What’s The Standard Hole Size For A Kitchen Faucet?

So, a year back, when I shifted to my new flat, I decided to install my kitchen faucet. 

Guess what? I messed up with the hole size. But now I know the myth. 

So today, let’s discover the standard hole size for kitchen faucet.


Standard Hole Size for Kitchen Faucet

Before getting into the point, tell me you know why a hole is important. Pretty obvious that, it’s basically the connection of water coming from the base or water tank you can say.

Now, there’s one thing I want to clear out. It’s that, there are different types of kitchen faucets and there’s no standard size for faucet holes in real. 

Because a beautiful kitchen sink installation can be oasis, but it won’t benefit you if you lose determining the accurate faucet and accordingly the hole size.

Did you get my point? I just meant that standard sizes depend on the faucet you are expecting to install. You won’t witness any blunder or inconvenience if you first measure the faucet size then according to that, start drilling the hole.

Make sense?

Still, most suitable faucet hole size can be called standard size. So, the standard size for your kitchen faucet is 1 3/8 inches wide. But there is diversity as well.

However, some of the kitchen faucets require 1 1/2 inches wide hole.

Now that’s the standard size. But generally, a decent faucet requires 1 hole but on the flip hand, kitchen faucets, which is installed with the plate or giant/small bowl require 3 holes in total.

The first thing you need to stuck on your head is, the hole size depends on your faucet size. Now suppose you are mesmerized with a fancy faucet wider than your kitchen faucet hole. And let’s assume that the hole size is standard 1 3/8. But do you think it will fit?

Not at all. sorry I am just being practical.

Next thing is what will happen if you get smaller faucet than your kitchen faucet hole? Eventually the water will come out of the hole and it might flood your kitchen. No wonder!

But as I said I have figured out the standard size, it’s moen 1-1/8 inch.

They claim that they have that standard size and it really worked for me. Let’s be more specific.


For Center Set Faucet:

See, for center set faucet you need to space apart approximately 4 inches for each hole.

For Center Widespread Faucet:

For this, you require to space 6-8 inches apart for each hole.

Although, if you want more versatility or more feature in your faucet, then you need to dig more holes, and each hole needs to be proper 1-1/8 inches if the faucet connector is also perfectly settled.

That was all.

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Final Word

Hypothetically saying, you might mess up with hole size. But don’t panic at all. you can just drill it out in larger size if doesn’t fit.

Also, you can seek for plumbers help to drill it out again.

Hope, that article was helpful enough and as I always say don’t forget to leave your precious opinion.

Good luck!!!

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