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In our kitchen faucet buying guide we have shared lot of things you must consider while purchasing the best kitchen faucet. You’ll get numerous kitchen faucet brands in the industry. But do they really worth it?

The flow of the liquid, the spout height and reach, the aesthetic, the grip, the feel, and the price of the faucet vary from brand to brand. But, in most cases, the collective performance of these facets manifests as a faucet.

Well, if you don’t go for the glory, chances are you will have to face replacement and warranty issues. So, all it comes down to one decisive question; which faucet brands should I avoid and go for?

Yup! You have it all covered here. A dozen of false makers are busted below. On top of that, check out some of the most reliable kitchen faucet brands recommended by plumbers.


Brands You Should Avoid


It’s pretty hard to call Brizo a bad faucets brand. They have a good after-sales service and the compatibility to work with sophisticated technology. But some of their recent updates brought drawbacks in the kitchen. These are:-

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Aerator and stream features may result in low water flow.
  2. Drained water in the wiring makes the faucet run automatic at times.


Arrisea has several good features up to its sleeve. Two Activation Modes, Antirust Coating and Preassemble, make it one of the good kitchen appliances. You should, however, check these crucial shortcomings before the purchase.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Sometimes, the faucet randomly turns itself on.
  2. Some model features capacitative sensor electronics with battery power. It floats, and there is a way to properly ground the system.
  3. Some models (For instance, the F15025) leak at the junction between the spray nozzle and the flexible tube, which results in severe drip.


Vigo is a fledgling brand. Despite being a creative and potential industry leader, its products lack quality. In most cases, you’ll find your Vigo faucets degrading over time. Besides, the manufacturer is absentee in terms of resolving the defects.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. The performance curve is unsatisfactory.
  2.   VIGO VG02001MB stops switching from stream to spray after several months.
  3. After-sales service is the worst. 

Kingston Brass

Kingstone Brass is perhaps the oldest faucet marketer in Asia. It started selling long before China became the forerunner. The good side of this manufacture is it produces and collects a lot. Nevertheless, a general rating of 5-6 out of 10 is quite frustrating.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Post-sale customer support is terrible.
  2. The warranty is unprofessional, vague, and does not comply with North American faucets warranties.
  3. Products are not durable.


Hansgrohe was originally founded in Germany by Hans Grohe in 1901. There is a myth Grohe and Hansgrohe are the same manufacturers. Well, they are not. Although it has a prolific history by its name, some issues with its products tell the user to choose it wisely. These are:-

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. The outside diameter of the pivot joint at the base of ‎Hansgrohe ‎04749805 seems pretty small. This is apparent in a few other products too.
  2. Expensive.
  3. The spare part replacement cost is too much.


Phylrich kitchen faucets do have some shortcomings. One of the common issues regarding this kitchen accessory is water leakage. On top of that, the unavailability of the products sometimes troubles the customer. However, it’s been in the business for 60 years!

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Fragile design
  2. The shine of the faucet fades with time.
  3. Water leakage is the most common problem.

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware is not an authentic brand. Instead, it collects products from various suppliers in India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam and re-brands for retail sale under its name. So, you would definitely like to avoid such a manufacturer (marketer).

 Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Unauthentic brand.
  2. Irregular products with a bad finish.
  3. Products are not designed by their engineer, which results in corrupt performance.

Does Brand of Kitchen Faucet Matter?

It does. Let me tell you a secret. Not all the faucet brands you see online are not indeed brands. There is a common practice in the industry to buy products from a local manufacturer and relabel and resale them under the new marketer.

So, it matters.

On top of that, quality is maintained and produced only by real brands such as Grohe, Kohler, or the world-famous Glacier Bay. They have their designers and engineers to ensure the best performance from a faucet in the American kitchens.

7 Most Recommend Faucet Brands by Plumbers


Moen is one of the few marketers of kitchen faucets that provides Bar and Butler items alongside the regular ones. However, their pull-out system is one of a kind. Everything is top-notch, from external finish to internal sensors for the Moen kitchen faucets.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. Moen features Duralast® cartridges that aid in temperature control.
  2. The pull-down faucet comes with MotionSense™ hands-free operation.
  3. Wide varieties of kitchen faucets.

To know more about the Moen faucet brand, click here.


Kohler’s bonus selling point is that its faucets are easy to use. Kohler has everything from regular to luxurious kitchens, from pull-down faucets to pull-out faucets. Their products come with the USA warranty compliances.   

Besides, Kohler’s products have a decent finish with longevity. In addition, the finish uses physical vapor deposition (PVD), making the finish resistant to corrosion too.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. Premium brand.
  2. Sophisticated technology.
  3. Decent aftersales service.


Grohe is the all-time favorite for Americans. It’s a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. They make military-grade products dedicated to providing innovative water products to keep the flow smooth, and they make military-grade products!

Reasons to Accept:

  1. Great aesthetics and variations.
  2. Durable and reliable.
  3. Simple and effective warranty service. 


Kraus started its journey in 2007, intending to modernize the affordable kitchen and bath design by making a wide variety of high-quality products. Besides, its solutions are inexpensive. The standout item of Kraus is the Semi-Professional kitchen faucets.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. TapFlow™ technology lets you turn the faucet on anywhere you tap.
  2. Spray and stream modes through the ergonomic EZGRip™ technology. (Combined)
  3. Highly corrosion resistant.

To learn more about the brand Kraus click here.


Delta might not be as good as premium brands like Kohler or Grohe, yet it wipes the floor with many other kitchen faucets on the market. The best thing about Delta is the super-cartridge with Diamond Seal Technology®, which is not available from other manufacturers at any price.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. Domestic product.
  2. The faucets are inexpensive, given the value they offer.
  3. The finish, cartridge, and water flow technology used in Delta faucets is unparalleled.   

You may read our detailed review of the brand Delta here.

Glacier Bay

From professionals to DIY installers, Glacier Bay is the name that saves the day. It’s hard to conclude about this brand as most users speak of it as a decent faucets manufacturer with little or no issues to complain about.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. A guarantee of 20 years of a drip-free, leak-free ownership experience under normal residential use.
  2. High-quality commercial-style kitchen faucets are available.
  3. Most affordable brand in the industry right now.

You can check our full review of Gracier Bay here.

WOWOW Faucets

Last but not least, the WOWOW Faucets is currently one of the hot cakes in the town. It is a suitable replacement for relatively expensive Moan or Grohe brand faucets if you’re eager to taste something new.

Reasons to Accept:

  1. Innovative and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. The selections are made of durable ABS material.
  3. Corrosion and fingerprint resistant.
  4. The built-in flow regulator prevents 50% water wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are Brand Name Faucets Worth It?

Answer: Yes. In 90% of cases, the brand name becomes the decisive factor. Besides, you will come across numerous companies that are a marketer rather than a brand. So, make sure you are purchasing a branded product.   

 02. What Is The Most Reliable Kitchen Faucet Brand?

Answer: It’s a tricky question any reviewer will hate to answer. However, reliability depends on certain aspects. For instance, durability, water flow, leak control, after-sales service, and so on. Nonetheless, Glacier Bay and Kohler are two of the all-rounders.

03. Is Moen or Pfister Better?

Answer: Moen has the better share in terms of variations. On the other hand, the Pfister brand manufactures relatively cheap faucets. So, Pfister is the better option for you if you are running out of money.

04. Which is better? Delta or Pfister?

Answer: Delta has a lot of sophisticated technology in its fleet. So, Pfister is no match for Delta’s ease of access. However, Pfister offers faucets at half the price of Delta.

05. Is Pfister a Quality Brand?

Answer: Pfister is a quality brand. But it’s not the most premium one. The manufacturer had to cut the corners of their faucets the make them more affordable to the customers. Nonetheless, their products are worth the money. 

 06. Is Delta High-End?

Answer: Yes. Delta is a High-End kitchen faucets brand. Its product ranges from premium to average class with the latest technological advancements. Besides, they offer an excellent after-sales service that pleases the customer in the USA.

Final Verdict

The exciting thing about a good faucet system in your kitchen is the difference it makes should be subtle, not blatantly evident. Because, at the end of the day – good or bad – they all wash. However, it’s always a decent decision to bring the system with state-of-the-art technology onboard.

Good luck!

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