitchen sinks is proportionally lower than double bowl kitchen sinks. The cost of these sinks can start from around $200 up to $500.

Double Bowl: The Price of most double bowl kitchen sinks is higher than single bowl kitchen sinks. The standard cost of these sinks can start from around $300 up to $600.

  • Top Products

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  • Which is better: a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink?

Both single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks are excellent products for their distinct characteristics.
For timesavers, a single bowl sink will work wonders. And for multitaskers, double bowl sinks can get their chores done efficiently.  

  • Are double kitchen sinks out of style?

Double bowl sinks come with a wide selection of stylish textures and shapes. These sinks are still on-trend.

  • What is the use of a double bowl kitchen sink?

People use double bowl kitchen sinks to do multiple chores in the kitchen simultaneously. These sinks can separate their basins with a divider, and that helps users to categorize their work.

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Therefore, to give examples, if you prefer a lot of space in your kitchen interior, and you are the type of person who does not like to bother with categorizing your chores, you may buy a large single bowl sink. 

On the flip side, if you want to separate your dishes in any way while cleaning, and spaciousness is not a factor for you, then you may settle for a double bowl sink. 

In addition, if you mostly have to deal with large utensils, then you can only go for a single bowl kitchen sink because double bowl sinks do not have the space to accommodate those items. 

Lastly, if maintenance is a hassle for you, getting a single bowl sink will be more convenient for you than a double bowl sink. Finishing kitchen chores efficiently and quickly is an art of itself, and the number of bowls in your kitchen sink can guide you to do so.

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