How to Fix a Faucet That Keeps Turning?

A faucet that keeps spinning creates a lot of trouble and embarrassment for users. So, how do you fix a faucet that keeps turning? Well, all you need is a set of things! 

That should include almost $21, some screwdrivers, and a wrench! With all these and you, the problem of spinning faucets can be solved!


6 Steps to Fix a Faucet that Keeps Turning

Yes, only 6 steps are needed to fix a faucet that keeps turning! So, without any delay, let’s get introduced with those steps here:

Stop the Water Supply

The first thing to do is to stop the water supply. If it is a sink tap, then you will find the handle and valve under or beside the sink cabinet. At this stage, no need to stop the main water supply. 

Just tighten the spinning faucet or tap clockwise to shut off the water supply. However, if it is a bathtub faucet, you have to switch off the main water supply of your home.

Cover the Drain

After you have stopped the water supply, it is time to cover the associated drain. This step is essential because without it, the small parts of the faucet setup can go missing or pass through the drain.

Detach the Faucet

At this third stage, you will have to detach the faucet handle or the decorated cover plates. To do this, just pay attention to the connectivity of the faucet body with the faucet cartridge. The faucet handles are designed to attach and detach simply by your hand without using any machine. 

But this is not the case for cover plates. A flathead screwdriver is the best instrument to remove the cover plates. This is to note that the connection screw will have uniqueness depending on the brands like Phillips or Allen. Separate devices suit these different sets of screws.

Unlock the Locking Nut

After detaching the faucet handle and ornamental cover plates, a locking nut will be visible that links to the faucet cartridge. Take a pipe wrench and remove it. There will be a brass screw over the faucet cartridge. Put it out and store it in a dry place. 

This is important because this bass screw might not be readily available with the new cartridge to fix the spinning problem.

Take Out the Cartridge

Now, just remove the cartridge after removing the locking nut. This will be an easy step as well. In case you feel resistance, hold the pliers. 

Now you need to buy a new cartridge of the same pattern as the old one which you just took out. The hardware shops have plenty of options to choose from. So, buy a new cartridge of the old model to replace and solve the turning problem of the faucet.

Set the New Cartridge

Yes, now you are just one step behind in fixing the stripping faucet. Now just replace the old cartridge with the new one you just purchased. Carry out all the steps you followed; this time, it is from end to start. After you have installed the new cartridge, make sure it is working properly.

So, these are the steps to follow to fix a faucet that keeps turning.

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Can You Repair Your Stripped Faucet By Your Own?

The answer is- yes! You can fix your stripped faucet by yourself! In fact, the process (previous section of six steps) that you just went through is a DIY task.

Generally, this is a common household problem. For example, after using a faucet randomly for many years, such issues crop up. The good part is that with a minimal orientation with the tap, sink, screwdrivers, handles, and cartridge, you can uninstall, clean, and re-install the cartridge easily. The manual of the faucet or the instruction from the sellers will help you a lot in this regard.

Things you should know about stripped faucets:

Certain things are essential for you to know before you start repairing the problematic or spinning faucet. Those are:

What is the Reason Behind a Stripped Faucet?

The main reason is the rip of the faucet stem or in the faucet cartridge. The cartridge and associated handle together manage the water flow through the faucet. So when there is decay or a tear in the stem, the faucet keeps turning.

The damaged locking sleeve causes the faucet to spin when worn out.

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What are the Tools You Need to Repair the Stripped Faucet?

To fix a stripped faucet, all you need–

  1. Screwdrivers (a couple of)
  2. A wrench
  3. Pliers
  4. Gloves
  5. 21 dollars with 12 minutes of time!

How to Avoid Future Issues?

So now that you know the process of fixing a spinning or stripped faucet, you should know how to avoid future issues. So, to prevent any unwanted experience with the tap, you can-

  • Make the optimum use of the faucet
  • Minimize sloppy handling of the faucet
  • Move the faucet to turn on and off the water gently
  • Tighten up the set screw if it becomes loose
  • Keep a spare cartridge in the toolbox to use if needed

When to Call a Plumber?

Well, if, after carrying out all the steps yourself properly, the faucet is still spinning, it is time to change the faucet. Generally, the replacement of the cartridge fixes this issue. Still, if this cartridge change is not enough, you must change the faucet.

Now, if you want a different type of faucet and are not comfortable enough to do it yourself, it is time to call a plumber. But, again, professional assistance and advice will save your day.

Final Verdict

So, the final verdict about fixing a faucet that keeps turning is- it is not any unusual thing to experience a spinning faucet. This is rather a very natural outcome of using a faucet for a long time. Each machine or instrument comes with an expiry date. Sometimes things become obsolete even before the expected tenure or duration. 

There is absolutely nothing to be panicked about in such cases. A faucet may become out of use, and the cartridge may get damaged. But there is always scope and ways to recover. And this process to fix a stripped faucet can quickly be done by yourself!

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