Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink Review: Is It Worth It?

In the past, sinks were a necessary item for cleaning dishes. Although, some still take this item for granted. As it makes the kitchen work faster, adequate importance is required.

However, those who take it seriously to have the best sink in their house are on the side of wise people. At this age of time, everyone must have proper knowledge of the products before using them.

In terms of quality, the materials inside the products require as much appreciation as exterior design.

Kraus is one of the most well-renowned brands for manufacturing kitchen sinks. Kraus focusing more on the customer’s desire to sustain in this competitive market. Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink is an example of the astonishing products that the manufacturer provides. 

Therefore, the quality of the sink is maintained with such precision that it will influence your decision to consider it while recommending or buying a new kitchen sink.

Kraus KHU100-30 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Review

Kraus holds a remarkable online reputation providing the customers with one of the most phenomenal top-notch sinks.

Now, you can have the correct information in an organized manner. Let’s get started with Kraus KHU100-30 stainless steel kitchen sink review


Kraus KHU100-30 is a lovely development of the Kraus manufacturer. Undermount kitchen sink with premium quality look is popular amongst the people, and it is built to recognize this demand.

The pattern gives it a sleek look let the usage of the countertop hassle-free. A commercial-grade satin finish highlights the appearance even more. 

Whenever buying a kitchen sink, most would consider having a sink consisting of the best materials. In terms of material, this sink is made of stainless steel.

It is a known fact that this component is vulnerable to most damages. The shape of the sink is rectangular to provide a unique look. Its larger space is perfect for washing more dishes with better efficiency.

The features of this wonderful kitchen sink are worth knowing. Let’s go through the attractive features of this mind-blowing creation.

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Special Features of Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink

  • Durable

Kraus KHU100-30 is an undermount kitchen sink made from the best quality T304 stainless steel and has a Commercial-Grade Satin Finish.

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It is rust-resistant; metal dishes, pots, or pitchers can be left on the sink without being afraid of any rust building on it. 

If rust sticks on the sink accidentally, it will damage the look of the sink, but with the Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink, there is no chance. 

The T304 stainless steel is also dent-resistant. Stainless steel saves your additional denting cost, which you might need when using other kitchen sinks. The color of the sink will not be removed by scratches from any of your dishware while washing dishes. 

As the Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink is corrosion-resistant, using it harshly won’t affect the look, and no scratches will be visible on it. 


The stainless steel is in TRU16 accurate 16-gauge, which is approximately 1.5mm thick. 

The thickness of the sink matters because a thin stainless steel kitchen sink can be damaged very easily. Therefore, the Kraus KHU100-30 is made with appropriate thickness to provide you a long-lasting kitchen experience. 

You can’t deny the fact that stainless steel makes it vulnerable to stains to keep it shining. The features of this sink are so versatile that any other kitchen sink can not overshadow this sink’s durability. 

If you prefer a durable kitchen sink, then it’s worth considering the durability of the Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink.

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  • Designed for Efficiency

The Kraus KHU-100-30 kitchen sink is designed in such a manner that it will match almost everything that you require to have in your kitchen sink. 

It is an Undermount kitchen sink that is installed from underneath the countertop of your kitchen cabinets. 

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Undermount kitchen sinks are designed in a pattern that no part of the sink will be visible on top of the countertop, unlike the drop-in sink, which partly appears on top of the countertop. 

This installation method entices the kitchen’s interior for a sleek look. The sink has a Commercial-Grade Satin Finish that makes the Kraus KHU-100-30 look very classy and keeps it shining for a long time.

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  • Sink Dimensions

The dimensions of this sink are a length of 30 inches, a width of 18 inches, and a depth of 10 inches.


The measurements might have given you a broader idea about the amount of space you will need to install this sink. 

You will need a minimum of 33 inches cabinet size to get a perfect fit for this sink. So, do consider this fact before installing the kitchen sink.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning of this sink is effortless due to its satin finish that doesn’t let any stain or rust stick on it. 

Its size is much larger than standard sinks that allow more dishware like a roasting pan, baking sheets, and skillets inside the sink. You don’t need to worry about the space to put the dirty dishes if you are using the kraus kitchen sink. 

The cleaning of dishes will become very flexible because of the oversized design. It also has a depth that is often rare amongst most of the sinks. 

The extra-deep sink prevents the water from splashing out of it and using this depth, and you can put the larger pots inside the sink to fill water in them. It is always beneficial to have an oversized sink in your kitchen for a better cleaning experience. 

  • Soundproof

The Kraus manufacturer keeps their customer’s satisfaction at the top of their priority list and provides the best possible product features. 

Kraus KHU100-30 comes with a fantastic feature for the peace of your mind. NoiseDefend soundproofing technology is a beneficial feature that will prevent any heavy noise from occurring. 

We all know the feeling when someone throws spoons or any other dishware in the sink that makes horrible noises, and the sound hits your brain directly. 

This experience is annoying, and it can ruin your happy mood in just a matter of seconds.


The NoiseDefend soundproofing technology features extra-thick pads that cover over 80% of the sink to reduce the sound at the minimumAlso, non-toxic undercoating is involved in it, which is not harmful and provides added insulation to avoid the vibration of the sound. 

Kraus KHU100-30 sinks are made for your peaceful kitchen time and let you use the sink without any metallic noises. 

So, you can also let the kids wash their dishes instead of worrying about any noises during the wash. This soundproofing technology makes this sink one of the quietest kitchen sink available in the market.

  • Sink Drain

The drain of this sink is worth discussing, and it is engineered uniquely and helpfully to let the water pass without any hassle.

We all know the scenario of the water passing through the drain of standard sinks.

Remember, the water falling from the faucet to the sink and circling like a tornado into the gutter. Thanks to the Kraus manufacturer’s suitable drain mechanism in KHU-100-30, these days are no more.

It is designed with Engineered Drain Grooves to make the water flow directly inside the drain and avoid the circling scenario.

The drain opening size is approximately 3.5 inches that will let you use most of the part of the sink. It is a marvelous sink with desired innovation for making kitchen work more manageable.

  • Additional Features

There are several things that you will receive when you buy Kraus KHU-100-30 kitchen sink. 

These accessories are handy for the usage of the sink and are also handy for other purposes. The Multi-functional dish grid that comes with the sink is built entirely to protect the sink. 

The dish grid is a vital tool for the sink to make it last even longer, and you can also use this to keep extra dishes on it for straining the water from them. 

We often buy dish grids, but you will get them completely free with this sink

The sink also comes with a three-piece basket strainer that will prevent any waste from passing through the drain into the drainage pipes. 

These filters are beneficial for your sink to have a blockage-free drain that will save you a lot of plumbing expenses which would be necessary if any blockage had occurred. 

There is a kitchen towel with the sink, and we all know that it is a must-need accessory for every kitchen. You can wipe the wet hand after the cleaning is done. All the mounting hardware is provided with Kraus KHU-100-30 kitchen sink, including a cut-out template. 

The provided tools and the installation and care instructions will make the installation process much more manageable.


  • Manufacturer- Kraus
  • Design Number- KHU100-30
  • Item Weight- 21.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions- 30 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Size- 30 Inch
  • Finish- Satin
  • Material- Stainless steel
  • Shape- Rectangular
  • Installation Method- Undermount
  • Spout Height- 6.38 Inches
  • Spout Reach- 8.69 Inches
  • Included Components- Kitchen Towel, Bottom Grid, Basket strainer
  • Warranty Description– Limited Lifetime



Customer Overviews: Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink

The information about the user comments is vital before making the purchase. Here are some data that is collected from the genuine reviews of the customers.

  • Larger Sized Sink

More space inside the sink is better for working more efficiently in the kitchen. Dishes are of several shapes and sizes, some are wide like a baking sheet, and others are high like larger pots. 

Thankfully, this sink can handle both. It is more expensive than standard sinks, and the depth is adequate to fit the larger pots. 

Customers say that they had enough of their earlier small-sized sinks. Those are very hard to work in, and even the hands get hurt because of tighter space. 

The Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink made the cleaning of the dishes more comfortable. Now, larger dishes don’t fill up the sink’s space entirely, and there is more room for other dishes as well. 

The depth of the sink has provided another beneficial opportunity for the users. Whenever the faucet of another sink is turned on, the water splashes out of the sink onto the body. 

Gladly, the Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink’s depth is sufficient to prevent it from coming out.

  • Easy To Clean

Sinks become dirty quite often, and it is necessary to clean this helpful object.

It can be hard sometimes to rub out the sticky residue and even damage the sink’s look if cleaned with hard metal scrubs. 

The stainless steel eliminates the stain from sticking on the sink. Users are satisfied cleaning this effortlessly. 

Just a sponge and dish soap is enough to clean it, and after each wash, the shine is glossy as new. Having an accessible cleaning sink is the appropriate requirement for the kitchen.

  • Eliminates Noise

It is a known fact that the kitchen can be very noisy while cleaning the dishes or dropping them on the sink. 

What Else, do you need if you have a sink that reduces these noises up to the minimum? 

The more people in the house the more noisy the kitchen can be. And if there are children in the house, the sound can be even louder. 

The Kraus KHU100-30 kitchen sink comes with soundproof technology recognizing all these issues. The customers say that they have been saved from torture because of this unbelievable feature in this sink. 

Now, they can use the sink in any way they like, but no need to worry about the noises. 

The reduced sound has also reduced their stress by a considerable margin as the users spend most of the time in or beside the kitchen.

  • Beneficial Accessories

Mostly, accessories come with workstation sinks. The Kraus manufacturer has provided additional accessories with this Undermount sink. 

Customers are delighted to get this fantastic benefit from this brand. The accessories include; kitchen towel, bottom grid, basket strainer

These are very useful while working in the kitchen and also increases the sink’s durability. 

From straining dishes to protecting the drainpipe, these accessories are just the elements required in the kitchen. The users had a fair usage of these accessories.

Why Should You Choose Kraus?

Kraus is one of the leading sink manufacturers in the market and the Kraus KHU-100-30 kitchen sink is one of the best innovative designs of this reputed brand.

The exceptionally larger size will provide you with a more flexible cleaning experience, and soundproof technology is the source of the peace you won’t get from regular sinks. 

The limited lifetime guarantee encourages the customers to buy this beautifully designed and exceptionally durable sink. 

The price of the Kraus sinks is comparatively reasonable than other brands while maintaining the best possible quality.



  • Are Kraus sinks good quality?

All Kraus products have cUPC marked on them, ensuring that it fulfills all the criteria of North American standards.

  • Is Kraus sink made in China?

Yes, Kraus sinks are made in China.

  • Is Kraus a good brand?

Undoubtedly, Kraus is well-renowned for maintaining its quality and is one of the leading sink manufacturers in the world.

  • How do I clean my Kraus stainless steel sink?

Apply some dish soap on the sponge to rub the sink and rinse it with water.

  • What can I use to clean my Kraus stainless steel sink?

Dish soap, sponge, and water.

Bottom Line

Each time you want to buy a kitchen sink, you get into a dilemma, and you get more confused because of the increasing options in the market. Although, you need to know about the features and specifications of the product before buying one. 

Now you know all the elements, and it has become much clearer for you whether the Kraus KHU-100-30 kitchen sink has all the features you require to have in your kitchen sink. 

The components in this sink are ideal for most users, and it might also be the perfect match for your kitchen to provide very durable and efficient sink usage.

Hope you liked our Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink Review, Cheers!!!😊

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