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A soothing shower experience is possible if you have appropriately set all the shower materials and regulators. Just imagine a day of simmering summer and coming home from work; you can’t even enjoy a shower properly because the valve is wrongly installed! This is why a discussion on standard shower valve height is extremely important.


What Is a Shower Valve

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A shower valve is an integral part of a shower equipment set. It is a lever that regulates the stream of water. In the shower, we use this valve primarily for controlling water pressure and temperature. This looks simple, and the use is even simpler.

The most convenient shower valves operate with a simple touch to move between left and right along with up and downside. Your bathing experience will only be enjoyable if you have a suitable shower valve installed at the right point. 

So, how do you measure that right point to enjoy a perfect shower experience? We will look into that gradually here.

What is the Standard Height for Shower Valve

The standard height for a shower valve is 28 to 48 inches above the ground. This is the range most people are well-adjusted with. Along with this, it is also essential to know the height of the shower valve and diverter. The height of the shower valve and diverter is between 36 inches to 48 inches above the floor of the shower room. 

For example, Delta shower valve height is 36 inches off the shower floor, and Moen shower valve height works the same way.

  • Tub Shower Valve Rough-in Height

Shower fittings have exquisite features. Along with the classy look and feel, what stands out as a feature is – the installation at the right length. A tub-shower enhances the look of a bathroom.

In addition, it enhances the shower experience. After a hectic day out, a tub shower is all you want in summer. The tub shower valve rough-in height is 48 inches off the floor.

  • Valve Height For Regular Bath Stall


The valve height for a regular bath stall is 28 inches above the floor. The valve is a good fit at this height, with faucets on the left and right maintaining equal distance. 

So, 2 feet 4 inches (converted 28 inches into feet) is an ideal height for shower valve height above bath floor.

  • Valve Height For Tall Person


Valve height for tall person should be 3 to 5 inches more for persons with a height of 6 feet and more. The standard height for walk in shower valve is between 28 inches to 48 inches; for a relatively taller person, it should be between 33 inches to 53 inches.

  • Valve Height For Short Person

For a short person, the shower valve can be installed 24 inches off the level, which is 2 feet. However, the different heights of persons in a family must be considered before installing the shower valve.

Average Height Distance Between Shower Head And Shower Valve

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  • A Shower Head

Now comes another important point – The shower head. A shower head is the top portion with holes at the shower set up where water spreads from. It is a fixture that you can set yourself.

A shower valve may require assistance from a plumber but setting up a shower head is a DIY task. For that, you just need to follow the steps from the manual.

  • Distance Between Shower Head and Shower Valve

The average height distance between shower head and shower valve is 50% (approximately) of the height where the shower head is installed. 

So, if the bathroom is 90 inches long, a shower head height can be 80 inches from the ground, and a shower valve can be installed at the midpoint. It may be around 40 to 45 inches.

Valve Height Regulations

The valve height rules or regulations are simple. The placement of the valve and the tap is necessary for a comfortable shower experience for all. That is the main objective and target. No particular fixture has any predetermined standard. It all depends on the

  • Safety
  • Usability, and
  • Comfort

of the use of shower fixtures and materials The standard height of shower valve from the floor is 36 inches minimum for a pleasant experience. This measurement is convenient for all in general. The shower valve height from floor at UK is 36 inches to 48 inches.

Shower Valve Height Code

If you have a bathtub, then a height of 28 inches or 2 feet 4 inches is ideal. In the case of shower stalls, shower valves should be installed above 4 feet or 48 inches off the ground. The faucets should also be set, keeping the valve at the center for greater comfort.

Why It’s Important to Install a Shower Valve at Standard Height

Well, the shower valve is extremely important also because you would not like to move it in one direction to get hot water to receive cold water instead! Imagine that on a winter night!

A properly functioning shower valve is that kind of a lifesaver to ensure the temperature you need in extreme weather conditions.  Now, the question comes;

Is it essential to install a shower valve at standard height?

The answer is – Yes! Very much!

Before explaining the reason, let us talk about – standard height. The standard height is that height that is absolutely convenient for users of any size. When the shower experience, including

  • Stepping in the stall or the tub
  • Turning on the valve and
  • Regulating the valve as per need and
  • Standing under showerhead

Becomes hindered as you have to stretch your arm with discomfort to touch and operate the valve. You know how essential it is to set the shower valve at a standard height!

So, it is vital to install the shower valve at a standard height because –

  • It ensures ultimate ease of use
  • No discomfort is expected
  • Too high or too low may lead to an accident


  • Where should a shower valve be set?

On average, from 36 to 48 inches above the floor, a shower valve can be set.

  • Should shower valve be centered with drain?

No! This is because a drain at the center will likely be under the feet while taking a shower. Therefore, it will slow down the draining process.

  • What do you do if your shower valve sticks out too far?

If you face this problem, do not worry. All you need to do is remove the valve from the wall and install it again. Then, just tighten up the joints while re-inserting the cartridge.

  • How far should the shower valve stick out?

From 37 to 56 mm, on average.

  • How do you measure the depth of a shower valve?

To measure the depth of a shower valve, you have to specify the depth distance, which is the gap between the finished wall and the midpoint of the riser pipe. The valve manual has this distance for your convenience. 

Just deduct the wall breadth to determine the depth of a shower valve. To measure the depth of a shower valve, you need to use the tiled front end of the plaster as the reference point.  

All in All

So, we hope your query for standard shower valve height has provided the entire essential information. As a user, you must focus on usability and comfort while using and installing shower equipment. 

The shower valve is the core part of it. A shower experience is relaxing and soothing when you can get the perfect water pressure at the right temperature. A shower valve set at a standard height is the prerequisite for that.

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