Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Whenever you are thinking about installing a new faucet or replacing the old one then you might need some proper idea about the faucet you want to buy. 

Delta manufacturers have been maintaining their reputation towards the customers by ensuring the high-quality materials in their products. 

Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST kitchen sink faucet represents the high-tech involved in the making of the faucets.

Delta Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet Review (9178T-AR-DST)

  • High-Tech

Delta faucets are very popular for their high-tech features that set these faucets apart from other faucets.

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Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST faucet has an exceptional built-in Touch20 technology that makes the entire faucet touch-sensitive. 

You don’t need to move the handle every time to turn the faucet on or off. 

If your hands and fingers are full or dirty but you want to turn on or turn off the faucet then you can use your wrist or forearm to touch it on the handle or the spout and it will do the job. 

The Touch20 technology is built in such a manner that it can sense between grab and touch, decreasing the chance of accidentally turning it on and ruining your work.

However, the water temperature can only be set by the handle or lever. Starting from cold and slowly gets hotter when you pull the handle forward. 

Always remember that the temperature which is set while turning off the faucet will be the water temperature whenever it is turned on again

So, if you want the water hot or cold the next time you turn it on then remember to set it properly while turning it off.

There are LED lights installed in the faucet to make the usage more efficient. 

The temperature-sensitive LED light indicates the water temperature, the blue light is for letting you know that the water is cold and the red light indicates that the water is hot. 

This feature will prevent you from facing any surprising discomfort that could occur because of the sudden temperature change. 

LED light is also there to inform you when the faucet is turned on by lighting up blue and whenever the battery power is low the red light will be visible. 

So, you can charge your battery when it is indicating low battery power to prevent any stoppage of your kitchen work.

Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST has a built-in feature that automatically shuts off the water flow if the faucet is turned on for more than four minutes. 

This will conserve the water for a better flow and also save water and the water bills. 

One of the advantages of this feature is that if you ever turn on the faucet and forget to turn it off then it will automatically turn off after four minutes to save the water.

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  • Pull-Down Sprayer

The spray head of this faucet is designed for more efficient cleaning of the sinks and dishes. 

The pull-down sprayer comes with a flexible hose that makes it easier for you to reach the corners of the sink and it is also quite handy for filling large pots or pitchers. 

The sprayer swings 360 degrees, so you can also move it in all directions for more comfortable and flexible use. 

Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST faucet contains a MagnaTite Docking that consists of a high powerful magnet to keep the pull-down sprayer in one place. 

It will prevent the sprayer from swinging and pull the sprayer with its magnet to hold it perfectly if you forget to put it back on the dock. 

The MagnaTite Docking is designed in such a manner that it will last much longer than other docks that loosen the hold with time.

The spray head comes with a dual-function spraying feature that allows you to adjust the water flow according to your desired pace. 

One is the stream option that is often preferred for regular use such as washing hands or filling pots. 

Stream makes the water flow a little less and this will save you from accidentally becoming wet. 

Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST features a SheildSpray Technology that is a high-speed spraying option, it is much more powerful than other faucets spray mode. 

SheildSpray cleans away all the sticky food waste that often gets stuck on the sink or dishes. If you spend a lot of time cleaning the stubborn mess then this spray will save your time and efforts. 

You can simply rinse off the residue without soaking it for a while and then scrubbing.

  • Durability

Patented diamond seal technology makes the Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST one of the most durable faucets available in the market.

The chances of having leaks are mere to none in this faucet, it will not leak as long as the faucet is not broken. 

This diamond seal feature will make sure that you have leak-free usage as long as the faucet lasts. 

The stainless steel feature will make it resistant to stains to make it more durable.

 Its durability is backed up by the manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty also the battery-operated 6 AA has a one-year warranty included.

  • Easy to Clean

The ShieldSpray and Touch20 specifications of this faucet help you to clean it easily and also to keep it clean. 

The powerful spray doesn’t let the water minerals build in the spray head, its jet-like water force pushes away all the residues inside the spray head. 

In case there is limescale on top of the sprayer then it can be swiped off with the finger. 

The Touch20 allows you to turn it on and off with your wrist and forearm even if your hands or fingers are dirty. 

This will prevent the faucet from getting dirty with the unwanted mess from your hands. Stainless Steel material eliminates all the stain and water spots to keep the faucet’s shine everlasting.

  • Easier Installation

Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST comes with all the required things that are required to install the sink

InnoFlex PEX supply lines are integrated within the faucet to eliminate any leak points. 

The faucet comes with a single hole or triple hole installation and an 8-inch configuration to make it installable in most kitchen cabinets. 

The triple hole installation is supported by optional deck plates in case you need those for installation.

  • Specifications

    • Manufacturer- Delta Faucet
    • Product Dimensions- 11.47 x 10.44 x 14.84 inches
    • Style- Touch2O
    • Finish- Arctic Stainless
    • Material- Zinc
    • Installation Method- Deck Mounted
    • Flow Rate- 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
    • Number Of Holes- 3
    • Spout Reach- 9.2 Inches
    • Spout Height- 7.5 Inches
    • Batteries- 6 AAA batteries

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Bottom Line

Despite all the unique and attractive features of the Delta Leland 9178-AR-DST faucet, it is your preference to buy the faucet that fulfills all the criteria that you require to have in your kitchen faucet. 

However, it is worth taking into consideration if you want to install a new faucet in your kitchen. 

The technically advanced features in this faucet will surely upgrade the look of your kitchen and provide you with an effortless cleaning experience that will save the amount of time you spent on cleaning.

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