Lawn Mower Vs. Trimmer – Ultimate Comparison

When you’re looking for something to take care of your lawn, you should not compare different accessories. 

Each of the lawn care accessories has a unique utility, so buy exactly what you need for your lawn. 

Among mower and trimmer, the mower is mostly used for heavy lifting and can be used to cut most of the grass. On the other hand, a trimmer is used to reduce the leftover of the mower.

But before we go any further, here is a word of advice. If you focus more on ‘lawn mower vs. trimmer’ and which one is better than the other, you will miss out on the opportunity to use them both.

Yes, we suggest you use both as they are distinct in their action in many significant ways. 

Thus using both these fantastic tools will give you a boost in your work, making your task much more efficient.


Lawn Mowers

If you want the height of the grass in your lawn to be of a specific size, you should use mowers for doing the resizing job. 

There are two types of mowers available in the market, namely, riding mower and push mower. 

Both types of mowers have blades which lie on the downside that keep on rotating while you are moving your mower over the lawn.

If you have a small garden, you should use a push mower instead of the other one.

  • Sufficiency

You can cut the grass in your lawn with some other accessories, but it is important to assure you that you are keeping the length of grass accurate. Hence, a lawn mower is essential. 

Even though it is a bit heavy and you need to grip it well, you can fulfill your necessity of chopping off new grasses. You will be satisfied with its performance.

  • Durability

Longevity and durability of a machine are very much important. 

Among 270 individual parts of a mower, most of them are of metal which provides it with a rigid body that lasts for years.




Trimmer is used to giving a distinct lawn look. The string attached to it rotates at a very high speed when you power up the trimmer. This provides the ability to cut the grass. 

Hedge trimmers are mostly used to trim the hedges to give them a defined shape. Just like mowers, trimmers also get powered by both electricity and gas. 

Ones which are powered by gas are easier to move. Besides, you do not have to worry about cords as it does not require any constant electrical supply. 

However, if you have any health issues or you have to struggle to breathe, you should not opt for it because it releases fumes. In that case, use an electrical one

By using trimmers, you can keep the area around shrubs, trees, and fences in your lawn clean and tidy. 

As you need to walk here and there with your trimmer, you should give some thoughts about the size of it before you make a purchase. 

  • Sufficiency


You cannot trim the edges of your trees with your mower.

In that case, lawn trimmer is the tool to go for. Whether it has a plastic blade or a metal one, it will precisely trim the extra grass of your lawn and give it a well-defined shape.

  • Durability

Although we always happen to think that metal is more durable than plastic, in terms of lawn trimmers, it is the other way round. 

The long-lasting blades of trimmer rotate at a very high speed and trim grass and debris accordingly. 

You can easily change these plastic blades, which ensures durability and perfect cutting outcome.



Lawn Mower vs String Trimmer


Mower and trimmer have almost the same kind of utility. Like mentioned before, a mower is more powerful and efficient at cutting grass comprising of a huge area. 

If you do this task with a trimmer only, you will certainly have to struggle a lot. 

However, try to cut around a tree with a mower. Try cutting around your tree as much as you can with a mower and keep the rest for the trimmer. Trimming the borders is what a trimmer does. 

Trimmer comes in varieties of models, and string trimmer is one of them. It is a lightweight tool, and it assists in trimming the grass pretty easily. 

The significant difference between a string trimmer and a lawn mower is that a string trimmer can reach the spots that are quite impossible for a mower

Accordingly, even though a trimmer looks pretty small in size and narrower in shape, there is no reason to think that it is easy to operate. 

Yes, its infrastructure is indeed way more straightforward than that of the mower, but you have to be fit enough to move it around adequately while using it. 

At the same time, a trimmer is something that is needed once you complete your cutting job. Likewise, the mower is more of a fundamental need to cut the grass on your lawn.

The Bottom Line

Purpose of using mower and trimmer is almost the same. Both of them keep your lawn neat and tidy, and the grass well-shaped. These are two necessary equipment that you must have to take good care of your garden. 

Hence, even though this article is about a lawn mower vs. a trimmer, you need both of them to keep your garden neat and tidy.

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