Top 13 Best Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Showering with a handheld shower head is very pleasant, washes flawlessly, and pretty efficient for watering at every single body part. 

Basically, a handheld shower head means a shower head that is turnable, placeable, and moveable in any direction wherever you want. Using a handheld shower is very straightforward when it has a powerful water flow. 

Unfortunately, not every time we get strong water pressure with our shower; as a result, we can’t wash our body parts utterly.

Now you might be wondering and questioning, which is the best handheld shower head for low water pressure? Low water pressure supportive shower heads can perform well in both high and low water pressure.

For you, I arrange some huge resources on this topic and there is a lot to talk about here, so stay tuned.

13 Best Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure 2022 - Reviews

Finding the best handheld shower head for low water pressure is good, but when you get an opportune, convenient, multi usable shower head that will be worthwhile for you. 

While arranging some quality full shower heads for you, I researched a lot, and I looked for various suggestions and recommendations from the experts and users.

They told me they found some trustworthy shower head which works magnificently and advantageously for them. 

After examining their shower head and some alternative shower heads, I chose the 13 best handheld shower heads for low water pressure. 

Particularly, these 13 shower heads not only will provide your better experience, but these products will also improve your showering methods.

1. HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head for Low Pressure Water

Editor’s Choice

To get high-pressure water from a low water source by a handheld shower head, you should consider this chrome color shower head. 

Actually, it has the tremendous ability to soak the water aggressively from the water pipe, and then it produces high shower pressure. 

It has softened rubber jet nozzles, and it will prevent the mineral object and other harmful elements. 

Particularly, it is made of chrome-plated premium ABS, and it has a stainless steel hose. Three modes are available in it: powerful rain, massage, and mixed. 

Stainless steel hose comes with the solid brass, and both won’t crack or damage after rough use. Overall, it’s applicability, simplicity, and reliability is going to impress you.

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2. Couradric Handheld Shower Head (6 modes)


This is the only handheld shower head that can give you six ultimate, and different spraying modes include rain, shampoo rinsing, massage, and more. 

It is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and it comes with brushed finishes.

Uniquely, it has 48 self-cleaning nozzles, which works to prevent the natural element and calcium. 

Also, it has dismountable flow limiter so you can get a smooth and environment-friendly shower. 

Technical supports, lifetime warranty, comfier installing process, all the advantageous features are available in it. 

Couradric shower head has a long hose and is perfectly supportive of your sensitive skin. Not only you can use it for a shower, but also it is usable as a spa sprayer.

This is the best low water pressure handheld shower head for UK.


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3. Lock by High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Also Great

Lockby branded handheld showers are pretty well-known for high-pressure water producers. 

Indeed, this powerful and multifunctional handheld showerhead has enough ability to increase the water flow adequately and rapidly. 

If you have a water source problem in your house, then definitely Lock by showerhead will be worthwhile for you. 

It is totally made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, and you can use it as massage, rain, power rain, mist, rain + mist, and pause modes. 

Because of its closely grouped silicone jets, you can clean the nozzles effortlessly. Its high-quality material and easy installation will make your installation process comfier. 

Besides, exceptional materials, it also assures high strength, rust proof body, and tight setting.


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4. Wassa Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Have you ever heard about a nine spraying setting handheld shower head? 

Surprised!!! Yes, I’m totally right, wassa high-pressure handheld showerhead has nine spraying features such as pause, full, and more. 

WASSA can give you powerful water flow even if you have the lowest water pressure system. 

Opportunely, it prevents lime and hard water buildup on its own because its water flow rate is ultra-fast, which is about 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

[On a side note: to know more about shower head flow rate (GPM), click here]

Interestingly, if you don’t get full satisfaction with it, then the manufacturer will refund you as soon as possible. Do you know what things you will get from it? 

Besides the shower head and hose, you will get a shower arm mount, Teflon tape, an installation guide, and a washer. In fact, Wassa workers will provide you with a cost-free installation; sounds great!


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5. ANZA Handheld Shower Head (4.3" Detachable Handheld)

Anza’s handheld shower head is a multi-purpose usable detachable handheld shower head. 

It is made of ABS brushed nickel, brushed finishes, and you can use it with several water systems such as rain, pause, massage, full, and more ways. 

To increase the water flow rate, manufacturers added oversize 4.3″ brushed nickel face with 76 anti-clogging shower nozzles. 

Seventy-six anti-clogging shower nozzles and hydraulic system will make your shower and spa efficient and satisfactory. 

The better part is its flowing water system is increasable and decreasable. If you want to save the water, then keep it in the 2.5 GPM water flow rate. Any standard shower arm will suit this amazing shower head.


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6. G-Promise Shower Head 6 Spray Setting Shower for Low Water Pressure

Are you looking for any black color handheld shower head then have a look at the G-promise high-pressure shower head. 

G-promise is made of stainless steel, plastic, and you can use it in different ways such as rain, massage, full, and more. 

It is stretchable from 63″ to 75″, and you can use this shower head for various purposes such as for pet, babies, and toilet cleaning. 

The most remarkable feature it has, flexible stainless steel, made of authentic ABS materials, six different settings, easy to install and set up, and up to 10 years of warranty. 

Overall, this shower head is going to work for you significantly.


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7. AquaDance 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head

Who don’t know Aqua dance brand, it is one of the trustworthy and prevalent brands for choosing the best handheld shower head. 

This high-pressure shower head is known as the best handheld shower head for low water pressure in the UK and USA. 

It is made of a stainless steel and brushed nickel plated premium ABS. 5 foot stainless steel hose is tremendously moveable, flexible, and amazingly comfier for washing your whole body. 

Besides shower head and hose, you will get an overhead bracket, washers, plumber’s tape, and various crucial objects. 

While installing it, you don’t have to call a plumber because it assures tool-free connection.


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8. Delta Faucet Hand Held Shower Head (7-Spray)

Like Aqua, Delta is also a remarkable and reliable brand for choosing a handheld showerhead. 

This faucet shower can provide 2.5 GPM (gallon per minute), which is pretty average for the shower. 

It has a one-touch cleaning system, with a one-touch it will prevent calcium and lime buildup. 

Besides the long hose, it has a lifetime warranty; you can use it with seven different modes. Its hose measurement is 60-inches long, and the maximum stretchable limit is up to 72 inches. 

Indeed, if you don’t know what is the best handheld shower head for low water pressure? Then I can recommend it to you assuredly.


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9. AquaDance Premium 3 Way Rainfall Combo Hand Held Shower Head

Aqua dance premium high-pressure shower head is made of chrome-plated premium ABS and it comes with an authentic stainless steel hose. 

Besides rain, pause, massage, and full spray setting; you will get two more spray setting options. 

The Aqua dance quality checker vigorously tests it, and it is one of the best USA based shower heads. 

Things you will get with it like a 7-inch face for drenching flow coverage, rub-clean jets, angle-adjustable, high-power click lever dial, and all-chrome finish. 

Its ergonomic grip handle prevents the slipping or falling chances. Overall, you can trust its performance because probably it won’t let you down.


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10. Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Magnetic base enables shower head is very beneficial and comfier to use while your hand is wet. 

It is one of the best handheld shower heads for low water pressure. 

It is a chrome color shower head, comes with flexibility & variety, best for massage, and it comes with a pure chrome finish. 

Unfortunately, most of us face trouble while putting the handheld shower in the right position. 

For those people, this will be a perfect showerhead, in my opinion. Its chrome finish is highly reflective that it looks like a mirror shower head. 

If you find any defect or face any problem in this shower head, either they will fix it, or they will refund you.

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11. Waterpik High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Hand Held Detachable Shower Head

If you are looking for a shower at low water pressure, or a handheld shower head for massaging purposes then you should choose the water pik high-pressure water shower head. 

A total of 7 spray settings are enabled in it, such as body spray, power pulse massage spray, incomparable power spray, and more.

Major benefits are available in it like adjustable bracket, DIY easy installation, affordable performance, better support, comfier installation, and more. 

I think these specifications are enough to call it the worthiest shower head. 

Actually, its whole body is made of plastic, but it can provide you with multiple water-spray types. You can increase its water flow to 2xs if you think it requires.


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12. Speakman Chelsea Anystream Multi-Function Handheld Shower Head

Did you ever try to look for any expensive but multifunctional handheld shower head? 

Speak man will be superior for you because it is a transitional plastic handheld shower, but very durable and powerful. 

It’s premium contemporary finish and patented any stream 360° system will provide you with a better showering experience and also massage. 

Brushed nickel and polished chrome both are available in it. 

Interestingly, this showerhead has a unique setting; you can control the water pressure, which is pretty beneficial for water-saving. 

Multiple sizes, multiple colors, multiple functions, all are available in this shower head. No additional plumber required for cleaning or installing it.


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13. Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure 30 Setting Shower Combo

In truth, I hate the clogging issue with my shower head; it’s one of the disgusting and worst problems which are faced by literally everyone. 

But the most relief part is Antimicrobial high-pressure shower head assures clogging-free performance. 

This showerhead is made of revolutionary micro ban technology, which protects the water pressure from mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

Additional features it has rub-clean jets, angle-adjustable bracket, six settings, stainless steel hose, plumber’s tape, and easy tool-free installation benefit. 

A total of 3 colors are available in it, and it is made of chrome-plated premium ABS and stainless steel hose. 

It’s a trendy shower head, and it is suitable for the whole family showering. Assuredly, you can choose this shower head for the whole family members.


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Handheld Shower Head Buying Guide

Whenever whatever you purchase for yourself, it’s better to consider all the features, and points about those products. Otherwise, you could be deceived by the fake seller and as well as by the substandard products. 

The handheld shower head also has a number of qualities, and the majority of people were unable to purchase a high-quality and worthy shower head for them. 

Luckily, you’re clever enough that’s why you scroll down to this handheld shower head buying guide section. 

For your knowledge, I point out some memorable topics about it so you can consider it well while buying or choosing a shower head conveniently. 

The most considerable topics are shower types, spot resistance, and flexibility. Therefore, read the whole buying carefully;

  • Shower Types

There are lots of specs in the handheld shower, and every single has its own workability and capabilities like handheld shower heads, high-pressure shower heads, rain shower heads, low-Flow shower heads, and more. 

Now you have to consider what types of shower heads are suitable for you and feel comfortable with them. As your requirement or wants you can choose any shower head.

  • Flexibility

Moving or operating features in the handheld shower is very crucial. Without proper flexibility, you can’t move the shower head in any direction and water won’t reach your specific body parts. 

For this reason, you should choose a handheld shower head that ensures you as much flexibility as you want.

  • Flow Rate

This whole article is about low water pressure supportive shower heads, and that’s why if you’re facing any problem with your home’s low-pressure water system, then the flow rate will be. 

If the water flow has enough pressure, then a shower water flow rate will be 10-12 liters in a minute. 

Or else, if the water pressure is weak or slower then it could produce 7-8 liters of water in a minute approximately.

  • Spot Resistance

Actually, spot resistance is an additional feature. Sometimes we face issues with our shower head because it got finger stains, water spots, or rust. 

But if your shower head comes with a spot resistance feature, then your shower head won’t get any dents or stains.

  • Magnetic Base

After using the shower head, it’s a bit complicated to put the head in the right position with your wet hand. 

A magnetic base enabled shower head can make this process for your pretty simple and comfier. 

Therefore, try to choose a magnetic base enabled shower head for your bathroom.

  • Price

Obviously, estimating the price of the shower head is pretty important for saving your money. 

Probably, you won’t buy a low-quality shower head with lots of money. That’s why; you should keep the knowledge first about it before buying. 

On average, an average quality handheld shower head will cost you 15-30 bucks. Or if you are looking for any expensive shower head, then it could cost you more than 40 bucks approximately.

  • Free Kits or Accessories

How does it feel when you’re getting some free accessories with your shower head? 

Of course, it will be fabulous, beneficial, and noteworthy for you. 

The majority of respectable and renowned brands provide washers, plumber’s tape, shower hose, and overhead brackets with their handheld shower. 

So, try to search for top brands that provide free accessories with a shower head.

  • Setting Modes

Some people love high water flow with their shower, but some people like low water pressure. 

For instance, you should choose a shower head that has multiple setting modes for water pressure.

  • Easy Installing

Another important thing is that you have to consider before buying, which is an easy installation. 

If you don’t know how to install a handheld shower head or don’t want to pay extra money for a plumber, then you should purchase an easy installing shower head instead of other functional shower heads.

  • Warranty

Getting a warranty or guarantee is quite beneficial and convenient for every single user. Consequently, try to purchase a showerhead that ensures a minimum of 1 year of warranty.

Why is My Shower Pressure Low?

Generally, over 45% of people face the issue of shower pressure low. In this case, they always ask why is my shower pressure suddenly low, what should I do now, or what’re the reasons. 

There is pretty much a reason for these ordinary issues, but it’s not a large issue. You should calm down and read all the reasons which are responsible for the shower pressure low. 

So, here are the most specific reasons which cause your low shower pressure;

  • If your shower gets older or is already affected by rust
  • Shower getting clogs or jammed by water iron or specific debris
  • If the water pipe got jammed or clogged by something
  • Pressure low issue from the main water source or from the tank
  • Turning the water pressure regulator in the wrong direction
  • Plumber issue, if they were setting the shower faulty
  • Home Water Valves problems or creating issues while water flow

How Can a Shower Head Increase Water Pressure?

You already gained why shower water flow got pressure low, but here I will talk about how a shower head can increase water pressure. 

Individually, there have numbers of shower heads that work magnificently to increase water pressure. 

I have some ultimate guide and some beneficial tips for you. If you follow the steps and tips, you can easily increase your shower head water pressure. Have a look at the tips below;

  1. Replace your old shower head or water-restricting shower head (whatever you have)
  2. Try to select multiple modes systematic shower head for you
  3. Turn the shower head with different modes, and try to obtain what modes have better pressure
  4. Curb-side main shutoff causes a lot in water pressure; therefore, try to check it and find out the issue
  5. Clean and check the shower valves accurately.
  6. Check all the water pipe and areas is whether there has any leakage or not
  7. Additionally, you can install a shower pump

[Side note: to know more about how often you should replace your shower head, click here.]

How to Clean a Handheld Shower Head?

Limescale, rust, and mineral deposit are the most common problem in the shower head. These objects cause jamming, clogging, and make the situation complicated for water movement. 

In this case, you will require cleaning the whole shower head accurately with a phenomenal solution or process. 

I have a tremendous plan for yourself in cleaning; with this process, you can wash the whole handheld shower head conveniently and effortlessly.

  • Vinegar is a powerful liquid for removing dust, limescale, and water deposit; Put some vinegar in the shower head and keep it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use the shower head filter so it can prevent the water deposits
  • Separate the handheld shower head as parts as possible
  • Rub the shower head parts perfectly so rust and debris could remove from it
  • If still, it’s not clean to put some soda and vinegar mixture in it for 15-20 minutes.

How We Selected the Top Product

It’s a bit critical to tell you our whole procedure while selecting the top product. 

We do several types of research such as how this product works, why it should be on my list, will it create value with my visitors, is it top rated and best or not. 

After examining these things, we select the top product on our list.


  • Can I control the water pressure of the shower head?

Obviously, you can control your shower head water pressure on your own. 

In this case, you will require some functional and modes enabled shower head. Modes enabled shower head has an additional feature for controlling the water flow.

  • Why should I choose handheld shower head?

You might be wondering why I should choose the handheld shower head instead of other types of the shower head. 

The reasons are, you can move the handheld shower head in any direction wherever, but you can’t do this with an ordinary shower head.

  • Is the handheld shower head any good?

In truth, a handheld shower has lots of good parts to use. 

For example, it is easily operable, moveable, inexpensive, and pretty advantageous while washing your body. 

Overall, you can say a handheld shower head is pretty superb and convenient for everyone.

  • Should I avoid a plastic shower head?

As a matter of fact, most of the plastic shower head doesn’t last long, and sometimes it got damaged horribly. 

Therefore, you should avoid plastic shower heads, but if you get any ABS plastic shower head, then that will be impeccable for you.

Final Thought

Overall, it’s time to end this best handheld shower head for low water pressure articles. 

I hope the buying guide will help you faultlessly while buying a shower head.  Reasons and cleaning methods were able to provide you with beneficial information. 

In conclusion, thank you so much for finishing the whole article about this must-see topic.

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