Is It Worth Buying an Expensive Kitchen Faucet?

When you are shopping for a new kitchen faucet, you may come across some pricey options that range between $500 and $1,000, or even more. But as an average customer, do you really need those highly expensive faucets for your kitchen?

Actually, buying an expensive kitchen faucet would not be a sensible decision for every user. Because most expensive faucets are priced solely on their finish and brand value, which does not increase their durability or performance.

On the other hand, there are many affordable options you will find which will provide you with appreciable longevity and performance for a reasonable price.

However, the key here is to strike a balance between price and quality.

Well, to help you make an informed decision, we will try to go through all the aspects that make a kitchen faucet expensive so that you can decide whether it is worth buying an expensive kitchen faucet for your kitchen or not.


What Makes a Kitchen Faucet Expensive?

Nothing becomes so expensive without strong reasons, so it is the same with kitchen faucets. Here are the most crucial aspects which make a kitchen faucet expensive:

    1. Quality
    2. Unique design and aesthetic look
    3. Durable and premium materials
    4. Luxury finish
    5. Multiple features
    6. Upgrade technology
    7. Brand value

1. Quality

It’s all about the quality that makes a kitchen faucet expensive. If you choose a high-quality faucet made of good material by a prominent brand that will definitely provide you with value and raise the price.

2. Unique Design and Aesthetic Look

Design and aesthetic look are also crucial facts because for some people it is a sign of their wealth & reputation. A faucet with a unique design, as well as a beautiful appearance, will cost more than an average faucet.

3. Expensive and Durable Materials

Materials like pure Brass and Stainless Steel are more expensive and durable than most other materials. In that case, faucets that are made of brass or stainless steel become slightly expensive.

4. Luxury Finish

Chromium coated, and Brass kitchen faucets offer a premium finish as a material. So kitchen facets made of those materials generally cost more than the basic plastic faucets that do not offer such a finish.

5. More Features

More features always cost more. As more features are available, when you will need more features on your kitchen faucet, like multiple handles, external sprays, and more holes, the price will increase.

6. Upgrade Technology

The faucet also adopted some advanced technology, such as AI sensors, which will automatically detect your hand and turn the faucet on and off. So, if you want those in your faucet, it will increase the overall cost.

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7. Brand Value

Brand value is another factor that directly affects the price of a kitchen faucet. Because a prominent brand gained trust in the market with their quality products, if you choose such a band, it will raise the cost.

Expensive Kitchen Faucets Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of an expensive kitchen faucet:

Pros of an Expensive Kitchen Faucet

Cons of an Expensive Kitchen Faucet

How Much Does Expensive Kitchen Faucet Cost?

It actually relays on the faucet material, technology, and all the other aspects we talked about in the above section of this discussion.

But in general, a faucet costs between $500 to $3,000 will be called an expensive kitchen faucet. Yes, the price varies for the brand value, design, and other aspects.

Should You Buy Expensive Kitchen Faucet?

The answer to this question relies on your needs. If you have the money to spend and you need all the premium features with a good-looking design, then you should buy an expensive kitchen faucet.

On the other side, if you do not have a high-quality kitchen environment or cannot afford to purchase an expensive kitchen faucet, do not lend money or sell something. Yes, brands make those expensive kitchen faucets for only high-end customers.

How Kitchen Faucet Can Make or Break Your Kitchen?

Yes, purchasing the wrong faucet can make or break your kitchen. Because if you choose a low-quality kitchen faucet at the cheapest price, it may-

  • Not provide you with the shine.
  • Get affected by rust.
  • Get leakage quickly.
  • Not last for a long time.
  • You will have to spend a lot to call a plumber.
  • Cause you to bear high repair and replacement costs.

So, if you can’t afford an expensive kitsch faucet, try to buy at least an average quality faucet that will not cause the above problem.

Tips To Save Money While Buying an Expensive Kitchen Faucet

Well, if you need an expensive faucet but you want to save some money on it- it would be good to not compromise on the quality. Instead, you should sacrifice some additional features or some advanced technology.

Because, if you choose a less durable material in order to save some money, it will not last long and ruin your entire purpose end of the day.

Things You Should Look For in an Expensive Kitchen Faucet


Here are the things that you must keep in your mind when you are buying an expensive kitchen faucet-

  1. Go with the best material that is durable. You can choose pure brass.
  2. Focus on design, make sure it will not lose its shine quickly.
  3. Think about any additional features you need or not, like multiple handles.
  4. Make sure you are buying from a well-known brand.
  5. Never forget to adopt the latest faucet technology in the market.

Cheap Vs Expensive Kitchen Faucet

Here is a side-by-side comparison between the cheap and expensive kitchen faucets:

Main Distinguishing Factors

Cheap Kitchen Faucet

Expensive Kitchen Faucet

Overall Quality

With a cheap kitchen faucet, you will not get the high quality overall.

Expensive kitchen faucets come with high quality for their price.

Design and Aesthetic

Cheap kitchen faucets do not provide good looking design.

Expensive kitchen faucets generally offer a high-quality design and aesthetic.

Build Materials

Cheap kitchen faucets are usually made of plastic which is not environmentally friendly not last for a long time.

Kitchen faucets that are expensive are usually made of highly durable materials like pure brass, stainless steel and others.

Luxury Finish

You will never get a luxury finish on a cheap kitchen faucet.

Expensive kitchen faucets are expensive for providing their luxury finish.

Additional Features

Cheap kitchen faucets do not provide any additional features for their low price.

You will get many additional features, like multiple handles, detachable spray and others with expensive kitchen faucets.

Advanced Technology

No advanced technology comes with cheap kitchen faucets.

Advanced technology like touch-less operation is available in expensive faucets.

Brand Value and Support

Some premium brand does not produce extremely cheap faucets. But brands that produce cheap faucets have their own customer and value. They also offer minimum customer support.

Expensive kitchen faucets are generally produced by reputed brands. So you will always get the brand’s value and appreciable customer support.


Are Expensive Kitchen Faucets Worth Having- (Final Verdict)

Yes, having an expensive kitchen faucet will only be worth it when you need premium design, advanced technology, and have the money to spend. Otherwise, it would not be an ideal option to go with.

Even if you do not have the budget, you can still get a good quality kitchen faucet for between $100 and $500.


1. What Is the Most Reliable Brand of Kitchen Faucets?

As there are many faucet brands in the market, it would be hard to mention one of them as reliable. But Moen, Kohler, and American Standard are the most reliable kitchen faucet brands in the market.

2. Does the Brand of Faucet Matter?

Yes, brands matters because each brand has its own specialty in terms of design, longevity, price and support. So, choosing the brand which is known for providing the quality you are looking for will ensure you a good deal.

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3. What Is a Good Price for a Kitchen Faucet?

Actually, the price of a kitchen faucet depends on various facts like build material, finish, brand value, and others. However, if we consider the average price, we can say something between $50 and $300 is a good price.

4. What Should I Look for When Buying a Kitchen Faucet?

You should always look for the build material and your budget whenever you are going to buy a kitchen faucet. You can also focus on the design aesthetic and the brand value for getting good quality.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we must say that buying an expensive kitchen faucet is not the best option for the average consumer. Because there are more affordable options out there in the market, which will provide the same degree of durability and usefulness for the price.

On the other hand, you should not skimp on quality so much that you end up paying more for repairs and maintenance than the faucet itself. So, balancing between the quality and the price would be recommended.

However, if you have the budget and need something special, you may go with the expensive options.

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