Can a Shower Head Affect Water Temperature?

It is one of the most common types of questions frequently asked by people across the country. 

The confusion is legit but if you want an honest answer then shower heads do not affect the water temperature directly but some factors do affect it.

Materials from which shower heads are made are metal, copper, plastic covered with solid brass or chrome, antique brass, polished nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. 

Shower heads are three types: a fixed shower head, handheld shower head, and 2 in 1 shower head. 

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Regardless of whatever the shower head type is there are other reasons for which the water temperature is high or low. 

Now, let’s find out the reason for which the water temperature might not be heating up. 

The shower valve might be broken which you haven’t noticed and it is preventing the water from heating up.

Make sure to check the shower valve, if it is broken, repair it.

How Does The Shower Head Affect Water Temperature?


So, how does the shower head affect the water temperature? It does affect the water pressure, as a result, the feeling of the temperature may be dependent on it. 

Setting up the shower head differently might make it feel like the water is warmer. 

Theoretically speaking, the velocity of the water will increase when it comes out of the shower head if the water pressure is high. 

This might decrease the water temperature scientifically but in reality, the feeling of the water temperature is the opposite of the theory. 

You will feel the water hotter than usual if the water pressure is very high. 

The shower head is adjustable, if you want to feel the water a little less hot just adjust the shower head water pressure according to your comfort. 

The more the water pressure, the hotter you will feel, and the less the water pressure the less hot you will feel. 

First, adjust the water pressure according to your desire then match it with the water pressure. 

Accurate measurement is hard to say it’s up to you how you adjust it but you will find the right temperature for sure.

The volume of the water when it comes out may make it change the feeling of the water temperature. 

If the water volume while dispensing is high then there is more chance of you feeling the water a little hotter. 

The volume of the water is adjustable from the shower head. If you want to feel the water a little less hot or hotter then it is recommended for you to adjust the water volume

It is easy to decrease or increase the water volume, just check the user manual that should be mentioned on it.

Shower Valves Affect the Water Temperature


There are various types of valves which we use in the shower. These valves can be used to adjust the water temperature or the water pressure.

  • Diverter Valves

This is the valve that controls the water temperature and you can adjust the temperature using this valve

It is installed inside the shower system and it is recommended for you to make sure that it is functioning properly. 

If the valve is broken or faulty then you will find it very difficult to adjust the water temperature as well as the water pressure. 

Installing a high-quality diverter valve will save you money in the long run. 

Don’t try to save money while installing the diverter, aim for the best quality if you want it to last for a long time. 

Nowadays, diverter valves are controlled by construction codes and plumbing certificates. 

It controls the temperature of the water which passes through the shower heads and tub faucet. 

If the water is hotter than usual, try to adjust the temperature using the diverter valve.

  • Self-Balancing Valves

These valves are very useful in the shower for balancing the water temperature. 

If there is good water pressure the balancing valves work very well and make the water temperature constant and bearable. 

If you want the water temperature to be at your comfort then try to maintain the self-balancing valves whenever it is broken or faulty. 

These balancing valves keep the water temperature constant even if the other appliances which require a water supply are turned on. 

Sometimes, changing the valve with a new one might affect the water temperature as it will take some time to adjust to the water system. 

Installing a new shower head might not restrict any water flow to adjust the water temperature. 

If you want this problem not to arise then it is recommended for you to hire a plumber to solve this issue. 

The professional plumber will find the root of the issue whether it is the faucet or the shower head which is causing the problem and adjust the water pressure so that you can enjoy your desired water temperature.

  • Tempering Valves

This valve is designed to sense the temperature of the water and make it flow according to the required temperature. 

The temperature-sensitive tempering valves will automatically adjust the water temperature and prevent the water from becoming too hot or too cold. 

The manual tempering valves need to be set at a fixed temperature by the homeowners. 

Always, try to install the best quality tempering valve for preventing any accident.

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Other Supply Ways Affect The Temperature

Yes, whenever water comes out of one pipe of the house it will affect the temperature of the other pipes. 

For example, if someone has turned on the hot water supply from one shower head or faucet of the house then it will affect the other source of water to be less hot. 

The same will happen if a cold water supply is turned on from one end of the house, it will make the other sources of water hotter. 

This is an important fact which we don’t keep in mind.

All in All

Shower heads do affect the feeling of the water temperature when the water is on the body. There are also other factors which you should keep in mind. 

The valves are the root of the water temperature, try to maintain high-quality valves to get the best water temperature that suits your body while taking a shower.

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