Delta Faucet Brand Review | Why People Love Delta?


Delta is known for producing high-quality, durable faucets with innovative features and designs. It has served North American people for more than hafl a century. Their products offer a range of styles and finishes to suit various design preferences and are easy to install. Customers generally report good experiences with Delta faucets, including strong water pressure, leak-free performance, and sleek, attractive design. However, they have some downsides too. 

To arrange an authentic and reality-based review of the Delta Faucet brand, we have scoured the customers’ reviews from the top five online shopping sites. 

After compiling the reactions of the consumers of the Delta Faucet brand, we have decided to lay down a systematic analysis report (comprehensive review) of this brand for you. 


Delta Brand History: How It All Started

Delta started its journey in 1954 as a handheld faucet manufacturer. Back then, it began as a sub-brand of Masco Corporation. Delta gained popularity in the 1950s by manufacturing an incredible type of washerless mixing valve with a ball-like appearance. 

This innovation let Delta manufacture many types of convenient faucets that won people’s hearts. From then on, Delta has been among the top three faucet manufacturers in North America.

Where Are Delta Faucets Made?

Although Delta used to manufacture and assemble all of its products in the United States till the 1990s. But, it relocated its manufacturing factories to other countries in 2001. Since then, Delta has been manufacturing the parts of Delta faucets in 3 countries till now: China, Mexico, and Israel.

These parts are, later on, assembled in Canada and the United States. More specifically, Delta has established its assembling facilities in Greensburg, Jackson, Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky. 

Furthermore, it’s also got two assembling plants in Ontario, Canada.

Are Delta Faucets Worth It? Why?

As Delta Faucet is among the top faucet manufacturers in North America, our analysis points out that it’s completely worth the money to buy products from Delta

As we have found out, the below-mentioned two aspects justify our opinion on this matter:

  • Innovative Technology

Not only does Delta make faucets for people, but they also innovate and bring new technologies to the market that make life easier for its consumers. 

For instance, Delta has manufactured many faucets with new technologies such as the Touch2O®, H2Okinetic®, and MagnaTite®

Therefore, if you want to experience the new wonders of technology at the right time, you should always stick with Delta Faucets.

  • Warranty Service

The warranty services provided by Delta are phenomenal. For example, almost all the faucets from Delta are provided with lifetime warranties. On top of that, Delta also offers state-of-the-art customer care services to its consumers.

Because of this quality, consumers are always eager to put their trust in Delta. Consequently, they can always enjoy decades of satisfactory services from Delta products.

Pros And Cons Of Delta Faucet Brand

To help you judge whether to trust Delta or not, we have listed its positives and negatives below. Take a look.


01. Extreme Durability

The faucets from Delta are generally very durable. To be more specific, according to most customer reviews, Delta products last for at least one or two decades (if used in the right way).

Not only that, Delta products come with advanced levels of self-cleaning finishes that prevent the accumulation of fingerprints, dirt, and rust. 

As a result, you don’t need to conduct maintenance on Delta products for years.

On top of that, Delta gives high importance to making its products leak-proof. Consequently, the chances of Delta Faucets malfunctioning are very low within the first ten years of their lifetime.

02. Aesthetic Design And Appearance

Design and appearance are one of the major areas on which Delta spends a considerable chunk of its R&D budget. As a result, you’ll see flawless designs and eye-catching faucets being marketed by Delta.

More specifically, Delta faucets come in all types of finishes, including Chrome, Nickel, Brass, Steel, and every type consumers want. On top of that, Delta faucets come in hundreds of different patterns and designs for customers to choose from.

What’s more, since Delta also prioritizes easy cleaning and maintenance, the faucets from Delta are very easy to keep in their best shape. Due to this fact, even old faucets that have been used for years look very eye-pleasing. 

03. Unique Special Features

As we have mentioned above, Delta offers many innovative technologies only Delta faucets can offer. These specialized technologies not only make life easier for the user but also compels the users to trust Delta even more. 

For instance, the Touch2O® technology lets the users handle the faucets without touching them

That means, if you have a dirty/stained hand to wash, you won’t have to drive a faucet to wash your hands physically. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, the H2Okinetic® technology is another amazing feat from Delta. 

Using this technology, Delta Faucets spray water molecules in such a wavy pattern that the user gets an impression of an increased water flow from the faucets, even though the faucets use the same amount of water as other faucets. 

This way, the users consume less water, and it helps in conserving more water on a large scale. In addition, MagnaTite® Docking is another technology that allows users to use faucets more efficiently. Using this technology, users can take out the faucet wand and use it as necessary. 

After using the faucet wand, powerful magnets can easily retract the wand back to its place. This drastically reduces the effort needed to use these faucets, making them easier for consumers to take advantage of.

04. Necessary Certifications

All the products from Delta are ensured with all the necessary government certifications. For instance, faucets manufactured and assembled by Delta are certified to be used for both drinking water systems and sanitary water systems in the United States and Canada.

More specifically, in terms of mechanical safety, durability, and reliability, Delta is certified with basic faucet standards under the code ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1. 

This certification is provided by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Also, Delta Faucets have been further certificated for use in drinking systems under the code ANSI/NSF 61/9. 

This certification makes sure that products from Delta are completely lead-free and 100% safe to use for drinking water systems in households and commercial spaces.

05. Top-notch Materials

In addition to all other benefits, Delta faucets are manufactured from top-quality metal materials, including brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Furthermore, additional components of high-end zinc and plastics are also used in manufacturing Delta Faucets.

The key feature of the materials used in Delta faucets is that they are highly rust-resistant and completely compatible with all types of soap and dishwashers. On top of that, faucets from Delta are 100% lead-free. 

06. Versatile Finishes

Delta faucets come in a wide variety of finishes, including bright stainless steel, brilliance stainless steel PVD, brilliance polished brass PVD, brushed nickel, champagne bronze PVD, Chrome EP, oil rubbed bronze, black stainless PVD, stainless snowflake white NP/PC, Chrome polished brass, etc.

These finishes can also enhance the beauty of your kitchen in households or commercial spaces.

07. Wide Range Of Faucet Types

A significant advantage of Delta faucets is that they come in all types and variables. Delta has the following types of faucets available in the market:

  • Single-handle faucets
  • Dual-handle faucets
  • Tall arc faucets
  • High arc faucets
  • Pull out faucets
  • Pull-down faucets

Thanks to the variety of Delta Faucets available in the market, loyal consumers of this brand don’t have to think about trying out faucets from other manufacturers.

08. Justified Pricing

Since Delta Faucet aims to be a faucet brand that is accepted by all classes of users, it has manufactured faucets that are both cheap and expensive. So, depending on your budget level, you can choose faucets of any pricing level that suits your needs.

Delta faucets can range from below $100 to above $800. That means Delta faucets come in budget-friendly pricing and, at the same time, premium pricing as well.

09. Warranty And Customer Service

As we have already indicated in the above subsection, almost all faucets from Delta Faucet come with a lifetime warranty in household installations. 

Also, the warranty period ranges from 5 to 10 years in commercial installations. However, electrical components in Delta Faucets are not included in the warranty. 

Now, in terms of customer care service, Delta provides full support to its consumers with a 24/7 customer helpline. So, it is safe to say Delta also imposes proper importance on customer care.


Among all benefits, Delta has some cons as well:

01. Warranty Cancellation

Delta Faucets come with a warranty that applies to only those facets which are installed with certified plumbers. But, for a DIY installation, the warranty service is not provided in households. 

02. Exclusion Of Electrical Components From Warranty

As Delta Faucets come in various types, some faucets have electrical components and sensors. But, a downside of Delta is that it does not support warranty service for its electrical components.

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Our Review About The Delta Faucet

  • Since Delta has been serving its consumers for the last 60 years, it has the resources to provide the best customer support to its consumers.
    Due to this, most of the existing consumers of Delta are highly satisfied with its services.
  • Because Delta Faucets are manufactured without lead or other harmful materials, they pose no threat to consumers.
    As a result, Delta Faucets can be used in all houses and other public spaces such as hospitals, schools, and bus/train stations.
  • Installation and maintenance of Delta faucets are effortless. Because of this, even if the consumers face any problem during the time of usage, Delta can promptly take action to solve the problem or replace the faucet altogether.
  • Delta Faucets are certified to be very water-efficient (certified by the Canadian standards association-CSA). Specifically, they use up to 20% less water than the industry standard.
    That’s why, by using Delta Faucets, customers can save water and their water bill costs.
  • In terms of customer rating in Amazon Marketplace, Delta Faucets receive 4.5-star ratings on average. This goes on to show that most customers are fully satisfied with the products from Delta.


01. Is Delta Faucets a good brand?

Judging from the customer reviews from online shopping sites, Delta Faucets is among the top faucet manufacturers in North America. Therefore, it is safe to say that Delta Faucets is a good brand.

To know more, click here.

02. Are Delta faucets high-end?

No, not all models of Delta Faucets are high-end. However, Delta has also manufactured many budget-friendly and affordable faucets in the market. 

You could buy a Delta Faucet for as low as $75, and at the same time, you could also buy a high-end Delta Faucet for about $700.

03. Which faucet is better, Delta or Moen?

Both Delta and Meon have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, from a general viewpoint, Delta Faucets are more of a budget-friendly choice, while faucets from Meon come with high-end features.

That’s why Meon faucets are the better choice in the premium price section, and Delta Faucets are the better choice in the budget-friendly price section.

 04. What company makes Delta Faucets?

Delta Faucet is a sub-brand of Masco Corporation. Therefore, Masco controls the overall manufacturing chain of Delta Faucets. 

However, Delta also manufactures its parts in China in subcontracts. For instance, Chinese companies such as (Shenzhen) Globe Union Industrial Corp., (Xiamen) Lota International Co. Ltd., (Xiamen) PPI Industry Co., Ltd., etc., are some of the offshore manufacturers of Delta Faucets.

05. Are any Delta Faucets made in China?

No, not all Delta Faucets are manufactured in China. Instead, parts and components of Delta Faucets are manufactured in three countries: China, Mexico, and Israel. 

Later, these components are assembled in the United States and Canada in the Delta Faucet’s assembling plants.

So, it is right that Delta faucets are manufactured in China, Mexico, and Israel and assembled in North America.

06. What brand of faucet has red and blue circles?

Delta Faucets have red and blue circles on their single-handle faucets. This red/blue circle is the hot/cold indicator that notifies the user of which way to turn the knob. 

For instance, if the red color is on the right side, you will get hot water by rotating the faucet knob to the right side. And you will get cold water by turning the faucet knob to the left side.

07. How do I identify my Delta kitchen faucet?

In order to easily identify a Delta Faucet in your kitchen (and find out its model number), you can use the parts identifier tool on Delta Faucet’s official website. 

In this online tool, you will be given options to select which room you are using the faucet in and which type of faucet you are using.

Then, you’ll have to provide some product descriptions based on visual sight. Then, you’ll be offered some matching results. 

From there, you can see the images of the matching products and identify your faucet by comparing them visually.

08. What is the most reliable faucet brand?

Regarding reliability, versatility, finish quality, ease of use, customer service, and budget-friendliness, the best and most reliable faucet brand in North America is Delta Faucet (according to our online analysis). 

It’s because Delta Faucet not only provides amazing faucets but also maintains long-term commitments with its consumers.

All in All

Delta Faucet has come a long way and is continuing to satisfy the consumers in North America. Although it has some minor drawbacks and limitations, it does provide enough service and value to its consumers, which makes its products completely worth the cost and effort.

That’s why most consumers who have opted to buy Delta Faucets have provided positive reviews about its service and quality. 

Therefore, our judgment also lies positive about Delta Faucets.

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