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It feels great to take a shower after a hectic day. When the freshwater touches your body, the feeling is heavenly. 

Unfortunately, you won’t get the same experience after a couple of months because the shower head will start to gather dirt from the water, and due to that, you will get uneven water flow.

If your area uses hard water, there is a possibility that your shower head will accumulate bacteria as well. Not only does this ruin your showering experience, but also it gets threatening for your overall health.

So, the only solution you can focus on is replacing the shower head with a new one. Now you might ask, ‘How often do I replace shower head, and how can I do it?’

Don’t worry because we have got your back. From the following article, you will find the answer to this excellent question. Moreover, you will get other beneficial information that will help you out in the long run. Read on to find out more.


When It Is Time to Replace Your Shower Head?

Fortunately, there are several warnings that you will get from your shower head. This type of warning indicates that it is time that you should replace this washroom equipment with a new one.

Below are all the signs that you should go through so that you can tackle the situation immediately without procrastinating.

  • The Shower Head Starts to Leak

If you are experiencing constant water leaks from your shower head, this shows that you either have to repair or replace it. If you don’t do it, additional water will go to waste and your water bill will go way up than your expectation level.

[On a side note: to fix a leaking shower head, read this]

Before you ask yourself, ‘How often should I replace shower heads? and then replace it, check the washer rings or valves and find out whether they are the main source of the problem or not. 

If so, you can replace these small parts, and if you are still experiencing the problem, you have to purchase a new shower head.

  • There Is a Change in Water Pressure

When you notice that your shower heads’ water pressure is constantly fluctuating, it means you have to solve the issue immediately. Check the water tank and find out its condition. Also, ensure that there is no dirt inside the equipment.

If everything is fine and you are still stuck with the issue, then you should definitely buy a new shower head.

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  • Buildup of Huge Amounts of Sediment

This problem happens if your area supplies hard water or you don’t have a water softener in your arsenal. If your equipment gathers too much sediment, you won’t get an even water flow. Unfortunately, this could irritate you if you are looking for a proper shower.

Though you can clean the dirt and lime scale from the shower head, the internal components might get damaged during this process. 

As a result, you have to do the replacement without thinking twice.

  • Using an Outdated Shower Head


With the upgrade in technology, lots of things are changing on a daily basis. You will be surprised to know shower heads are also upgrading at a very fast pace.

If your one uses an old heating process, it will consume excess energy, and you have to pay extra money for the energy bills. Thankfully, the upgraded ones are energy-efficient and use water according to your preference.

Besides, the outdated ones constantly show problems, and on top of that, the replacement parts are quite hard to find in the market. 

So, you must purchase the latest one instead of struggling with the older one.

  • To Get a Remarkable Shower Experience All the Time

Though you might be happy with your current shower head, you can increase your experience to a new level by replacing it with a luxurious and powerful one. 

Fortunately, you will find different models in the market that come with various lucrative features.

Some are expensive, while some are budget-friendly. The best thing is, you will get satisfactory results from them in all situations. So, take some time out from your schedule and do some research before you place the order.

How Often to Replace Shower Head?


Go through this section carefully so that you get a good grasp of it.

  • The Replacement Time Period

Be mentally prepared that your shower head won’t last forever, and you have to replace it in some situations. Normally, you have to replace it every 6 to 8 months. This shows that you have to do it two times every year.

If the time comes, don’t avoid it and instead, get the job done without any hesitation. You can do it on your own but if you are not confident enough to complete the task, take a professional’s help. 

They will finish it within no time. Moreover, they will clear out all your queries regarding the question, ‘How often to replace shower heads?’

  • Its Current Condition

It is a very challenging task to clean your shower head when you are using hard water. If you are unable to change the water type in your home, you have no other option but to replace your current shower head.

As sediment starts building up, the electrical components inside your equipment get damaged. Due to that, you won’t have a good time taking a shower.

However, you can use your current one for a long time if you maintain and clean the unit properly. In this case, you won’t have to do the replacement. 

You should clean the equipment regularly or else you won’t get the performance that you were looking for in the first place.

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How to Replace a Shower Head?

Here is the DIY process of replacing a shower head. We have included it in a step-by-step format, so that you can get a clear understanding of it. Keep reading.

Step 1: Gather All the Necessary Instruments and Parts

Before you dive into the task, you should gather all the important supplies. You should have the proper washing solutions like peroxide solutions or vinegar. This chemical will clean the shower head, connecting pipes, and even the shower arms.

Plus, you should use a fresh and dry piece of cloth to clean the dirt and solution. Moreover, gather a wrench, slip joint pliers, and monkey pliers to detach the shower arms and head.

If there are leaky joints, you can take the help of plumbing tape to fix the issue. Besides, use an anti-corrosive solution and use it on the parts that are prone to rust before you install the new shower head.

Step 2: Gently Detach the Shower Head and Arms

Before you detach it, make sure the faucets are turned off. Also, clean the area you are working on and keep the spot dry during this time, or else you might face an accident.

To remove the equipment, you should start with the wrench and clamp it down at the shower heads’ base. Turn it in an anti-clockwise direction and take it out. If it is not coming out, use the pair of pliers, and you will be successful this time.

Step 3: Clean the Existing Shower Head (Optional)

accumulated dirt from all areas using the washing solution. Wash the equipment properly, and if necessary, you can use a toothbrush to remove tough stains or hidden dirt.

When you have done that, leave the equipment to dry.

Step 4: Install the New or Existing One

This step is the most crucial part because you have to be very careful from start to end. If you are going to use a new one, go for the model that consists of filter screens.

Fortunately, you will find other affordable units that use modern technology and will always give you a relaxing showering experience. Plus, you can easily clean or remove it.

To cover the shower heads’ threads, use plumbing threads. Apply 3 turns of tape to avoid unraveling problems when you screw the shower head. Also, you won’t have any leakage issues, thanks to the tape.

Take the wrench and clamp it down on the equipment’s base, and hold it with a fresh towel or cloth. Now, screw on the shower head in a clockwise direction to the pipe joint. If you are facing a problem, take the pair of pliers and get the screwing done.

Wait for a couple of minutes, and then turn on the faucets. Look at the water pressure and compare it with your previous one so that you can get an idea if everything is functioning properly or not.

Congrats! You have successfully done the replacement. Clean the new shower head and check its performance every 6 months.

All in All

There you go, all about the answers to the question, how often to replace shower heads and how can you do it?’

Share this informative article with your loved ones and help them out along with you. Have a good day. Take care. 😊

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