Delta Faucet 75152 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head Review

The Delta 72152 two sprays H2Okinetic shower head is an iconic model of the Delta manufacturer. Its features are worth grabbing the attention of anybody. This shower head is designed to convert your regular showers into an overwhelming experience.

It comes with a dual spraying mode that is the star of this product. The H2Okinetic technology enhances the spraying option. The water flows in a waving motion that provides you with a powerful shower. It is mechanized with incredible dedication from the delta manufacturer.

With the Delta 72152 shower head, you can save water and money at the same time. Therefore, this product is a popular choice amongst most people. 

The design is consciously an exclusive sleek look, this can catch the eye very quickly. The makers innovatively build the outer chrome finish and the middle jet-like black finish. 

Therefore, this model has been increasing its popularity by a considerable margin for quite some time.


The features of the shower head determine the efficiency you will receive in the shower time. The Delta Faucet H2Okinetic shower head comes with many modern elements that most customers need. 

It is vital to know the capacity of the product before making the purchase. Let’s find out the exciting features of the Delta Faucet H2Okinetic shower head.


8.5 Out of 10

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  • Dual Spray Setting

It is not like the regular spray options that most of the multiple spray setting shower heads offer. Both of the spraying features are unique and provides a good shower. Here are the two spraying options explained in detail.

1. Powerdrench Spray

This spray setting is mechanized to dispatch the water in a wave motion. The motions of the water will make you explore a new experience. 

The power drench spray provides better coverage, which is three times more than regular shower heads. For this, you can move around or dance if you like, but water will fall on your body. 

Some couples often shower together, and this spray setting will enable them to get under one shower head. This high-coverage shower head comes with justified pressure and intensity. 

The intensity reduces the time required while taking a shower, and you can rinse off your shampoo faster. All of these also increases the warmth of the water.

2. Ultrasoak Spray

This spray setting is also another creative water flow pattern. It has appropriate water spread coverage for you to experience a comfortable shower. Each person wants a relaxing shower after a tiring day. 

The spraying option is somewhat like the heavy rainfall. Ultrasoak spraying option converts less water into a higher flow of water. With this, you can enjoy the rain in your bathroom without worrying about the weather.

  • Self Cleaning Nozzles

It is always better to get a cleaner and blockage-free shower. Limitless water passes through the shower head each day. 

With time, the minerals build on the nozzles of the shower head. It is always preferable to install a product that is easier to clean. Thankfully, the Delta 75152 2 spray shower head has power jets that push out all the residues from it.

This water pressure keeps it clean for a more extended period. Although, if you use the shower head for years, there is always a possibility of the nozzles becoming blocked with mineral disposals. 

It would be best if you swiped the shower head with the thumb finger, and all the wastage will be out.

[On a side note: to know more about how to clean a shower head properly, click here.]

  • Water-Saving Function

Some shower heads have high water pressure but waste too much water because of this. The water passes away without giving a pleasuring vibe. 

These depressing shower times are pretty dull and weaken the desire to take a shower. The Delta 75152 shower head comes with separate spray settings. These spray options have variations in Waterflow.

The Powedrench spray has a standard flow rate of 2.5GPM, which is relatively high and provides an enjoyable shower. But there is also a water-saving flow rate of 1.85 GPM that is the Ultrasoak spray

This spraying option decreases water consumption up to 36 percent from regular shower heads. It will save your utility bills drastically without disrupting the comfort.

  • Easy To Install

The installation of many shower heads is very critical and requires some strong effort. This complication can irritate some users and provide an unsatisfying installation process

Therefore, the Delta 75152 shower head has made this process easy for you. You don’t need to be a professional plumber to install this product.

At first, unscrew the old shower head from the metal arm. Remove the junk from the pipe and wipe it clean. Then apply some Teflon tape on the shower head arm for a tighter fit. After that, screw the Delta 75152 shower head counterclockwise using a wrench to prevent any leakage

As simple as it sounds, this installation process is hassle-free and requires minimum effort.

  • Specifications

After getting a broad idea about the product, it is time to know the proper specification of the product. Here are the details of the Delta 75152 shower head.

  • Finish- Polished Chrome
  • Material- Plastic
  • Dimensions- 4 x 3.88 x 3.88 inch
  • Flow Rate-  1.85 & 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Installation Method- Wall Mounted
  • Number of Handles- 1
  • Cutting Diameter- 3.88 Inch

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  • Advantages Over Other Shower Heads

It is an essential factor before choosing any shower head. As there are so many options available in the market, it is always better to know the specialties of a specific product that most shower heads lack.

The Delta 75152 shower head has WaterSense certified flow rate that saves water and reduces utility bills. The water-saving feature is rare amongst most shower heads. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective shower head.

The water pressure is tremendously high when the power drench spray mode is on. This pressure is adequate for people who like more power during a shower. Regular shower heads lack doesn’t come with such water pressure.

The water flows in a waving motion that provides a unique experience. This type of water flow is distinctive and is far more efficient than the usual shower heads.

The Delta 75152 shower head consists of self-cleaning power jets that keep it clean. Other products require excess effort for cleaning.



Delta 75152 Designed For-


So, you would be wondering if the shower head is suitable for you or not. This confusion is expected in most of us. The increasing options have made it very difficult. The features of the shower heads are modernizing to meet the customer’s needs. Therefore, being in a dilemma is natural.

However, the Delta 75152 shower is head compact with some essential and unique elements that have made shower time comfortable.

If you have been using the usual shower head for years and thriving for a change, then this shower head can make your dream come true.

The same old spray modes might have bored you by now. It is time to experience something outstanding with Delta. The waving high pressure and the heavy rainfall-like spraying option will take your shower to an entirely new level.

Cleaning the shower head very often is disturbing for most users. But this shower head will eliminate those efforts by a considerable margin.

Why Choose Delta 75152 Shower Head?

As there are several advanced shower heads available in the market, it cannot be easy to choose the right product that fulfills your desires. The shower head is a well-demanded fixture and requires proper carefulness before installing it or making the purchase.

The features of the Delta 75152 shower head are outstanding and push the limits of regular shower heads

The spraying patterns of this item are far more efficient and pleasurable than any other shower heads. It is a vital matter that influences the potential customers to choose this product.

The nozzle of the regular shower heads is vast in numbers, mostly from fifty to a hundred spray nozzles in most of them. 

These shower heads have become very old-fashioned. Delta manufacturers have noticed this repetition for a change and invented something that is an exclusive spraying mechanism. 

The product comes with four spraying jets that sprinkle the water into tiny droplets. These jets provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

What Users Say?

The point of view of the actual users is crucial information for the potential buyers. You will get a proper idea of how efficiently they have been using the product and its drawbacks. 

Here are some data we have collected to broaden your knowledge about the Delta 72152 shower head.

  • Increased Water Pressure

We all know that a shower head’s water pressure requires to be precise for an enjoyable shower. Many of those with shallow water pressure can spoil the mood while taking a shower. 

Also, some have high water pressure that uses up a lot of water which results in wastage. But the Delta 72152 shower head is designed to convert the low water pressure into a volume of water flow. 

This flow will make you feel that the water is hitting you, but instead, the intensity provides that vibe. The customers say that the shower head supplies adequate water pressure every time the shower is turned on. The increased water pressure reduced the time they used to spend on the shower.

  • Affordable Price

The highly efficient products cost way more than regular ones. Gladly, the Delta 72152 shower head features many advanced features that are rare amongst most of the items. 

The manufacturer provides all these facilities on a tight budget for the users. The users were worried about the overpriced products, but the Delta 712152 is affordable for them. Most of them recommend others to experience this fantastic shower head.

  • Overwhelming Spraying Options

There are many shower heads in the market that have multiple spraying options. These spraying options are ubiquitous amongst most users

Everyone wants to experience something exclusive. After using this shower head, many users say that they have been pleased with the uniquely designed water flow pattern. 

Both of the spraying options have their fanbase amongst the customers. The Powedrench and Ultrasoak spraying option are the most liked feature of this shower head. They got to experience something new because of the variation in the spray.


  • Where are the Delta products made?

The Delta company is a major manufacturer of the fixture and fittings. The products of this gigantic company are made in Greensburg, Indiana; Jackson, Tennessee; London, Ontario, CA (and Panyu, China).

  • Can this be attached to a handheld hose?

No, this shower head can only be installed in a 1/2 shower arm.

  • How do I switch between the shower modes?

There is a twistable switch on the side of the shower head. You can twist the switch to change the spraying modes between the Powerdrench and Ultrasoak.

  • What is the Delta 72152 shower head made of?

The shower head has an outer part that is made from plastic. However, the connection part is made from metal to prevent any breakage.

  • Can the flow restrictor be removed?

Yes, a tiny rubber-like flow restrictor can be removed to increase the water pressure.

All in All

The shower head is a crucial part of the bathroom fixtures. It is now a matter of reputation for some users for matching the modern designs available in the market. 

Mostly, It is very necessary for the item to compliment the bathroom’s interior in a justified manner. The Delta 72152 shower head is an amazing creation with H2Okinetic technology. The chrome finish encourages it to get adjusted in any bathroom interior. 

The dual spraying option is fantastic for most of the new users of this product. You can change the water flow rate from 2.5GPM to 1.85GPM effortlessly with the twistable switch. 

It is an affordable shower head with all the features. Overall, this shower head can be a game-changer for you while being budget-friendly.

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