Is a Touchless Kitchen Faucet Worth It?

Yes, a touchless kitchen faucet is totally worth it!

Not only do they look cool in your kitchen, touchless kitchen faucets are extremely useful smart kitchen gadgets. Your hands can often get dirty when you are in the kitchen.

A touchless kitchen faucet helps to prevent the transmission of germs and other substances as they don’t need any contact. To maintain hygiene and improve your kitchen’s décor, a touchless kitchen faucet is an excellent item to buy.


Why Touchless Kitchen Faucet Is Worthy For Your Kitchen?

From easy usability to saving energy, a touchless kitchen faucet is a wholesome package! Let’s discuss a bit more about why it’s worth getting one.

Upgrade Technology

Everything around us is evolving. We see upgrades and new versions of our everyday items. Modern technology is leaving its mark everywhere. Your kitchen is also a part of it. Touchless kitchen faucets are the innovative technology to make your kitchen work easier.

Touchless kitchen faucets come with motion sensors that can detect your hand’s motion. This is what makes it automatic. The faucet is equipped with solenoid valve that remains closed until the sensor detects motion.

These faucets are also available with real-time temperature display and app-connectivity. You can pair it up with your phone, and take the automatic control one step ahead.

Unique Design and Aesthetic Look

Touchless kitchen faucets can be the epitome of modern kitchens. These faucets’ unique design and finish will make any kitchen or bathroom stand out.

They are available in different designs and color. So, depending on the overall décor of your kitchen, you can choose the one that fits. Be it matte or polished, you have the option to choose any of these as you like!

Luxury Finish

Touchless kitchen faucets come with premium finishing, the true meaning of luxury. You can choose nickel, chrome, zinc, or stainless steel finishing. These faucets offer spotless feature, which means no more fingerprints on your expensive faucets! The overall quality ensures a sophisticated outlook for your kitchen.

Expensive and Durable Materials

Touchless kitchen faucets cost more than average kitchen faucets. But, you’ll be amazed with the outlook and functionality. Most touchless kitchen faucets are made out of high-quality and expensive metals. They are durable, eye-catching, and efficient.

Energy and Money Saving

Water conservation is one of the many features of a touchless faucet. You will be saving gallons of water with a touchless faucet. Also, operating a touchless faucet is energy-saving since there is no need to turn the faucet by hand.

Prevents Germs Spreading

According to this paper, an average kitchen faucet can have more than 125,000 germs in each centimeter. The primary reason behind it is the dirt and germs of our hands. Since touchless kitchen faucets don’t require the touch of hand to be used, your faucet is completely safe from germs. That prevents dirt and germ transmission in the kitchen or among other house members.

Ease of Use

Touchless faucets are designed with ease of use in mind. With the help of modern technology, we are looking for ways to make our work easier. Touchless kitchen faucets are successful in that regard. The motion sensors in these faucets allow you to use them without even touching the faucet itself.

Best for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities or limited mobility can easily use a touchless faucet. The main feature of a touchless faucet is no need to use the surface. Any gesture can turn the faucet on.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets Pros and Cons



Touch vs. Touchless Faucets





Touch faucets work with a single touch. It can be the hand, the elbow, a finger, the arm- anything. A touch of the sensor turns the faucet on.

Touchless faucets work with motion or gestures. There is no need to touch the faucet. Any gesture by the sensor is enough to turn the faucet on.


Since touch faucets require contact with some part of the body, no matter how little, they need a more thorough cleaning.

Touchless faucets never come in contact with people’s hands or any part of their bodies. So less dirt and grime are staining the faucet surface. Touchless faucets require less frequent cleaning.


A touch faucet can cost from $100 to around $400.

Touchless faucets are naturally more expensive. A high-quality touchless faucet can cost from $400 to over $1000, excluding installation charges.


Touch faucets have a good build quality and are made to last for years,

A good touchless faucet can last several years.


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How Much Does Touchless Kitchen Faucet Cost?

The cost of a touchless faucet depends on the quality and model of the product. A good touchless faucet can cost anything between $400 and $1000. You can pay over a thousand dollars for some of the luxurious models.

Touchless faucets also have a high installation charge. The installation charge for touchless faucets is around $100 in the bathroom and $200-$250 for the kitchen.

One of the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets


You can check full Moen Arbor Touchless Kitchen Faucet review here.


Are touchless faucets a good idea?

Yes, touchless faucets are a good thing to install in the kitchen. You can turn the faucet on and off without touching it at all.

Are sensor faucets worth it?

Sensor or touchless faucets can save around 700 gallons of water over any traditional faucet. So yes, they are worth it.

How long do touchless faucets last?

It depends on the overall build quality. Investing in a high-quality, touchless faucet can easily last for several years.

Can a touchless faucet work manually?

Yes, all touchless faucets come with a manual mode. The manual methods might have different settings depending on the make and model of your faucet.

Do touchless faucets work without power?

Yes, touchless faucets work without power. There is a manual mode on touchless faucets to make the faucet work when the power is out.

Are touchless faucets more hygienic?

Touchless faucets are more hygienic since there is zero chance of germs transmission. The whole point of a touchless faucet is that people can use it without actually touching the faucet surface.

Do touchless faucets save water?

The valve on a touchless turns off as soon as you leave the sink. Touchless faucets save hundreds of gallons of water over the years compared to other normal faucets.


Touchless kitchen faucets are a worthy investment. It is not just innovative technology, but a means to make your kitchen fancier.

There are tons of perks to using a touchless kitchen faucet. A touchless kitchen faucet’s mere convenience and hygiene should be enough to convince anyone.

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