How to Install an Undermount Sink to a Granite Countertop

Plumbers are becoming expensive to hire for installing an undermount sink and it becomes costly for us. How it feels if you install it on your own, your money will be totally saved. 

For your multiple conveniences, I have a magnificent method of how to install an undermount sink to a granite countertop.


What is an Undermount Sink?

The undermount sink is a basin that could be made of stainless steel, solid surface, cast iron, and copper. 

Basically, it is installable at the kitchen countertop or basin spot. But especially, it will stay as a deep basin in the kitchen. 

In the countertop there will already be a pre-cut hole, that place is heavily suitable for installing an undermount kitchen sink.

Easiest Way to Install an Undermount Kitchen Sink on Granite Countertop

The Undermount sink is a very price worthy and huge demandable kitchen sink. Not only undermount sink is available for the kitchen they are available for the bathroom too. 

As a matter of fact, when it comes to how to install an undermount sink to a granite countertop people thought it’s pretty complicated to do. 

Actually installing an undermount sink is quite effortless with granite countertop.

But for installing it, you have to know the basic idea about the granite countertop and the sink installing process. 

When you gain the method of its installation, you can do it on your own without having any support from plumbers. 

Some major ingredients and tools you will require before starting sink attaching. From preparing to post check every single thing I will specify here in simple and easy ways.

Preparation Before Install an Undermount Sinks

Before you start installing your undermount sink to a granite countertop you should prepare yourself and your undermount too. 

Such as tools, kitchen measures, sink measures, granite countertop measures, and more. 

Without proper preparation and basic tools, you could ruin your whole process and your countertop too. That’s why you should take some initial steps before you set up your undermount kitchen sink.

Hiring a plumber for a sink set could cost you lots of money. In fact, a professional plumber’s salary is so much. Avoiding spending your precious money you have to make yourself ready. 

For instance, start gathering the information and ingredients you will require to adjust it. 

In this case, you can take suggestions from your plumber friend or a social platform like YouTube, plumber’s forum, and more.

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Tools You Need

Obviously, without proper tools, you can’t fix this sink issue. For attaching a sink on the countertop will not require larger and effort tools. 

Rather, you can complete it with some few and simple tools that are quite comfortable and easy to use. 

Let me suggest to you, which tools you should assemble before starting the process.

  • Sink with Mounting Hardware

Definitely, you should start with your chosen sink. Remember, you should check out the kitchen countertop size before you choose any sink. 

Your sink must become with proper demission otherwise you can’t fix it ever. 

Also, you have to arrange mounting hardware kits and various types of clips as your countertop size.

  • Sandpaper

One sandpaper could require you but if you feel it’s needed for you. The sandpaper will help to smooth your granite countertop. 

But if your countertop is already smooth and adjustable then you will not require any sandpaper.

  • Power Drill

You might know you have to install the sink in the granite countertop with clips. 

That’s why you will need a power drill so you can drill the countertop and adjust the clips with the sink.

  • Screwdriver

To tighten the clips and basic mounting kits with the sink; a screwdriver will works for you tremendously. Without it tightens the clips will be tough and rough for you.

  • Clamps

Without a clamp, it will become harder for you to fix the sink installation properly. Clamps will help you to increase it to the upper position or lower position correctly.

  • Silicone Sealant

The sealant is crucial while installing an undermount sink to a granite countertop. It will help your sink to hold the granite countertop tightly and it ensures less falling. 

The silicone sealant is much more durable than other sealants. 

As we know sinks will face lots of water and only silicone can protect the sealant from peeling out.

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Step by Step Process of Installing an Undermount Sink to a Granite Countertop

Step 1:

After gathering all the crucial equipment’s it’s time to start the process of installing an undermount sink to a granite countertop. 

Let me tell you the exact process of installing it with some easiest but effective ways.

Step 2:

Again take the last measure of your countertop and make sure what sizes sink you can adjust with it. 

If it has 32×22 measures then take your exact measures sink.

Step 3:

There are 3 types of reveals styles sink such as positive reveals, negative reveals, and Zero reveals. 

You can choose any style sink but I will prefer you to choose zero reveals style because it prevents the dirt, grease, and germs easily.

Step 4:

Now put the sink on the countertop and if you feel you should sand the countertop then do it quickly. Find out where you should drill the hole for the pipe as a sink style. 

Mark that area and drill it with the power drill correctly. Remember, don’t drill much because that could create trouble while installing.

Step 5:

Apply the silicone sealant on the granite countertop properly so the sink can adjust flawlessly. It will be better if you choose a sealant as your granite color for superb looks.

Step 6:

Place the undermount sink on the countertop with sealant and wait for 2-3 days so it can be dry.

Step 7:

Now apply all the mount kits over the undermount sink faultlessly and adjust the lower pipe with the sink for ensuring drainage system.

Step 8:

Now you can sand the last time and make the sink side area smooth and attractive. Don’t forget to wipe out the area and make it clean. That’s it. 

So, these are the exact process of installing an undermount sink and you can apply this method on how to replace an undermount kitchen sink in a granite countertop assuredly.

Things to Look at After Install

After installing the undermount sink you have to examine its installing properness. Try to pull the sink from the upper side to make sure it adjusts properly. 

Also, you have to press the sink down to make sure it hasn’t any bubble or air in the sealant. Start the faucet and check if it drains correctly or not. 

Well, these are the main facts you have to look after.

Undermount Sink Maintenance

Well, you must gain the idea of undermount sink maintenance and cleaning. 

Cleaning and maintenance all depend on what type of materials your sink has. Stainless steel sink is the easiest to clean and maintain.

Alternatively, for maintenance, you have to keep the silicone caulking dry and clean. If your silicone sealant got damaged then you can remove the old silicone and re-caulk and apply a new silicone sealant. 

If any clips got brake or damage you can change it with your screwdriver comfortably.

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  • How do you attach an undermount bathroom sink to granite?

Importantly, you must know about how to mount an undermount sink to granite countertop. 

The process is; first mount the sink before you do with the counter. Then clean the surface of your bathroom and sink both. Seal the sink in the right place and use the mounting click properly.

That’s it now let it be dried fully.

  • How do you seal an undermount sink to granite?

For how to attach an undermount sink to a granite countertop you should gather the crucial elements and exact method. Take the measure of granite countertop and your sink first. 

Then apply the mount kits or clips as a requirement. After that, apply the silicone sealant with a plastic sealer or metal sealer. Seal the countertop properly so the sink can adjust well.

  • Is silicone enough to hold an undermount sink?

Particularly, silicone sealant is adhesive and durable and it can hold the undermount sink for the long term. In fact, water can’t damage its durability if silicone sealant becomes dry. 

But remember, low quality or cheap silicone sealants won’t work as authentic silicone sealant.

  • How much is a plumber cost for installing an undermount sink?

Nowadays hiring a plumber to become very expensive and when it comes to installing a sink you have to pay more. 

For installing an undermount sink the price you have to pay like $250-$500. Other ordinary sink installing will cost you between 200-400 bucks approximately.


Now we are in the final verdicts of how to install an undermount sink to a granite countertop. 

Basically, I tried to clarify the easy process of installing a sink, what types of tools you will require, and countless crucial questions. 

Also, the maintenance of the undermount kitchen sink and what is the undermount sink accurately is. I hope you find this article very informative and effective.

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