Kitchen Faucet Price Guide 2023- Everything You Need To Know

To keep it simple, the low-end kitchen faucets cost around $150 to $300. Mid-range options start around $500 and climb up to $1,000. 

And, though $1,500 is a very good budget for the high-end kitchen faucets, there you will find more unique designs, finishes, and superior quality.

For your convenience, in this kitchen faucet price guide, I’m going to dig a bit deeper so that you can have detailed knowledge about it. So, let’s get started!


How Much Does a Kitchen Faucet Cost (By Types):

On average, a kitchen faucet costs from $130 – $350 without including installation costs. Prices depend on the types, brands, materials, features, and mount location.

Here, I’m going to cover the ranges of the price of the 8 popular types of faucets:

Kitchen Faucets

Low cost

Average cost 

High cost

Single-handle kitchen faucet 

About $30

$150 – $350

More than $1,200

Double-handle kitchen faucet 

About $25

$125 – $300

More than $1,500

Bridge kitchen faucet

About $50

$400 – $700

More than $1,700

Pull down and pull out kitchen faucet

About $40

$175 – $500

More than $3,000

Touchless and touch-on kitchen faucet

About $200

$400 – $700

More than $2,500

Wall mount kitchen faucet 

About $50

$300 – $600

More than $1,500

Vessel kitchen faucet

About $40

$150 – $300

More than $500

Commercial kitchen faucet

About $150

$250 – $500

More than $2000

Note: Not including installation cost.

Average Price of a Kitchen Faucet by Brands:


As we’ve already said, brands also influence the average price of a kitchen faucet. So, here we go;


Price Range


$60 – $600


$50 – $700


$90 – $600

Kingston Brass

$50 – $400


$100 – $1,000

American Standard

$50 – $400


$80 – $400

Glacier Bay

$30 – $200


$40 – $600

Note: Not including the installation cost.

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Average Price of a Kitchen Faucet by Finishes:

Well, the cost of a kitchen faucet also depends on the type of finish. Here, I’m going to mention the price ranges of eight of the most famous primary faucet finishes and variations of each of them:




Stainless Steel

$100 – $600

  • Finish is durable. 
  • Finish may be sprayed-on.
  • Can be cleaned with bleach.


$100 – $1,100

  • Might be a cheaper sprayed-on finish.
  • PVD finish resists corrosion.


$100 – $600

  • Finish may look dull.
  • Prevents corrosion and rust.
  • Cleaning is not easy.


$50 – $500

  • Can be cleaned with bleach.
  • Most affordable.


$100 – $500

  • A wide range of finishes.
  • As PVD finishes can’t handle bleach, it needs special cleaners.


$150 – $1,000

  • Suitable material for the body.
  • It needs special cleaners because PVD finish can’t tolerate bleach.


$200 – $700

  • Polished or brushed finish.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant. 
  • Made up of brass resembling real gold.
  • Cleaning is easy.

Matte Black

$150 – $800

  • May scratch gradually.
  • Hard water might cause water spots.

Average Price of a Kitchen Faucet by Materials:

It doesn’t matter what finish the kitchen faucet boasts on the outside, the bodies of the kitchen faucets are primarily made up of stainless steel, brass, and plastic. We’ll see what you will get with each including the valve types most have.

Remember that the valve construction plays an important role because they’re the components regulating water flow and are designed in such a way that they can prevent the faucet from leaking.

Now, Let’s Come to the Main Discussion. 

Kitchen faucets made of stainless steel are mostly mid-range to high-end faucets. Most of them are equipped with ceramic disk cartridge valves or standard cartridge valves.

Brass kitchen faucets can be both quite affordable and very expensive. They also come with all 3 types of valves such as rotary ball, ceramic disk cartridge, as well as the standard cartridge. 

And, needless to say, the faucets made from plastic are the cheapest ones. Typically, they are equipped with rotary ball valves.

  • Stainless steel kitchen faucets can cost from $175 and up.
  • Brass kitchen faucets can cost from $50 and up.
  • Plastic kitchen faucets can cost from $25 to $125.

NB. Want to know which one is the best material among stainless steel, brass, and plastic for a kitchen faucet, click here.

Kitchen Faucet Price Variation: Depending on Area [USA]:

There can be a significant difference in prices for kitchen faucets depending on the area you’re living in. This is because the cost of living, labor, and materials can vary significantly from one state to another.

For example, a kitchen faucet that costs $100 in a small town in the Midwest would cost around $250 in New York City. The prices also depend on whether the faucet is purchased in a store or online. Online retailers typically have lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores.

Besides, shipping costs can also add to the final price of the kitchen faucet, especially when buying from an online retailer based in a state far away from your own.

The below chart shows the prices of different faucet types in different states.





































New York






Kitchen Faucet Installation Cost:


Well, for only the labor, the average kitchen faucet installation cost can be between $120 and $250. And, for the faucet, labor, and materials, you will have to spend between $250 and $600. 

Remember, prices can vary a lot depending on faucet types, features, adjusting water lines, old faucet removal, drilling, and whether or not the countertop needs drilling.


Average Cost

Kitchen Faucet

$130 – $350

Installation Labor

$120 – $250

Total Cost of Installation

$250 – $600

Kitchen Faucet Removal Cost:

If you want to hire a professional to get the faucet removal job done, he will let you know what needs to be done. But, if you want to save money, you will surely be able to do the work yourself. 

And, the cost of kitchen faucet removal might be between $75 and $200. 

But, depending on a few factors such as how many accessories the faucet comes with and where it’s located, the exact cost will vary. 

Remember that most plumbers charge a minimum of between $75 and $150 for this service. 

Kitchen Faucet Repair Cost:

If you want to repair your kitchen faucets, you have to put your money towards the parts and labor required. Here we go:

  • O-ring replacement cost: $3 to $125
  • The replacement cost of the rotary ball faucet valve: $8 to $125
  • Seat washer replacement cost (two-handle faucets): $5 to $125
  • The replacement cost of the ceramic disk faucet valve: $50 to $200
  • Standard cartridge faucet valve replacement cost: $12 to $150

We can see from the above discussion that the actual cost of your kitchen faucet can be less than the repair cost of the kitchen faucet. If you can repair your faucet yourself, then you will have to bear the cost of the parts only. 

But, if you yourself cannot repair the faucet, then the best option will be to spend your hard-earned bucks on a new faucet.

How Much Should You Spend on a Kitchen Faucet?

By now, you’ve probably realized that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The amount you should spend on a kitchen faucet depends on your budget, the style of your kitchen, and the aesthetics and features you’re looking for.

Here’s what you should expect to pay for a kitchen faucet at different budget levels:

Cheap Kitchen Faucet Price:

The low-end kitchen faucets can cost about $30 to $300. 

Value for the Money:

If you’re looking for mid-range options, then you will find a wider selection of styles that can start from about $500 and climb up to $1,000. These kitchen faucets will surely bring lots of value for the money you pay for.

Luxury Kitchen Faucet:

Well, though $1,500 is a good starting point, the prices of the high-end kitchen faucets can reach up to thousands of bucks. These luxury kitchen faucets come with excellent quality, more unique designs, finishes, as well as customization options.

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines. You can find kitchen faucets at all price points within each of these budget ranges.

Also, keep in mind that price is not always indicative of quality. There are plenty of well-made and durable kitchen faucets available at mid-range and budget-friendly prices. Likewise, many kitchen faucets at luxury price points are made of cheap materials and perform poorly.

Hence, you’ll have to do your research and read reviews before making your final decision.


01. How much should I pay for a kitchen faucet?

On average, a new kitchen faucet can cost from $130 to $350 without installation. The price range depends on the brand (such as Moen, Kohler, Waterstone, etc), type (such as single handle, bridge, pull down, pot filler, etc.), features (such as touch, lighting, soap dispenser), mount location, and materials.

02. How much is a good faucet?

Well, for a bath faucet, consider spending at least $65 and for a kitchen faucet at least $100. If you purchase one for less than this price range, you will most probably get a low-quality faucet. On the other hand, if you want to spend much more, then you’ll not only get a reliable or durable product, but you’ll get extra features or style as well.

03. How much does Lowe’s charge to install a kitchen faucet?

Depending on the location, Lowe’s faucet installation costs might be around $92 and up. Lowe’s removes and disposes of your old faucet and offers a 1-year labor warranty.

04. Why are some kitchen faucets so expensive?

Purchasing a new kitchen faucet may seem like a simple and inexpensive purchase. However, when you go to the shop to buy a new faucet, you might be shocked after seeing the $150 price tag on the product, right? And, that is just a low-end kitchen faucet. 

Now, you might be wondering why these faucets are so expensive. Well, let’s get to know more about it straight away:

  • Material Quality:

Different materials like solid brass and stainless steel are used to make top-notch kitchen faucets. Generally, these materials provide the faucets with a stunning look, durability, and superior performance. In addition, features like touch technology are also a factor that impacts the price.

That’s why these faucets cost you lots of bucks.

  • Special Features:

Some other excellent features, such as the necks of the faucets and spray options, affect the price of your kitchen faucet as well. Necks on faucets can reach any nook and cranny with ease and have got different designs and styles. Plus, some faucets also come with alternating spray options.

Remember that faucets are like buying a car. But why? Because, depending on the materials and the features, the faucets can be different in quality and price. And, we suggest you shop around for the faucet that will best fit your needs.

Final Words:

That’s all there’s to it, people. Take a deep breath and pat your back as you’ve just finished reading a complete guide on kitchen faucets’ pricing. Now that you have got a clear understanding of the kitchen faucet price guide, you can make a wise decision on which one you should spend upon. 

If you follow the aforementioned guide, hopefully, you will be able to choose a faucet according to your kitchen and style.

Thank you so much for dropping in today, you guys are the bee’s knees!!!

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