Speakman S-2251-E175 Shower Head Review

Creating a beautiful bathroom interior is an essential matter. More than that, the fixtures are required to be more functional. 

Whenever referring to bathroom fixtures, the shower head should always be at the top of the priority list. In stressful periods, a good shower can eliminate tension in muscles and the brain.

However, several factors could affect this overwhelming experience. Considering assured quality materials and modern features are necessary for the shower head for a relaxing shower.

Manufacturers have been trying to include all the elements to fulfill the desired needs. Also, an increased number of manufacturers have availed so many options that making a choice has become more complex. Proper knowledge can help to make this process more manageable.


Basic Overview

Despite the enormous competition, Speakman offers you a diverse range of fixtures. The shower heads of the manufacturer are pretty appealing. 

Enlighting to a more advanced design, this reputed brand has introduced the Speakman S-2251-E175. It has a construction of solid brass that highlights the creator’s signature silhouette. The contours are the eye-catcher of this highly functional shower head.

It is compact with the provider’s patented Anystream technology. This innovation is the attraction of the Speakman Icon series. 

The adjustable spraying options allows you to switch between individual flowing pattern.

However, the features are far more than that. The shower head comes with eight precision jets that consist of 64 spray channels to spread the water in a broader range. It has a built pattern that enables self-cleaning in an effortless manner as the streams provide adequate pressure. 

The Speakman Icon S-2251-E175 has a WaterSense Certified flow rate of 1.75 GPM that enlists it as a low water pressure shower head. This type of shower head is ideal for houses that have low water pressure.

What Customers Say?

As there are substantial shower heads available in the market, it is wise to consider the actual user’s comments. Here are some of the reviews that we have collected to provide you a legit understanding.

  • Easy To Install

nstallation is a vital fact to give equal importance as other matters. For some shower heads this process is very complicated. 

Customers repeatedly said that the installation of this shower head is very comforting. The shower head package consists of Teflon tape, which is enough for installing the shower head. 

Applying Teflon tape on the shower head arm and attaching the shower head finishes the process.

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  • Tremendous Pressure

Some users are pleased to have this shower head in their bathroom. They had a low water pressure problem in their shower. 

After installing this shower head, the pressure has increased drastically. The plungers of this shower head converts low water pressure into high water pressure. 

This feature is worth the appreciation from the users. These customers suggest the product to those who want increased water pressure in their shower.

  • Adjustable Flow Pattern

The shower head comes with an Anystream Technology. This technology provides the flexibility of adjusting the water pressure. 

Some users say that they are now more relaxed after taking a shower because of the easy adjustment using the 360-degree rotating handle. Each spraying pattern individually comforts the body. The eight plungers and 64 sprays make every mode more pleasurable.

Key Features

After getting a brief idea about the product, it is time to dig deeper into nuts and bolts. Several questions might be inside your head by now.

How is the quality? How to use the Anystream technology? And so on. Let’s find out the features of the Speakman S-2251-E175 shower head.

  • Silhouette Design

Who doesn’t like to have an enticing bathroom fixture? An appealing shower head can upgrade the standards of a bathroom’s look.

So, it is compulsory to have a seamless design that complements the bathroom quite nicely.

Thankfully, the Speakman S-2251-E175 is built with a timeless silhouette to make it one of the most attractive shower heads available on the market. For better understanding, it is also referred to as a polished chrome finish.

The timeless silhouette acts as a mirror reflection that provides an eye-pleasing shine. 

Nonetheless, the pattern of this shower head is highly appreciable, and these types of designs have increasing popularity nowadays.

  • Anystream Technology

Before selecting a shower head to purchase, you might search for a ‘WOW’ factor in it. Individual shower heads come with several unique features. And the Speakman S-2251-E175 is also provided with the Anystream Technology that sets it apart from other shower heads.

So, What is the Anystream System? As the “Anystream” might have made you guess that it controls the pattern of the spray. 

Gladly, you are right on track. The technology allows you to adjust the flow of the water into several spraying options. Enjoying the most suitable spray is much easier.

The shower head consists of a 360-degree rotating handle to operate this unique function. Just simply turning this handle will change the spraying pattern. The Speakman S-2251-E175 provides this feature for a better showering experience.

  • Multiple Spraying Options

The Speakman S-2251-E175 is genuinely a mind wrecker when it comes to the spraying options. It is controlled with the handle of the shower head.

Three patterns can be identified, intense spray, rain-like spray, and flood spray.

Intense Spray: The intense spray is ideal when high water pressure is required. Water flows at the speed of a jet and provides adequate pressure on the desired place. Some people prefer to enjoy a powerful water force while taking a shower.

This spraying option is just the flexibility they need to experience the intensity. 

Each spray comes out with precision separately and avoids any interconnection from other sprays. It helps to feel the pressure more accurately.

Rain-like Spray: The highly functional spraying option also features a rainfall experience. Who doesn’t like the feeling of rain? 

Getting wet in the rain is not so easy as it depends on the weather. But with provided spraying option of the Speakman S-2251-E175, it is just one step away. 

You can enjoy the rainfall feeling by turning the handle of the shower head. The water will come out in more significant drops to make the rainfall more realistic. You might feel the water’s temperature a little bit higher when you turn on this feature.

Flood Spray: This is what you need when you want to walk into a blast of water. It is very tempting after the hardworking busy schedule. The body and the mind become relaxed whenever taking a shower under this sprayer.

The water pressure is just unimaginably high and makes it more pleasurable for you. You won’t be able to resist this sensation if you have got this privilege once.

  • Increased Water Pressure

Consistent water pressure is compulsory for an uncomplicated shower. A few houses have low water pressure from the primary water system. 

This type of problem can ruin your mood while you are in the bathroom to clear out all the stress. Dripping water requires to be changed into a mind-blowing blow of water.

The Speakman Icon S-2251-E175 is designed to act as a healer under a low water pressure situation. Its WaterSense Certified 1.75 GPM flow rate is less than high-pressure shower heads, but the flow rate is adequate to convert the low water pressure into an increased pressure. 

Therefore, you can enjoy the proper flow of water in all sorts of situations. The shower head’s patented plungers will improve the pressure and ensure a hassle-free bath.

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  • Self-Cleaning Mechanism

With time, minerals can build up on the nozzles of a shower head. Some of these require serious effort to clean up the mess. 

The Speakman Icon S-2251-E175 shower head has a design to solve this issue. It consists of self-cleaning plungers, these plungers ensure great water force and push out all residues from the shower head in an effortless manner.

  • Plungers With Sprays

Most shower heads come with nozzles which provide the same old look. To complement the Speakman Icon S-2251-E175 shower head with a unique design, it comes with highly efficient plungers.

The shower head consists of 8 plungers with 64 sprays in them. These plungers provide improved water pressure from the sprays. The precision is beyond any other shower heads available on the market.

The adjustment of the spraying modes is functional with the mechanism of these plungers. Rotating the handle affects the plungers, and this results in the switch of modes. You can now adjust the spraying pattern according to your comfort.

  • Made From Brass

Before installing a shower head, it is compulsory to know about the durability of the product. The components from inside the shower head are the most crucial matter that will last longer.

It has the component of brass, and this material is well-renowned for its increased durability. 

The brass material provides an attractive look to the product. The Speakman S-2251-E175 is resistant to corrosion, which prevents it from getting damaged from scratches from blunt objects.

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After going through the appreciable features of the Speakman S-2251-E175 shower head, it is fair enough to gather the specifications of this in an organized manner. Here are the entire specifications of the shower head.

    • Product Dimensions- 4.75 x 3.63 x 5.13 inches
    • Color- Polished Chrome
    • Finish- Chrome
    • Material- Brass
    • Shape- Round
    • Water Flow Rate- 1.75 GPM
    • Number of Handles- 1
    • Certification- Watersense
    • Warranty- Limited lifetime

How Is It Better Than Other Shower Heads? (With Pros and Cons)

It is a definite question that might be roaming around the head. The advantages of the Speakman S-2251-E175 over the regular shower heads are very concise.

The timeless silhouette chrome finish grabs the attention of any person. This type of finish is rare amongst most shower heads. The design is appropriate for most bathroom décor and doesn’t require any additional changes.

Regular shower heads have nozzles that sometimes get water minerals stuck in them. But this Speakman shower head consists of plungers that push out the residues and keep it clean. 

You need to clean the shower head individually to experience a better flow, and the flow is always consistent.

Many shower heads have a determined single spraying mode and cannot be adjusted. Thankfully, the Speakman shower head has three spraying options for you to switch according to necessity. Now, you can enjoy the proper water flow for the mood.

Speakman S-2251-E175, made from rich quality brass material, has increased durability compared to other shower heads.

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For Whom Is This Product Designed?

By now, you have gone through the detailed features and specifications of the Speakman S-2251-E175 shower head. The design is so much attractive that it steals the eye of any potential user.

The contours of this shower head let it set with any bathroom décor. Its chrome finish is very pleasing to the eye. Many consider this as the highlight of the interior.

The brass material makes it last for a more extended period. If you are looking for a durable shower head, then considering it will be worth your money. The shower head will last for years without getting any scratch from rough metal objects.

If adjustment of the spraying patterns is necessary for you, the shower head’s Anystream Technology is designed to provide that flexibility. It is uncomplicated to switch the spraying modes using the handle.

Why Chose The Speakman S-2251-E-175 Shower Head?


Speakman is holding a strong reputation amongst its customers for building shower heads. The shower heads have ravishing designs with irresistible features. They provide innovation in each of their product.

The Speakman Icon S-2251-E-175 shower head is just another marvelous fixture of this reputed brand. The product has countless features that makes it easier to function. 

It is built to provide adequate comfort to the body and mind.  The 360 degree rotating handle is an attention seeker of this shower head.


  • Where is the Speakman shower head made?

Like most of the fixtures of the world, the Speakman shower head is also made in China.

  • Is the Speakman a good brand?

The Speakman brand has been providing its customers with premium quality fixtures. It is the company that invented the first-ever adjustable shower head.

  • How can I remove the flow restrictor?

The flow restrictor can be removed simply using a bottle opener.

  • What is it resistant from?

The brass material makes it resistant to corrosion to make it last for a lifetime.

  • What are the spraying options?

It has three spraying options, first is the intense spray, second is the rainfall spray, third is the flood spray.

All in All

Each fixture of the bathroom requires adequate importance. The shower head embraces the décor of any bathroom. It is always better to install the best shower head that fulfills your needs. You know it by now whether it suits your bathroom or not. 

However, the superb quality Speakman-S2251-E-175 comes with features that can grab the attention of any potential buyer. 

The plungers with sprays are far more attractive and efficient than any other shower head with nozzles. The Anystream Technology is appreciable for its easy controlling manner. All the features of the shower head make the showering more soothing for you.

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