HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Review

The HO2ME shower head is a product of the G-Promise brand. This shower head has a beautiful design that catches the eye of any potential buyer. 

It is always preferable to have an exquisite model in the bathroom. HO2ME is a Handheld shower head, and these types of fixtures are very flexible to use. It comes with a bracket holder that enables you to put it in a higher place and also enjoy the shower without holding it. 

The hose is very long that is built to provide the flexibility of cleaning the pets effortlessly. 

Each material in the hose and the bracket holder is delicately chosen by the manufacturers to ensure durability. 

The HO2ME shower head has all you need that matches most of the advanced shower heads available on the market. Its spraying options are superbly mechanized to entice your showering experience. 

The shower head consists of individual modes also some combination of the spraying patterns. These will sparkle your desire for this product.


Several factors affect the preference of any person. The more time you spent on research, the better it is for expanding your thoughts about the product. 

However, the HO2ME shower head is one of the best creations of G-Promise. It has most of the features required while taking a relaxing shower. So, let us know about the critical elements of this fantastic product.

  • Solid Metal Bracket Holder

It is always a must fact to look after, whenever planning to buy a new shower or replace the old one. The material requires the most attention, as this will lengthen or shorten the durability. A bracket holder provides hold to the handheld shower head

Just imagine the water dripping down through the ball joint. It is a common problem of many shower heads, but this scenario is out of the case with the HO2ME shower head’s solid metal bracket holder. 

The solid metal prevents any unwanted leakage that could cause by other shower heads. This holder keeps the shower head steady and provides justified support to its weight.

  • Long Stainless Steel Hose

The hose is an essential item of the handheld shower head, as it is used to extend the shower head for enabling the water to reach every part of the body. 

It is made from 304 stainless steel which makes it very durable. A durable hose is necessary to function the handheld shower head more efficiently.

The hose is 70 inches long and can be stretched to 75 inches to provide a more extended reach.

Therefore, you won’t feel any hassle while using the shower head. It is manufactured to prevent any knots or tangles from occurring due to careless usage.

  • Multiple Spray Settings

As we all know, shower heads are not just taking the usual showers. The manufacturers innovated the products to a whole new level. Modern technology has evolved shower heads to serve all the needs of general users. 

Due to this upgrade, the HO2ME shower head offers you several spraying options to choose from while taking a shower. 

There are six separate spray settings, which is rare amongst most shower heads available in the market. These individual settings provide the correct type of water flow for the desired mood. 

Whatever the situation is, this variation can make the shower feel more pleasurable. It’s time to get into the depth of this outstanding feature and know the purpose of the six different spraying options.

  • Rainfall

As the name suggests, it is a definite mind relaxing spraying option. Getting wet in the rain under the sky is always a heavenly feeling. 

Although, this situation depends on the weather. However, the rainfall option of the HO2ME handheld shower head breaks this limitation for you to enjoy the rainfall-like water flow in your bathroom. 

Whenever you switch the spraying option to rainfall mode, you can enjoy the pleasurable spray. The water will fall in more significant drops and make you feel more comfortable and overwhelmed.

  • Power Massage

After hitting the gym and reaching home with the stiffed muscles, it requires some massage to relax the muscles. However, it is not always possible to go to the salon with a busy schedule. 

The HO2ME shower head features this power massage spraying mode to make the massaging process effortless. It is a blast of water that directly hits the body and provides a massage. 

The water from the shower head drops in an assembled manner so that you can feel the highest pressure.

  • Circular Massage

It is another spray setting that has a design to eliminate the stress from the muscles. The shower head delivers water in a circular motion with increased pressure.  

This pressure will massage the muscles and relax them. The drops of water are like lasers and hit the body quite hard.

  • Rainfall Plus Power Massage

If you want to enjoy a massage and rainfall thrill simultaneously, then Rainfall Plus Power Massage is just the spray setting you need. 

This shower head combined both spraying options to provide you with a pleasant time in the shower. 

It will make the shower head more functional for you. The power massage has high pressure, and the rainfall is designed to give a pleasurable feeling. This mode combined both the modes for better comfort.

  • Rainfall Plus Circular Massage

Like the Rainfall Plus Power Massage, this spraying mode is a combination of two individual settings. The several laser-like sprays of water from the shower head in a circular motion provide circular massage. 

Rainfall spaying options are droplets of water for an enjoyable shower. Both spraying options and individually practical, but combining these enhances the showering comfortability.

  • Water-Saving Trickle Modes

When this mode is turned on, the water will drop significantly. This will make you feel the water warmer as a heavy volume of water reaches the body. 

It is a low water pressure mode that will save water. The Trickle mode enables you to enjoy the water like a waterfall.

  • Easier Installation

While considering purchasing a shower head, it is always necessary to prefer a more straightforward install product. 

Thankfully, the HO2ME comes with all the essential items required for installation and further adjustment. The package involves a wrench, Teflon tape, and a metal crochet. 

Wrench and Teflon tape is used for installing the shower head with precision. Although, the metal crochet can be utilized to remove the flow restrictor from the shower head for increasing the water pressure.


  • Product Dimensions- 12.2 x 4.5 x 4.6 inches
  • Style- Traditional
  • Finish- Oil Rubbed
  • Material- ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Installation Method- Wall Mounted
  • Flow Rate- 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Hose Length- 75 Inches

Advantages Over Other Shower Heads

It is a definite question that comes to mind whenever you want to buy a shower head. As there are so many options, a buyer must require to install an exceptional shower head that is way better than regular products.

G-Promise has put the HO2ME shower head one step forward from the usual shower heads. It is a wall-mounted handheld shower head that lets you enjoy the privilege to take shower from the top or hold with your hand. These are unique features, as other shower heads can be used in one pattern.

The shower head with multi spraying options has not more than three spraying options, but the HO2ME shower head has six spray settings, including combinations of different modes

These modes are just extraordinary; using the spraying options will change anyone’s concept about the multi spraying shower heads.

The 70 inches hose with an extended reach of 75 inches is exceptionally more prolonged than the regular hose of the handheld shower head.



Why Choose HO2ME Shower Head?

Whenever considering installing a new shower head in the bathroom, it is always preferable to justify the exceptional functionality. 

The HO2ME comes with all the features that can enhance your showering comfortability to an entirely new level. It is worth the money you spend on this beautiful product.

The spray setting of this shower head is an exception in this evolving market. You can also enjoy a combination of two spraying options in one mode because of its unique mechanism. 

The shower head comes with six spraying options. Four of these are individual spraying options and two modes are the combinations of spraying patterns.

This handheld shower head is mounted on the wall to let you enjoy regular showers by keeping it on the bracket holder. The flexible hose allows you to move the shower head using your hands. 

The hose of this shower head is designed so that you longer reach it, which involves getting under the belly of the pets or applying water pressure on the feet.

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What Users Say? - Based on User Opinion

Customer opinions are very useful while gathering knowledge about any product because they are the people who can tell us the actual experience while using the shower head. 

It should be the section to through, every time you buy a new product. We have collected some reviews to enlighten your thoughts about the HO2ME shower head.

  • Easy Installation Process

The installation process is a vital matter to be well informed about before making the purchase. 

Many customers complained about the shower heads that are complicated to install. They never recommend a shower head that cannot be easily installed. Users say that the HO2ME shower head is just the shower head they needed. 

Its installation procedure is hassle-free and all the necessary tools needed for installation are provided with the package. They find it user-friendly and recommend others to buy this product.

  • Exceptional Spray Settings

The shower head consists of a rare spray setting among most of the products available on the market. Customers are delighted with the six spraying options available in this shower head. 

The massage settings are perfect for relaxing the muscles after hitting the gym or ending a busy schedule. 

More people get persuaded because of these relaxing spraying options. They suggest others experience this unique feature of this shower head.

  • Durable Built-in Materials

The materials used to build this product are phenomenal for lasting longer. The durability of a product is measurable by the quality of the materials in it. Shower head is made from rich quality engineered ABS plastic. 

Some people thought that the Plastic might break, but after using the HO2ME shower head, they conclude that the ABS plastic is appropriate for the product. 

The brass bracket holder and stainless steel hose provide proper support to the shower head and are very durable materials. Customers say that they have used the HO2me shower head for years but haven’t faced any problems during its use. They consider this as a durable shower head.

  • Steady Bracket Holder

The bracket holder is provided to hold the shower head in a higher position. It is made from solid brass and is very durable. Whenever the HO2ME handheld shower head is put in the bracket holder, and the shower is turned on, the fall accurately without shaking the bracket holder. 

Customers praised this consideration of the manufacturer as they faced problems in their earlier shower heads. It solved their issue and provided a justified showering experience.


  • Can the flow restrictor be removed?

Yes, the flow restrictor can be removed using the metal crochet that is provided with the package.

  • Where is the HO2ME made?

Like most bathroom fixtures, the HO2ME is also made in china.

  • Does this have good pressure?

Yes, including all the spraying options the shower head has good water pressure.

  • How many spray settings are in this?

There are six spray settings in this shower head; Rainfall, Power Massage, Circular Massage, Rainfall Plus Power Massage, Rainfall Plus Circular Massage, and Water Saving Trickle Mode.

  • Is this functional in an RV shower?

Yes, the HO2ME shower head works superbly in an RV shower.

All in All

The HO2ME shower head is a fantastic creation of the G-Promise manufacturer. It contains the features that most users require in the shower heads. 

Despite all the attractive features, it is your choice to buy this product or not. However, the HO2ME shower head will give you the experience of a lifetime. The design is marvelous and will do justice to any bathroom’s interior. 

The spray settings of this shower head seal the deal for any potential buyer. Its dual functionality is spectacular while taking a shower. The material quality is adequate to provide long-lasting durability. 

Therefore, considering to install this shower head will upgrade the showering comfortability and functionality.


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