What is the Standard Kitchen Faucet Size?

You might grab the best kitchen faucet from the market but still it can be an epic failure.

Because, it depends on your requirements and kitchen fittings.

Now you can ask, what’s the standard kitchen faucet size then?

Well. Check it out below.


Standard Kitchen Faucet Size


Well, there’s always a conflict in opinions regarding the suitable faucet sizes. Because in general, there’s nothing called accurate in terms of kitchen faucets size. 

However, there are different types of kitchen faucets and their features are quite different.

Now before jumping to the conclusion, you need to consider faucet types, features, and installation techniques.

Suppose you have a short sink in your kitchen and the faucet you brought is longer than the sink. What will happen? 

The water will eventually overflow from the sink. That’s why it’s pretty obvious to grab a short faucet for a short sink,

In fact, a deep sink requires small faucets. Because in deep sinks, the water is prone to splash frequently, and your kitchen sink might look smaller than the faucet. Therefore, to avoid these problems, a small faucet can be overwhelming.

Well, what about base cabinets? Honestly, base cabinets are different from deep sinks or short sinks.

Thus, neither a small faucet will solve the case nor tall faucets. You should find something in between short and tall. Such as 36 to 42 inches in height and 25 to 26 inches in width.

Okay, now if you’ve already brought a shallow sink and hoping for an appropriate kitchen faucet for this, then tall faucets are the ones to go-to.

Apart from these, there are standard sink sizes available in the market. And, generally, people opt for these sinks rather than the shallow ones. In that case, your faucet should be 8 inches tall.one-handle-kitchen-faucet-sizes It can be one handle pull-down sprayer. Besides, if you intend to install two-handled gooseneck sprayers, then 10 inches will do the trick for you.

See, you’ve already come to that point to realize the fact, that the standard sizes depend on the kitchen faucet sizes. 

But in sum, if you have a 17.3-inch-tall faucet overall with a 9.3 inches spout reach, then it can be a decent choice for any kitchen sink. Moreover, the water flow can be controlled by you.

However, the distance between hot and cold inlet should be somewhat 8 inches, whether it’s one-handled or two-handled faucets.

One more thing you should always keep in your head is to consider the installation facts. For example, if you desire to set a geezer and want hot and cold water, you must need two faucets and one hole for each. In that case, the faucet holes should be as convenient as the faucets.

Suppose you have a deck mount faucet. Here, you require one hole for each spout and the sprayer.

However, a typical hot and cold-water faucet will need three holes. Two for the faucet opening and one for the spout. Oh! And one more for the sprayer. My bad!

Initially, many of us liked advanced features in our kitchen and near the dishwasher sinks. Therefore, it will be so sensible of you, if you read all the installation procedures before digging the soil. 

Also, you should never DIY the advanced faucet installations if you are a newbie.

How Do You Measure a Faucet for The Kitchen Sink?

Nevertheless, it would be great if we could measure the ideal kitchen faucet sizes. Isn’t it?

I am not gonna leave you with disheartened state. Let me tell you how you can measure the faucet sizes for your kitchen sink.

First thing first, tell me where are you gonna mount the faucet? The countertop of the wall or are you gonna go for a sink above the walls?

No matter what your set of requirements is, you just need to calculate the distance between the middle of the left hole and the middle of the right hole.

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Pro Tips

  • Purchase your faucet first, then according to that bring your kitchen sink.
  • If you have a vessel friendly sink, then you better opt for taller faucet models on the countertop.
  • No doubt we all love smart appearance but you gotta make sure that you don’t compromise the quality and durability.
  • The configurations of each faucet type can appear into a multitude of styles. It’s important to choose the most significant one.
  • Lastly, try to stick on your requirements and don’t get awestruck by cool features which might not render any good to you.


I hope this article will help you to get an idea about the standard faucet sizes. 

If the article was of any help to you, I would consider my efforts successful. Lastly, make sure you drop a comment regarding this article and do share your thoughts on standard faucet sizes.

Good luck!!!

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