The 13 Best Moen Kitchen Faucets of 2023- The Ultimate List

Choosing the best Moen kitchen faucet was tough for us. The brand had awesome faucets, and we were confused about which one to grab for you. 

We had to make a complete list of our priorities. Durability, affordability, spot-resistance stainless-steel, power-cleaning feature, and reflex technology were our main concerns. 

Finally, we’ve found 13 kitchen faucets that have got everything we were looking for. 

While the Moen manufacturer information covers in-and-out of the product, we went further into each faucet’s user evaluations and experiences to leave no stone unturned.

If you want to find out about their unique features, you might want to check the reviews here. We tried to incorporate everything from the brand’s history to the product’s maintenance to the buying guide.

13 Best Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Indeed, there is no doubt about the quality of Moen faucets, but when it comes down to choosing the right one for your kitchen, not every faucet seems to match your expectations. 

The versatile list below is created to assist you in finding not only the best one but also the right one.

1. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Smart Kitchen Faucet

Editor’s Choice

Moen has probably incorporated all its unique features in this 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet, making it undoubtedly the most deserving of being at the top of the 13 best Moen kitchen faucet 2021 list.

First of all, it comes with dual sensors, a wave, and a ready-sensor. So, either with a wave above or a hand below, it gives you a complete touchless experience.

Also, no more being anxious about your kid forgetting to turn off the water or the raw meat odor on your beautiful faucet.

Nevertheless, the Moen faucet also has a handle that enables you to control the water temperature and force. It’s also useful when the sensors’ power runs out. 

However, many customers have reported an issue with turning off the sensor being a bit tricky. 

So, read the manual and turn off the ready sensor while you are only storing the dirty dishes inside. 

The high arch with a detachable spray head, flexible and retractable hose moves with you, ensuring a smoother operation. 

It is also equipped with power-clean technology for improved efficiency and faster cleaning. 

And finally, the stainless spot-resistant outer finish is remarkable. You are sure to have an elegant and gorgeous-looking faucet in your kitchen for a long time to come. 




Never have we seen such a blend of aesthetics, power performance, technology, design, and convenience. 

Well, the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet is truly an all-rounder option.

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2. Moen 5923EWC Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


This Moen 5923EWC Pulldown Kitchen Faucet looks a lot bigger than conventional kitchen ones, but for more water pressure and quicker clean-up, you need a well-built, robust, and highly engineered faucet like this. 

Unlike the previous one, it comes with a single sensor. While this surely gives you a touchless experience, but what’s most exciting is that the whole unit can swivel up to 360°! 

Not to mention, the self-retractable hose one is also the longest of the kind, expanding up to 68 inches! 

Also, add the dual spray option and power clean with this.

So, along with expanding your reach, it provides you greater flexibility, force and lets you operate as you like.

Nevertheless, of all the features, user’s found the easy installation of it to be the most appealing one. It’s a one-step setup with a Duralock installation system. 

So, even if you haven’t installed any faucet before, this surely won’t take any longer than 15 minutes. 

With a height of 22.5 inches, it is indeed very tall and would require you to have a deep sink. 

And finally, the chrome finishing faucet is sure to add elegance to your kitchen for a lifetime.

[On a side note: to find the best touchless kitchen faucets for your kitchen, read this]

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This Moen faucet surely looks giant, but it provides greater flexibility, water pressure and force, easy installation, touchless experience, aesthetics, and a longer life span.

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3. Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Also Great

The 7594C resembles the 7549ERS in appearance but lacks the sensors. 

But why is that? It appears that many people don’t like sensors, as evidenced by this model being among the brand’s best-selling ones. 

Unlike the 7549ERS, it features a power boost to let you fill water in pots in half the time. 

Now, it might not provide the force and concentration as the power-clean feature, but you still get to clean and fill faster. 

The retractable spray head hose with Moen’s unique reflex technology provides flexibility and easier movement while you are cleaning. 

Another important feature of this model is the finishing. It’s available in various finishes, including a matte black finishing which is lacked in the 7495ERS. 

Other than the spot-resistant stainless steel one, the rest are not entirely spot-resistant but can be cleaned easily to preserve the shiny outlook. 

And don’t doubt Moen for durability; a limited lifetime warranty backs the product. 

Moreover, the easy Duralock installation system is loved by many users as it ensures tool-free quick setup.




Although being manually controlled, Moen has incorporated all exclusive features in this one to make it one of its best. 

If you want to go with no sensors, there are very few products to beat this one. To check the latest price, Click here.

4. Moen 87233SRS Adler High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Power Clean

Moving on, we have another high arch, pull-down faucet in our list, but unlike previous ones, this is well within the affordability of a budget customer. 

With various finish options, the Adler is a classic-looking one but seamlessly fits with modern kitchen appliances. 

As being sensorless, the finish possesses quite an importance because you have to touch it with your wet hand. 

But the spot-resistant stainless steel finish relieves you of having any water stains. 

The high arch has a height of about 15 inches, giving you the ease of filling in large containers. And the power clean technology makes sure you get more water force while cleaning. 

The self-retracting pull-down hose is again exceptionally long, expanding up to 68 inches. 

The aerated stream and powerful spray again meet your various demands, from heavy-duty cleaning to soft rinsing. 

However, the spout moves in sidewise only, which might be liming in some instances. 

The various installation options with a three-hole plate are also very convenient. You are sure to be surprised with its super easy and fast installation system.




Moen 87233SRS Adler is surely one of Moen’s best despite being sensorless. It’s an ideal choice for people looking for reliability within their affordability.

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5. Moen Brantford Motionsense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Brantford Motionsense Faucet is from the Brantford collection line, which is as popular as the brand’s top-selling Arbor line. 

It includes Moen’s exclusive power-clean and reflex technology. 

While the reflex feature makes sure the expandable hose moves with you effortlessly without any knots or kinks, the power-clean delivers more force while heavy-duty cleaning. 

Also, the spray head comes off and goes back to its docking easily. 

There’s no magnetic docking, though. However, the users find the automatic retracting and tight docking pretty useful. 

The motion sense faucet comes with a single motion sensor that turns on for the presence of any object below. 

It also comes with various finishes, with stainless steel being the most hygienic and spot-resistant one. 

So, keep your stylish faucet always shining while you enjoy the touchless experience. 

The easy 3 or 1 hole installation with an included deck plate is another reason the product made it to the best moen kitchen faucet list. 

Easier installation is always a delight.




From power-clean and reflex to sensors, it includes all Moen’s exclusive features to be an ideal choice for people looking for motion-sense faucets at home.

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6. Moen 87042SRS Spot Resist High Arc Kitchen Faucet

The reputable and evolving brand doesn’t eliminate the traditionality of kitchen faucets. 

And if you happen to have a classic kitchen decoration, then Moen 87042SRS High Arc Kitchen Faucet is going to be a perfect fit. 

The sleek design with stainless steel finish complements your kitchen by adding a hint of modernness while conserving the traditional style. 

And spot resistant features make sure no stubborn watermarks can sit on your favorite faucet. 

Turning the water on and off is a one-handle operation. It also includes a spray for cleaning in and around the sink. 

While it lacks the high-end features of Moen, this budget-friendly product is unquestionably one of the most reliable and durable faucets for replacing your old tap at home.

Despite its conventional appearance, it is simple to install and includes a soap dispenser, making it a spectacular setting. 

However, the soap dispenser seems to be made of plastic, according to many users. But at this price, we think it pretty much covers everything.




Nothing can match so perfectly in a traditional kitchen like this one. 

So, if you feel like the modern and newer faucet models seem out-of-place in your kitchen, have a shot at this.

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7. Moen 7864SRS Sleek One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This pull-down high arch faucet is another nice addition from Moen. Some might find it over-priced, but looking at the features, we think it’s worth it. 

Now, it’s not motion sense, but the one-handle lever makes the operation pretty seamless. 

Besides, there is a separate switch for enabling the power boost feature so that you don’t accidentally shift to high force mode and wet yourself. 

The default water stream option is there for mild washing, or you can switch to spray mode for rinsing the sink or veggies. 

Also, you can pull down the spray hose and move around as you like. Thanks to the reflex technology-equipped retractable hose. 

The sleek design with stainless steel finish looks absolutely sharp and prevents building watermarks on it. 

The installation ease is confirmed by Moen’s Duralock and optional deck plate.




This high-end faucet not only adds aesthetics to your kitchen but provides you with pretty much everything from a power boost to an easy setup. 

And there’s Moen’s durability that ensures a very long lifespan. To check the latest price, Click here.

8. Moen 7430 Chateau Low Arc Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer

Do you have a smaller sink under your kitchen cabinet where a high-arch faucet can’t fit? 

We incorporated the Moen 7430 into our Moen kitchen faucet list to fit a situation like this.

The sleek design with a blend of modern and classic style is sure to catch your eye. With two finish options, you are sure to find one that matches your kitchen decor. 

While the finish is not entirely spot-resistant, you can wipe out the fingerprints and watermarks quite easily, preserving its gorgeous look. 

The single-handle lever offers an effortless operation. The faucet delivers aerated steam for your everyday dishwashing, veggie, and meat rinsing. 

Not enough? How about an additional spray with a long hose to meet your in and around cleaning needs? 

Yes, the tap has that too! It’s made of plastic, though. But at this price, we don’t find that a drawback.

Installation is easy, flexible, and is sure to fit a sink with both 2 and 4 holes.




With a reasonable price, the faucet is quite popular among budget customers looking for reliability and longevity. 

So, if you happen to be one, this Moen faucet won’t disappoint you for sure. To check the latest price, Click here.

9. Moen 87801SRS Conneaut Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The Moen 87801SRS Conneaut is another nice addition to our list. The beautifully crafted product with power pack features is highly functional and durable. 

The stainless steel finishing is indeed very appealing, but there’s more to that besides its beauty. 

While the high arch gives you ample cleaning space, the detachable head with the reflex hose can be pulled down to be used in and around the sink. 

You will experience a 50% more water force with the power-clean feature, making it useful for heavy-duty cleaning. 

And after use, the spray head automatically goes back to its docking without any pushing. 

The handle is ergonomic, too; you can adjust the temperature and water flow with it. 

Besides enjoying the flexibility of using, you get a hassle-less installation with this one as well.

Although the design and performance got a lot of appreciation, the price seems high to some consumers.




Moen 87801SRS Conneaut makes a handsome option if you want a faucet with a longer lifespan but minimal frills.

To check the latest price, Click here.

10. Moen 7882 Genta LX Pull-Down Sprayer Modern Kitchen Faucet

The Moen 7882 Genta LX Single-Handle Faucet is also an excellent integration of elegance, power, performance, durability. 

So, even if it seems expensive, the quality certainly compensates for that. 

We loved the fact that the spray wand expands up to 68 inches, giving you longer reach, and the reflex technology makes it easier to move. 

Although it doesn’t feature power-clean, it includes a power boost spray for faster filling and cleaning. 

Besides, you can use the ergonomic handles to adjust the flow and temperature, and there is a switch on the spray head too for controlling the mode. 

The faucet sets up effortlessly and comes with a base plate to mount on 3 holes as well. Moen also offers a variety of finish options. 

However, all are not spot-resistant but can be cleaned easily to get rid of the marks. 




The Moen 7882 Genta LX Single-Handle Faucet is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen. It’s a little pricey but is a reliable and quality option.

To check the latest price, Click here.

11. Moen 87039SRS Medina Pullout Kitchen Faucet

This Moen pull-out kitchen faucet is nothing fancy but is a deserving one to be Mone’s one of the bests. 

Unlike the pull-down options, this model serves best for smaller sinks. 

However, the pull-out hose expands more than 30 inches, giving you ample flexibility to countertop spaces and clean in and around, and reach 

It’s small but gorgeous at every angle with a stainless steel finish. The finish helps in preventing watermarks and spots as well. 

The power-clean technology is unquestionably a high-end feature for a little faucet of roughly 8.5 inches in height

So, apart from the regular aerated stream, you can also enjoy the sprayer mode and the power rinse. 

Switching between the modes is easy too, with a one lever handle. Easy installation is also a significant benefit, thanks to the provided base plate. 

Though, Moen added some plastic pieces, which many consumers did not appear to appreciate.




For a smaller kitchen sink with cabinets above, this pull-out model makes a good choice. Also, it does have a greater reach.

To check the latest price, Click here.

12. Moen CA87888 High-Arc Kitchen Faucet

The Moen CA87888 is from the brand’s Caldwell collection with a traditional yet refreshing design. 

The durable faucet has an outer chrome finishing that fits modern kitchen decor as well. 

The plastic body is well-built, lightweight and the finishing makes it a gorgeous-looking faucet. 

The high arch faucet with a height of 11 inches provides enough room for housing larger pots and dishes, and you can rotate it sidewise when needed. 

With two handles, this is indeed a classic faucet option. 

Also, you get side spray for your additional cleaning and rinsing needs. Installation is effortless as well, thanks to the Duralock connect system. 

We also love the reasonable price of the product. Budget customers really appreciate the quality within this price.




This model with fewer features and minimal error is ideal for those who want an easy buy with basics only. Or, if you are into classic kitchen fittings, it’s surely worth a shot.

To check the latest price, Click here.

13. Moen 7565 Align Modern Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Align is also a quality faucet line of the brand, and we will be ending our best Moen kitchen faucet 2021 list with the 7565 Align. 

Its sharp design is sure to add a minimalistic modern vibe to your kitchen. 

The easy-to-clean chrome finish is surely appealing. But besides the aesthetics, it includes Moen’s power-clean feature so that you wash more efficiently and a lot quicker. 

Again, the pull-down spray head comes with a self-retracting and reflex hose to make it easier for moving and docking. 

As being a standard one, you need to operate and adjust flow using the handle.

Like most traditional faucets, it offers the stream, spray, and power mode to meet a range of your cleaning needs. 

While it does install easily, it doesn’t include the base plate. So, you mightn’t be able to fit it in a 3 hole sink. 

Also, the plastic parts like the sprayer nozzle and hose affect the durability of the product. 




Despite having some flaws, the product is a well-balanced faucet with a sleek design and greater functionality.

To check the latest price, Click here.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Faucet

Moen faucet includes an extensive line of products with a wide range of types, styles, look, colors, and many more. 

So, knowing what you should consider before buying will be of great help.

  • Faucet type

The brand offers various types of faucets, from traditional to most modern motion-sense ones. 

The different types include high and low arc, pull out and down, wall, single, and deck mount. 

Moen also has various collection lines like Arbor, Align, Brantford, and others. All faucets are again categorized into modern, transitional, and traditional. 

Now, it’s easy to get lost in this wide array of products. A wise choice is to check out the categories on the brand’s website and look for your preferred ones. 

However, we would like to elaborate on a few. The high-arch ones have more height and are preferable for both home and professional use as it provides more space. 

But if you happen to have a small sink, a low-arch one is ideal. 

Pull out and down are similar except for the direction of the spray head pulling. Pull-out ones are usually the low arch faucets, and the pull-down goes with the high arch. 

  • Finish

The faucet’s finish is an essential feature to check before buying, especially if you want to go with a sensorless one. 

As you cannot help touching it with your wet and dirty hands, a spot-resistant finish is preferable. 

Moen has a stainless steel finish for resisting fingerprints and watermarks. 

Even if the finish is not stain-resistant, it should be easy to wipe out the marks. Various finishes of the brand include chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and others. 

Also, the finish needs to match your kitchen decor. For instance, if your countertop and cabinet color happen to be brown, go with a Moen bronze kitchen faucet with a brown shade. 

  • Installation

Installation ease is another feature that demands looking into before purchasing. Most of the brand’s products feature a Duralock connect system that enables a tool-free easy setup. 

Some products include a base plate so that it fits multiple hole sinks. Even without the exclusive feature, the setup should be easy enough to be handled by you. 

If you don’t seem to get your head around the process, make sure a plumber does that for you. 

  • Design 

Moen faucets come in a variety of styles, from minimalist and sleek to conventional and classic. And it comes down to you to select a design option. 

If your kitchen has modern fixtures and minimal decor, choose one that complements it perfectly. 

Or you can go with traditional options for a classic kitchen. Remember, a mismatched faucet diminishes the beauty of your kitchen.

Why Choose the Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Moen is a leading brand in the manufacturing of kitchen faucets, and with its innovative and unique technology, it has been delivering quality products for a very long time. 

With unique features like single and dual sensor touchless operation, power clean or power boost for maximizing efficiency, retractable hose, reflex technology, and spot resistant finish, Moen products are just remarkable. 

Also, the faucet line varies significantly in terms of design and style. So, it won’t be tough to find one that matches your kitchen decor. 

The well-engineered and quality built of the products last longer than most in today’s market. 

So, one Moen product is likely to be your once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Moen Brand History


The brand’s history starts with a very interesting story with Al Moen suddenly burning his hand in 1937. From there, the idea of a single-handle faucet came to him. 

After that, from 1939, he made many designs and improved them repeatedly before starting manufacturing in 1947. 

In 1950 the brand started getting national recognition, and over the next 45 years, he had about 75 design patents in his name. 

The brand continued to evolve and integrate technology into its products even after the death of Al Moen in 2001. 

Currently, the brand has a wide array of faucet collections. And people absolutely love Moen not only for its quality products but because of its gradual rise as a brand.

How Do You Identify a Moen Faucet?

Every Moen faucet comes with a model number to identify it. 

Now, this identification is important when you need to purchase any replacement parts or need to contact customer care for any issues. 

Locating the product’s model number is the best way to identify it. Each product has a model number in its packaging. 

If you still have it, great! But if you don’t, then look for the supporting documents and manuals that come with the product.

Sometimes you might find the model number embedded on the faucet skin. So, look thoroughly to find it.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Maintenance

Despite the brand’s durability, you might encounter some problems over the lifespan of your product. 

But a little maintenance goes a long way in preserving your faucet’s performance. 

Most of the problems are associated with either leak in the base, spout, under the sink, or other areas. 

A base leak is often alleviated by replacing the O-rings, but a spot leak might require servicing the gaskets, cartridge, or even replace them. 

In any case, contact the manufacturer’s website beforehand. 

Also, keep the faucet clean and dry to prevent the watermarks and preserve its shiny outlook.

Which Is Better Moen or Delta Kitchen Faucets

The two reputable faucet brands are equally good in terms of quality and durability. However, they use different technologies and features to make their products stand out. 

Moen provides a touchless experience with their Motionsense technology, faster cleaning with either Power Boost or Power Clean, and spot-resistant stainless steel finish for preserving the gorgeous outlook. 

Delta, on the other hand, features Touch20 to operate the tap with a slight touch anywhere, Brilliance or Spotshield to prevent discoloration, stain, and odor.  

Moreover, Delta also has a greater number of shades and colors to match your kitchen countertop. 

So, it’s very hard to say which is better, but if you want to have the touchless experience, we can’t help recommending you Moen.


  • Are moen kitchen faucets good?

Yes, Moen faucets are indeed very good. They come with innovative features and are durable too. Many customers claim to use these faucets for many years without any complaints. 

  • Is an expensive faucet worth it?

An expensive faucet includes all the high-end features that provide you an effortless user experience with minimum maintenance. 

A cheaper option seems attractive but might cost you more if you face an unfortunate replacement. 

So, thinking of the long run, an expensive faucet is entirely worth it as long as you buy from a reliable brand. 

  • What is the best moen smart kitchen faucet?

The brand has a great many quality smart faucets with single and dual sensors. So, it’s pretty challenging to come up with a single best option. 

However, the 7594ESRS is one that we can’t help mentioning. With its innovative features and extended durability, it sure is one of the bests.

  • Which faucet finish is most durable?

Moen faucets come with 4 basic finishes, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel, and chrome. All these finishes are very durable as it’s effortless to wipe out the stains. 

However, the stainless steel finish is spot resistant and prevents watermarks and fingerprints. It preserves the gorgeous outlook for a long time. 

  • Are touchless faucets reliable? 

They are. A reliable brand like Moen uses its best technologies to make touchless faucets last a very long time. 

Also, checking the customer reviews, it’s hard to find a complaint against the sensors.

Final Words

To sum up, that was pretty much everything about Moen and its highest quality faucets. 

We found it very hard to call a single product the best Moen kitchen faucet; that’s why we ended up reviewing 13 bests. 

Nevertheless, if you love to have a touchless experience, 7594ESRS is hard to beat. 

The 5923EWC Pulldown is also a remarkable one for commercial and heavy-duty cleaning.

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