Top 11 Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks of 2023

Looking for one of those double bowl sinks? Did away with the old one or redecorating your home, perhaps? 

Nothing to fret about, we have got you covered. Welcome to best double bowl kitchen sink reviews where we have reviewed 11 of the top double bowl sinks you could buy for your money.

Whether you are seeking a replacement unit, or are remodeling your kitchen and need a brand new sink to go with the aesthetics, rest assured you are in the right place. 

We even have a handy little guide for you in case you are not satisfied with the products we reviewed. Come, give it a look.

11 Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Reviews

Guess we have managed to rope you into our article.😊 

In all seriousness, below, we have a complete list of the best double bowl sinks you can buy right now and their corresponding reviews. Have a read.

Editor’s Choice

We start off our list with a heavy hitter from the good folks down at Ruvati, their 32-inch Low-Divide Undermount double bowl sink, to be more precise. 

This undermount sink is sleek by design, and that low divide serves double duty as both functional and also gives the sink an interesting look. 

So, the standout feature is the low divide.

It makes the sink look quite different from most other offerings. Whether that would appeal to the masses is not something we could hope to answer. But what we can say though is that it serves its purpose well. 

You could fit a full-sized pan or an entire baking sheet into the sink, due to the recessed divider, and you would not have any water splashing up the sides. 

This feature alone took this Ruvati to the very top of the list, making it our favorite top mount double bowl kitchen sink.

Accessories wise, the side mount wire racks are quite good too. There is some level of padding underneath the sink to help reduce noise.




Next up, we are going to discuss a gargantuan sized double bowl sink, this time from the makers at Kraus. 

You might be thinking, well gee, we have just taken a look at a 32-inch sink. 33-inch ones are like an inch bigger. What is the big deal anyway?

You are not too far off from that remark, but the inch of increase is diagonal, so the increase is across the whole dimension. This results in an increase in the volume of about 10 percent. That is quite substantial. Still, think it is not gargantuan? 

The overall construction is stellar. And the Germans know what they are doing.

Even though the components are made in China, the German touch is visible throughout. T304 grade stainless steel, 16 gauge thickness, these double bowl sinks are built to last.

Moreover, the finishing is slightly better on this Kraus Standart.

The satin finish is commercial-grade, making it dead easy to clean. The coating is also rust-resistant, so it is not just for looks. Adds significantly to the longevity of the unit.



Also Great

Next up, we have something a bit more heavy-duty, a bit more robust, can take a beating, no curves whatsoever, perfect square and even. 

Introducing the 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Front from Zuhne. This is our recommendation to anyone looking to give their granite countertops a different look.

[On a side note: to know more about granite countertops kitchen sinks, read this]

So the first aspect you notice is the weight. This unit is heavy. It does speak a lot about the quality of this sink. The unit itself requires an undermount installation, so it would be flush against whatever you have as a countertop. Neat.

We have mentioned earlier that it is quite squared out and even. But that is not to say that the corners are angular. Far from that rather. 

The corners are smoothened out into subtle corners. Good drainage comes as standard.

And the premium aesthetic does not end there. Excellent sound dampening comes as standard. 

Vibration dampening is also a major strong suit. You would have no discomfort with the noise as you drain down, refuse, and garbage.

As with all the other sinks we have covered so far, the ZUHNE also made of T304 grade steel, with a nice brushed finish. Durable and quite the looker as well.



Now we are going to take a peek at one of the most popular units on our list, the KHF203-33 Standart PRO from Kraus. 

This would be the second product we are taking a peek at today from Kraus, and it does not rank a whole lot lower either.

Let us get into the sink itself. The larger sink can hold a standard cookie tray with additional room to stow some other utensils. 

And the smaller sink is large enough to hold pots and utensils ranging to a width of 12.5 inches and a depth of up to 16 inches. 

Same as the other variant, this KHF203-33 Standart PRO is also composed of T304 grade steel with a satin outer finish for extra rust resistance. 

The still is also rated for TRU16 gauge, that is, it is 1.5mm thick all around. You can expect to see a long life out of these units. 

The satin finish really helps it pop, matching it most of the kitchenware you might have it lying around in your home. And the package also comes with a range of accessories such as bottom grids, basket strainer set, drain assembly, etc.



The next unit we are going to dive into (excuse the horrible pun) is another absolute banger of a sink from Ruvati. 

This time it is the 32-inch Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl. For anyone looking for a deep sink with the narrowest of separation in between the sides, the recommendations do not get any higher than this Ruvati.

Coming to the package, a very standard affair, nothing too extraordinary.

 However, the other thing that you are bound to notice, apart from the sink itself that is, is the grate. 

Thus, we get a sink in the package that is not already scratched up. Not something to be awestruck about, but you would be surprised. 

Coming to the sink itself, the basins themselves are quite deep. 

The stoppers come separate and stay that way, lining up over the drains. And the baskets are also quite easy to remove and clean. 

The baskets come with just enough holes to keep the drainage flowing smoothly, yet the holes are small enough that you would not end up losing something down the drain, should bad luck be around the corner.



Now we are going to take a peek at yet another heavy hitter from Kraus.

The KBU24 32 inch Undermount, a very well packaged unit that has all the features and strong suits of its siblings, just with a different bowl size and configuration.

And a great selection of accessories is also available such as a sink strainer. They certainly did not cheap out on anything with this one either. 

Their trademarked bottom grids with protected feet, towels, and bumpers are all in the package with the sink. They also include some extra bumpers.

Coming to the construction, the unit is also constructed of 16 gauge steel, T304 grade. Sound dampeners are always a standard in these units from Kraus. 

Both the basins are sized appropriately, nothing is left wanting. They include the strainer basket feature as well. Simply pull, and you can dump the contents in the trash can.



For those looking for sinks with low dividers, do not fret, we have you covered with another such unit.

Introducing the ELUHAQD32179 Lustertone Classic from Elkay, a heavy-duty, scratch-resistant unit that will go through a whole lot of abuse before it needs replacing. 

Let us dive headfirst into the standout feature. It is their trademarked repairable finish. The finish itself is fairly scratch resistant. 

But what earned this unit a spot on our reviews list would be the fact that the finish can be repaired—even the deepest of scratches.

Other than that, the finish is a grainy one, which catches the light quite nicely. 

The dividing wall is a mere ½ inches high and should fit most, if not all, manners of pots and utensils. Baking trays are a go-ahead, too, with this sink.

The installation is an undermount one. Carry out the installation beneath the countertop to create a seemingly seamless appearance between the countertop itself and the sink.

Really, this is the only sink in our list to make use of 18 gauge, 304 steel, earning it the title for the best double bowl undermount kitchen sink from amongst our reviews list.



For the next selection, we just had to include something competitively priced.

 Something that does not cut corners in any regard but manages to put some of the other, pricier sinks available in the market to shame. 

In case we were not tipped off by the title, we are going to talk about the 32-Inch Double Bowl from Zuhne.

We have discussed another unit from Zuhne previously. So what is different? Nothing much, really. It has all of the good features from that model, at a more competitive price bracket. 

It comes with all the necessary modern amenities, such as workstation functionalities. 

Much like the other Zuhne, this one too comes with a protection grid, sponge holder, a colander set (food grade), and of course, a drain strainer with an appropriate stopper. 

The sink is quiet, very quiet. Absolutely minimal levels of noise in daily usage, and it manages to cancel out any and all vibration from the garbage disposal (if installed). 

It drains liquids at all temperatures, be it ice or boiling, without causing damage to the cabinets.



If you are looking for a cheap replacement, double bowl sink, we have the right one for you too. 

The D225193 Equal Double Bowl Top Mount from Dayton has all the right features and all you could ever want from a temporary or an emergency replacement sink for the cheap. Let us have a good peek.

This is one of those drop and install units. Meaning that there is no cutting or nailing involved. 

Just drop it in, install it along with the drainage, and you are good to go. The unit features double bowls of the same size, independent of one another for smooth multitasking.

And the flat bottomed sink allows for more capacity, giving you additional space for soaking and stacking dishes. 

Sound deadening pads on the underside helps to prevent any unnecessary noise emanating from the sink during use.



For the budget-conscious, we have yet another model on hand. You could use it as a replacement, as a temporary sink, or even install it into your dorm room. 

This is something absolutely basic but does not skimp on any of the necessary features. We are introducing the Pavia32 Z Series Stainless from Z Sinks.

The unit is composed of a heavy-duty, 18/10 steel, slightly better than 20 gauge steel with up to 25% more volume of steel per inch. 

This results in a thicker material altogether, beating out most of the competition in this price bracket.

And the body itself is quite uniform and scratch-resistant, with easy to clean corners all around. 

The bowl themselves are quite deep and work wonders for storage, and should you wish to hide your dishes.



No doubt, we would save one of the very best for the last. It also happens to be the only granite double bowl sink on our list. 

Let us acquaint ourselves with the Anthracite 440220 DIAMOND SILGRANI from Blanco.

If you wanted us to describe the sink in one word, we would call it fantastic. That is it. 

The sink itself is composed of an 80 percent solid granite material, with some Silgranit material thrown in for good measure. 

This gives the sink the touch and coolness of the all-natural stone.

It further results in zero watermarks overall after a bit of washing up. At the first instance, might resemble a somewhat overly glorified utility sink, but after installation is when we are hit with that raw beauty.

The material overall is scratch-resistant, and with how easy the installation process is, this Blanco sink earns the nomination for the best double bowl undermount kitchen sink.



Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

Of course, there are a few things we must make a mental note of before we proceed to the best stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink reviews.

Better yet, since these are long-term investments, you might as well as write these down into a handy little checklist.

So, what are the things to consider before buying a double bowl sink?

  • The Size of the Sink

There are several different standard sizes for kitchen sinks. For the double sink subcategory, it is pretty much the same story.

There exists a range of different standard sizes. You could opt for a double sink that has the compartments equal in size, or you could also get a sink that has one smaller and one larger compartment.

Now, the point to note down is that the exact measurements can vary. Even if they state that the model in question has a certain dimension.

So, what to do? Best take a good measurement of the kitchen sink you wish to get before taking the cash out of your wallet.

  • Sink Durability

Durability is one of the important points to keep track of when looking for the best double bowl kitchen sink. 

The most common materials you will come across would be stainless steel, aluminum, or porcelain. Aluminum sinks are especially hard to come by these days. So that leaves us with steel and porcelain.

We would not go into too many details about which materials you should opt for. Each has its perks and strong points. 

Better off that, you carry out a spot of research into the different materials and make a list of your preferred double bowl sinks accordingly. Both will last a long time with proper usage.

[ NB. If you are interested in knowing the difference between single and double-bowl kitchen sinks, click here. ]

  • Sink Feature-Set

You would be surprised, but it is true. Sinks do differ by features, and most sinks are not some plain old bowls.

Some sinks can have provisions for using multiple faucets. Some have safety drains, whereby excess water gets drained out if the water rises above a certain level.

  • The Design of Your Sink

Perhaps one of the most important things to look out for would be the design of the sink you are going to buy. 

For most of us, we would love a sink that looks good, goes with the overall looks and aesthetic of the kitchen. 

We are not going to match a shiny stainless steel sink with a dark, teakwood themed kitchen.

Thus, it all boils down to a select few questions. 

Do we go for something fancy? Or something sedate? Are we looking for maximum efficiency, or do we want maximum compatibility with the kitchen?

Recommended reading: 50/50 vs 60/40 vs 70/30 Kitchen Sinks

How We Selected the Top Product

So how did we select the best double bowl kitchen sink? 

Basically, we sorted and filtered through features and criteria that are important when it comes to making that purchase decision. We followed the same pattern as our ‘Things to Consider before Buying’ section.

But we further tagged in something extra. And that is the user feedback. It added points towards the sink, making it to the finest double bowl kitchen sink list.

  • Points

We structured a point scale for each sink. This is a very generic point system, but it is rather effective at keeping track of the importance and strong suit of each individual item. 

Points were made out of ten, and then later, they were tallied up to give the product a final position.

  • Categories

We judged the sinks across different categories, such as design, fit, dimension, longevity, etc. 

In total, we rounded up 12 categories and applied distribution on each of the units on hand.


Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best double bowl kitchen sink:

1. What is the use of the smaller sink on these double bowl sinks?

We get two separate sinks for multitasking. Perhaps the bigger sink exists to wash up bigger utensils, which would have been difficult if the sinks were of the same size.

This is why you end up with a smaller sink. 

Like we said in our reviews above, it is entirely up to you as to what you are going to use two of the bowls for. You sort out your use-case and pick your sink accordingly.

2. Can you use a garbage disposal unit with these double bowl sinks?

Yes, of course. A garbage disposal unit can be installed in almost any kind of sink.

3. Are Kraus sinks made in Germany?

The company itself is German, but according to public knowledge, Kraus sinks are manufactured in China.

4. How often do we clean sinks?

Try to clean your sink at least twice a fortnight.

Cleaning a sink makes up a good part of taking care of them, and thus we should commit to it once in a while.

5. How do you clean a brushed steel sink?

You do it with vinegar. And you would be surprised at how useful vinegar is in cleaning.

Spray some vinegar onto the sink and then use a soft cloth to wipe the sink clean. Follow the grain pattern whilst cleaning.

Final Words

And so there we have it. Thanks for going through our best double bowl kitchen sink review article. 

We hope we were able to both entice and instill sufficient knowledge about kitchen sinks and helped you in making that purchase decision. As always, refer back should you need to look up something important.

Catch us in our next article. Peace.

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