The 6 Main Types of Kitchen Sink Strainer for Your Kitchen

Concerning the kitchen sink strainer types or kitchen sink strainer basket types, either both are tremendously crucial for our sink drainage system. 

Debris is the major antagonist and creates trouble for the sink drain.

For clarifying this issue only a durable and functional kitchen sink strainer can preserve your sink accurately.

What is a Basket Strainer?

A basket strainer is one kind of sink instrument that helps the sink drainage system to keep uninterrupted. 

Particularly, it is installable in a horizontal pipeline. We all know how debris creates difficulties in the sink drainage system. 

The basket strainer looks like a filter of the sink and it has steel holes in the machine.

Basically, a net holds the debris so the debris and unwanted dirt can’t enter the main pipe. The basket strainer works magnificently and you can use it over and over again. 

If you saw that dirt is filled in it then you can take it off from the sink and after washing it you can fix it in the sink drain again.

Types of Kitchen Sink Strainer Baskets With Pros and Cons

In the market, there are multiple sized and designable sinks to purchase. Like sinks; sink strainers are also available in various multiple designs. 

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After tough research about the types of sink strainer baskets, I have taken some suggestions from the professional plumbers. 

Professionally, they suggest to me these 6 types of sink strainer.

While researching them, I found these sink strainer baskets pretty durable, effective, and prominent to use.

  • Back Nut Strainer

Well, a back nut strainer is a special strainer that comes with a back nut on its upper part. Indeed, adjusting it with a sink is a bit easier for ordinary people. 

Its nut is very convenient for the sink drainage system because you can turn it as your need. 

For example, some odd debris jammed in the strainer. Because of that water couldn’t complete its movement accurately. 

In this case, if you rotate the back nut of the strainer jammed debris will move out from the strainer.



  • Double Cup Strainer

You might have seen lots of strainers but a double cup strainer is a very special kind of strainer. It has multiple numbers of rubber and steel rings. 

Whose is adjusted with two durable and sturdy strainer cups, and it has a back nut filter too. 

Typically, it is structured and designed to protect the sink drainage system clear and debris free. You can say it is impossible for any debris to pass a double cup strainer. 

Stainless steel is the main material of this strainer. In fact, it ensures rust resistance. The whole strainer is adjusted as a fixed-post basket, flange, and slip joint nut. 

The installation process is very easy and you will not require any plumber for this.



  • Flange Strainer

Talk about the most expensive sink strainer then you have to look at the flange strainer. One of the amazing featured able sink strainers it is. 

With lots of convenient features, it has huge demands on the online and shopping platform. 

It works as a removal, filter, stop water, back nut that means it is an all in one sink strainer. Normally, every flange strainer color is matte blacks. 

The convenient part is; you can rotate the strainer back nut filter at a 120-degree angle. 

It has an undercover rubber rim, which is for stopping water. For stopping the water you have to press the nut that’s it will stick to the drainage system.



  • Level Strainer

If you are searching for an ordinary sink strainer then you should choose a level strainer. The level strainer hasn’t any particular machine system or other rubber technology. 

The only thing it has is a durable net. For protecting the sink from solid and small debris you can use it. 

Basically, its structure looks so simple and it hasn’t any nut system either. But some of the level strainers have an extra rim for stopping the water. 

As your rubber rim requirement, you can choose “Full Circle sensational sink”. With better design, it provides better facilities. 

For reducing clogged drain you won’t find a better one like a level strainer.



  • Stopper Strainer

Numerous people use a stopper strainer instead of a flange strainer. The reason is, both work the same but their prices bring the differences.

The stopper strainer has a rubber rim in the below position for covering the sink drain so water can be stopped in the middle of the sink. 

Ultra-durable and adjustable stainless steel bodies help to fight with the debris and steel to ensure rust resistance. 

Installing it is very comfier only you have to that is, just put it on the drain of the sink. Then you have to press it so the rubber rim can attach tightly to the sink drain.



  • Drain Strainer

The meaning of the drain strainer is a strainer that protects the sink drain from solid debris or cloggy.

Indeed, the drain strainer is more functional than the level strainer and stopper strainer. 

The drain strainer literally doesn’t support any harmful object in it. Its hole is very tiny so it can prevent small to smaller debris effortlessly.



What Is The Purpose of a Sink Strainer?

Particularly, sink strainers’ exact purpose is to keep the sink drainage system smooth and effortless. But since it was invented, manufacturers are trying to add more features to it. 

Nowadays the most popular sink strainer is that strainer, which can save water. 

Stop water or save water whatever you call but this system brings myriad comfortability while washing fruits, vegetables, or other substances. 

Also, they have special sink strainer baskets that are for protecting the sink from solid debris. These two are the main purpose of a sink strainer.

What is The Cost of Strainers?

Normally, the kitchen sink strainer price is very affordable. As we both know how small a kitchen sink strainer is. Another reason for its lower price is, it hasn’t any machine in it, and rather it is just a filter. 

From online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or near plumber shops or wherever you want to purchase a strainer price will be the same. 

On average, a strainer could cost you up to 4 – 10$. Price could increase their quality and function. 

Therefore, if you want a more quality full and functional strainer you have to spend a bit penny.

How Do You Use a Sink Strainer Basket?


Mainly, the sink strainer basket is usable for multiple intentions like stop water, water-saving, debris filter, and more. Now the question is how you use a sink strainer basket properly. 

If you have a nut strainer basket then you can use it for two various purposes. 

For storing the water in the sink you have to press it down the nut, after those sinkholes will be covered by rubber. 

In this way, it will not let the water to befall in the pipe and water will be stored in the sink.

Other basket strainers made for filtering the water from debris using those are a little tougher. Because, whenever your pipe or drainage system gets damaged or full of debris you have to fix it. 

The basket strainer has a net and that net holds the debris and dirt in its net so it can’t pass the actual drainage system.

What Size are Kitchen Sink Strainers?

As a matter of fact, people thought kitchen sink strainers comes with various numbers sizes but it is totally wrong. 

The sink has several sizes like 14-inch to 34-inches but their strainer size is probably the same so you can adjust the pipe with comfy. 

Whatever branded strainer or expensive strainer you want to buy it doesn’t matter the size will be the same as others. 

But the bathroom sink strainer comes with several designs and sizes. On average, kitchen sink strainer size is 3 1/2-inches – 4-inches.

All in All

It’s time to wrap the whole kitchen sink strainer type’s article. I tried to clarify what types of strainers are available in the market and how they work. 

Hopefully, you will understand which one will be more effective for your sink and convey conveniences. 🙂

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