Differences Between Kitchen Sink and Bathroom Sink

The kitchen sink and the bathroom sink both serve as an important part of our daily routines. They are both needed for normal day-to-day activities.

You might be thinking of getting a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom.

Nowadays, there are many options in the market when it comes to buying a new sink for your kitchen or the bathroom, and many of us see them as one and the same.

However, there are huge differences between the two, and we should all be aware of this. 


Side-by-Side Comparison: Kitchen Vs. Bathroom Sink

Differences Between Kitchen Sink and Bathroom Sink

  • Use of The Sink

The kitchen sink is used for washing dishes where it is attached to garbage disposals. As you cook in the kitchen, the sink is often filled with disposals and unwashed dishes. 

You would more likely be looking for a sink that is easier to wash because you need to clean the kitchen sink once every day. 

Also installing a kitchen sink which is larger would be a good option if you have more people in your house.

Bathroom sinks are installed in your bathroom to wash your hands or your face and are likely to be more attractive as you would want a sink more pleasing to the eye when you are in the bathroom. 

These can be more expensive as there are a variety of designs available in the market, which are made from a different range of components.

  • Sink Size

In general, bathroom sinks tend to be smaller than kitchen sinks because they don’t have as much space for soaps and other cleaning supplies on their surface area.

People have also just come to expect smaller sinks in the bathroom because that’s what they have been exposed to. On the other hand, kitchen sinks tend to be much larger and more accommodating for food preparation.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks come in four basic sizes: shallow, deep, single bowl, and double bowl. The depths of the bowls range from 10 to 24 inches.

A shallow sink is typically used in a kitchen with limited space. A deep sink will fit larger pots and pans and can be installed without taking up additional space due to the length of the sink.

Decide which size will accommodate your needs before purchasing. Single bowl sinks are most common in homes. They are typically 30 inches long, whereas double bowl sinks are often used for large families with two sinks.

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Bathroom Sink

The standard bathroom sink isn’t much different from the kitchen sink. These are typically smaller than the kitchen sink and come in a variety of shapes, including under-mount, wall mount, and free-standing. 

However, there are some things that may be different when choosing the size for your space. For one thing, you’ll have to shop for a smaller-sized basin because the standard bathroom sink is just half as wide as a normal kitchen sink.

An average width for a standard bathroom sink is around 25 to 28 inches. This size also works very well in smaller spaces such as powder rooms. If you want to get a little extra storage space, try installing several small cabinets below your bathroom vanity with shelves.

  • Faucet Size

It is important to know that kitchen and bathroom faucets are not interchangeable. Although, They have the same hole size, which is 1/2 inch for the kitchen and bathroom faucet. 

However, kitchen sinks usually come with a longer center set than bathroom faucets.

Usually, kitchen sinks have a higher faucet, so that you can more easily fill pots and pans with water. On the other hand, bathroom sinks are designed for hand washing and are generally lower, but there is still some variety in those heights too.

  • Drain size

Small kitchen sink drain holes have to be 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and large ones require a 3-inch drain hole. Remember that the drain hole has to be centered on the countertop, and should never be higher than 1 inch up from the bottom of the sink.

On the flip side, most bathrooms have bathroom sinks with drain holes 1.25 inches wide, but a few are 1.5 inches wide and some are 1.625 inches wide.

[ NB. Want to know more about standard sink drain size for kitchen and bathroom? Then, click here. ]

  • Installation Process

A bathroom sink installation typically requires less work than a kitchen sink installation. It can be completed in just a few hours. 

When selecting the sink, be sure to choose one with a mounting bracket that will fit your plumbing system. Once the sink is installed, connect the drainage system and test the water flow. If there are any problems, contact a plumber for assistance.

  • Type

Drop-In Sink

This type of sink has been popular for a long time as they are more affordable. Drop-in sinks are easier to install and uninstall. 

It is just dropped in at the countertop and the lip on the vanity gives it a good hold, other things you will need are a supply line, gaskets, plumber putty, PVC primer, supply valve, and cement for a proper installation. 

Don’t forget to measure your old sink if you are replacing it with a new one. 

Drop-in Sink is also referred to as a self-rimming sink, make sure not to confuse it with an Undermount Sink as they might look similar but this is installed from underneath the countertop. 

If you are looking for a mobile and affordable sink then you might want to install one like this. These types of sinks are used in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Although kitchen Drop-in sinks are made of stainless steel for an easy clean as this becomes dirty more often and might get scratches from dishes. Drop-in sinks in the bathroom are made from different components such as ceramic, porcelain, etc. 

However, these are becoming infamous for bathroom usage as there are more attractive sinks in the market, and most people prefer those for décor purposes.

Undermount Sink

Unlike a Drop-in Sink, these are installed underneath the vanity’s countertop with silicone sealant and metal clips or specific adhesive. 

If you are going to replace the old undermount sink with a new one then you can do it yourself because of having previous experience.

In the case of installing it for the first time, it is better to call a plumber as you might find it a bit difficult. 

However, these are attached below the counter for which rims are not visible and the counter can easily be cleaned. That’s why more space on the counter also gives the sink a more subtle look. 

It will restrict you from customizing it on your own which is one of its drawbacks. 

This type of sink is becoming more popular these days as they are slightly more attractive. undermount sink is widely used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. 

Although, the materials are different just like the drop-in sink. If you are looking for a sink more stylish on a smaller budget then buying an undermount sink would be preferable.

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are perfect for those who want to install a more fashionable or trendy kind of sink. These are more of a bowl-shaped sink and very popular nowadays. 

Vessel sink is easy to install as you just need to place it on top of your counter and also make sure to make a draining hole on the counter. 

First, put a towel on the counter to avoid any scratches and place the sink upside down to apply silicone sealant in the draining hole of your sink. After that, lift the sink to remove the towel and put it on the countertop over the drain hole, making sure to adjust the placement correctly. 

Clear any excess silicon using a towel, now you can install the drain on the drain hole. 

Apply some silicone on the underside of the drain to put it inside the hole, give it a nice press, and remove any excess silicone. 

Place the rubber gasket, friction washer from underneath the drainage pipe, and tighten the nut using a wrench. Keep it for one day to let the silicone give it a good hold, now your Vessel Sink is ready for use. 

It comes in different types of material such as glass, stone, copper, etc. these days which are quite expensive but give a luxurious look. 

These are more of a bathroom sink rather than a kitchen sink, as you might want a modern sink in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Sink

As the name suggests, Wall Mounted Sink is attached to the wall and it involves drilling in the wall. 

These types of sinks were earlier used in only commercial places but these days it is becoming quite popular for residential houses as people are wanting a more stylish type of sink in their bathroom.

It is specially designed for its independent use as you don’t require a counter to install it. As long as there are a water supply line and a drainage line you can install these anywhere in the house. 

Although, it is highly encouraged for bathroom usage for having most of the designs built for bathroomsHowever, installing one of these will require a professional for an exact fitting. 

Unless you have plumbing-related experience earlier, don’t try to install it on your own as you might damage your wall or even worse destroy the pipes.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink is becoming more common in houses nowadays for its trendy look. It is broadly used as a Kitchen sink and Bathroom Sink, though you will need to consider the material before installing it in the kitchen to avoid scratches. 

The shape of this type of sink is wider and deeper than a regular sink. 

Just like a vessel sink, a farmhouse sink is available in a variety of materials from which you can choose. 

Before installing this, you’ll need to check whether the cabinet below can bear the weight of the sink. If you install a farmhouse sink, the front side of the sink will appear in front of the counter, giving it a ravishing look. 

You can install this sink where you desire, in both the bathroom and kitchen. Although, you need to consider the price before buying one.

Pedestal Sink

Just like the wall mounted sink, Pedestal Sink doesn’t need any counter or cabinet to install it. You can install it anywhere as long as there is a water line and drainage line to connect the faucet. 

This sink has a wide basin and a narrow base and because of this, it doesn’t require any counter. These are highly encouraged to install if you are looking for something which requires less space. 

As it has a narrow base, you don’t need too much space for this type of sink. 

If you have no counter in your bathroom but have space for installing a sink then you can buy one of these as they are specially designed for the bathrooms. 

Although, Pedestal Sink is sometimes mimicked as bird bath shaped. You might want to hire a plumber to install one of these, doing it on your own won’t be a good idea.

Console Sink

If you don’t have a counter in your kitchen or the bathroom but want a counter type sink then this is just the one you will like. You might also think of it as a combination of Wall-mounted and Pedestal sink.

These are attached by drilling holes in the wall and it comes with a four-legged stand which provides it good support on the floor to bear the weight of the sink. 

However, modern Console Sinks are designed in various new ways, even some have a shelf underneath which are of great use in the kitchens. 

Although this type of sink is broadly used in kitchens as well as in the bathrooms, it’s your choice where you want to install it.

Nowadays, Sinks come in various designs and materials, from the cheaper ones to very expensive ones. 

Some companies even give you the option to make you sink your desired design and materials. Keep in mind before installing a new Kitchen Sink that the material is stainless and easy to wash. 

Bathroom Sinks can be installed made from any material of your choice which is affordable for you and serves the purpose well.

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