Benefits and Uses of Humidifier | Types & Health Benefits

Electronic and alike devices are quite complicated to understand or even use. In fact, some people are never conversant with many electronic devices. They are often associated with many stories and assumptions.

And guess what? One of the most debatable is the humidifier!

What many don’t understand is how the device works and what purpose it serves.

Well, the main purpose of the humidifier is keeping the air inside humid, making it either warm or cold depending on the weather condition.

This written piece will help you develop an understanding of the benefits using a humidifier and whether you need to buy one.


Why Consider Using a Humidifier?

It is very difficult to predict the occurrence of nature, especially weather.

Many times, it tends to be extremely hot or very cold, and your house or workplace may not be designed to regulate internal temperature on its own.

But with the use of an air humidifier, you will tend to enjoy this benefit. When in an office or industry that is very congested, air circulation likely unfit for you. 

Herein, regulating the air by the use of a humidifier purifies it to a level that is fit and comfortable for those in that environment.

This is attributed to the fact that it ensures a continuous and smooth flow of air within firms or a well-ventilated home for comfort during working. 

You will pursue a reduced incidence of the common cold, difficulties in breathing, asthma, and allergies.

Humidifiers are not only beneficial to human but also to that indoor flower you may have for decoration purposes. The air regulation will ensure that it won’t want dry and fall off or lose its fragrance and beauty.

Sleeping with a humidifier On allows for health benefits like snoring problems and difficulties in breathing. Cool, right?

Yeah, it ensures comfortability as it controls and well-balances room temperature to a human-friendly state.

In hospitals, the device is used to control common cold inwards and even influenza. This, in one of the study, suggested that more than 40 percent humidity in the air is enough to inactivate viral flu particles to a more inactive state hence less infectious.

How Does Humidifier Work?

Humidifiers works on one principle, to moisturize the air in a way that keeps it humid making it a hot or warm state. They drive in moisture to the indoor air in the form of an invisible mist.

The most common is the evaporative humidifier made up of a fan, wicking filter, reservoir and it is self-regulatory. 

When the air inside your room is dry due to low humidity, it pulls the air in, using an internal fan and passes it through a wick filter saturated with water.

Then, the fan impels it out into your home to circulate, making the air moist. However, when the air is humid, the fan will be altered not to pull in the air in the unit.

Humidifiers are usually filled with water depending on their holding capacity and the period you intend to use them. The product once purchased comes with a user manual to easily learn how to fix it and use it effectively.

This is the basic principle of how a humidifier ought to work. Nonetheless, there are different models available meaning that they may not all function the same way.

It is then imperative to inquire before you buy. Importantly, ensure that you use the manual during set up and as a reference while using.

Types of Humidifier Available

There are several types of humidifiers. However, the most commonly used include:

1. Evaporative Humidifier

This one has a reservoir, wicking filter, and a fan being used to impel air in. It is self-regulatory. Mainly releases warm air or adds or removes excess humid in the air.

2. Steam Humidifier

It’s simple and uses less technology since it only boils the water and discharges it in your space as hot air.

3. Ultrasonic Humidifier

Uses an ultrasonic metal diagram vibrating to create micro fine droplets of water expelled in the air.

4. Impeller Humidifier

It contains a revolving disk that casts away water at ctenoid diffuser which finally brings out water in fine droplets into your air.

Health Benefits of Humidifier

One of the importance of a humidifier is the fact that it has a lot of health benefits. The following are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy;


Against Common Infections

It helps in curbing the incidence of common cold, especially in high humid areas. Studies show that almost 40 percent humidity in the air is enough to inactivate flu viruses making them less infectious.

It also reduces the risk of infection from viruses or bacteria that are in the air, either within your house or working place. Again, they are a common remedy for the faster healing process of either common cold or influenza by ensuring your sinuses will be well moist and not congested.


Helps Snoring Problem

Nobody is ever comfortable with a snoring person since it is noisy and irritating. However, sleeping with a humidifier On helps in reducing the effect of snoring.

This is made possible by well-moisturized air that helps your airways to remain well lubricated all night to eventually reduce snoring.


Cares for Allergic Issues

Using a humidifier appropriately can come in handy in minimizing asthma and allergy especially to people with dry sinuses and prone to allergic reactions.

Again some people are allergic to dusty or congested areas and may develop some asthma-like reaction. A humidifier can be a solving remedy since it keeps the air moisturized.

Nurses Your Houseplants

Other than your personal health, houseplant or flowers whose survival can be threatened by fluctuating humidity also benefit from the humidifier.

When there is enough moisture within your house, that complements the plant’s survival, then they will be vibrant in growth and the risk of them drying off will be minimal.

Reduces Nasal Irritation

It also reduces nose irritation by ensuring the mucous membrane of the mouth is well lubricated to prevent drying off or crack that can lead to nose bleeding.

Keeps Skin Moist

Your skin is also important. The humidifier will ensure that it remains lubricated all time. This, in turn, maintains its vibrancy, smoothness, and moisture. Reduced cracking threats ensure healthy skin in the end.

Protects Your Vocal Cord

There is also the minimization of the vocal cord irritations that may have you waking up with a growling voice. Your throat will remain well-moisturized as the air you breath has enough humidity saving your vocal cord.

Benefits Overall Respiratory System


Another health benefit of a humidifier is that it reduces headaches and congestion of airways. Mucous secretion of the nasal passage loosens avoiding blockage of airways or congestion since there is enough moisture circulation.

Consequently, it improves and transforms your respiratory health, especially during high humidity.

Humidifier Benefits for Babies


Many parents are usually very cautious when it comes to infant or baby’s health within the house. It is so obvious that no one prefers frequent visits to a hospital yet there would be an option of avoiding it.

Using an air humidifier appropriately would be beneficial to your baby especially in the bedroom and where the baby spends most of the daytime.

This is attainable by adequately moisturizing and lubricating your baby’s airways since it has tender mucous membrane while young. When they dry, it may result in a dry nose and throat that can be very irritating making the baby uncomfortable and often crying especially at night.

The sleepless nights may not only be unhealthy to the baby but also the parents. All this, however, may be avoided by installing a humidifier.

It is always recommended that babies skin should always stay moisturized and the humidity around be moderated to minimize cold and heat stress.

Low humidity causes congestion of sinuses hindering the free flow of air in the baby’s body, specifically the brain. Failure of enough oxygen to the brain causes a headache.

This is because the brain lacks enough air leading to the nerves not functioning properly. Humidifiers also improve sleeping time for your baby and reducing infections caused by bacteria and viruses within the surrounding.

Warm Mist Humidifier Benefits


During winter time, you will prefer maintaining warm air within your space. This, in turn, helps minimize cases of your coughing and sinuses congestion during temperature drops.

Choosing the most appropriate kind of warm mist humidifier will help you curb incidences such as irritated sinus/airways brought about by dry air.

It also helps in resolving dry nose which can be bloody by enabling them to stay moist, reducing cases of abrupt nose bleeding especially winter mornings.

A warm mist humidifier enhances and maintains improved skin by keeping it moist. You get improved healing from influenza and the common cold and well lubricated vocal cords. This, in turn, reduces throat irritation, snoring and bring in an improved sleeping habit.

There is a reduced risk of static electric shock when you adopt a warm mist humidifier during winter. Again, electricity bills are minimized during winter since moist air feels warmer.

Moist air also helps in maintaining the quality of your timber and timber products, especially furniture. 

It prevents them from cracking thus increasing their longevity. The quality of your leather seats will also be maintained during this season since cold-dry may not be so friendly to them.

Moisturizing air within your house helps to reduce the risk of your furniture getting ruined.

A warm mist humidifier ensures that – despite the stressful cold winter season to you and your family – your house or workplace remains the most appropriate and comfortable place to be at all times.

It simply gives you that privilege to monitor and have control of the internal temperature at all times.

Cool Mist Humidifier Benefits


You might be stuck in differentiating the two, either a warm or a cold mist humidifier. However, both serve almost the same purpose of moisturizing the air. 

A cool mist humidifier is ideal when the room temperatures drop by making the air within your room warm or hot.

This particular product is beneficial during the summers. It helps in bringing that cooling effect within the working area, office, or even at home.

Sometimes, the temperature may be too high that it becomes so uncomfortable to either work or even sleep, and we all want a friendly environment.

Sleeping with a cold mist humidifier On helps improve the situation. It simply humidifies the air with a cold vapor ensuring you have a comfortable and sound night.

Other cool mist humidifier health benefits include; easing effects of dry air which causes dry throat and lips and reduced incidences of congested sinuses in babies thus improving baby’s sleep.

Again, it reduces the chances of viral and bacterial infections within the air that mostly causes common cold or influenza. This may not only be health benefits but also financial since you won’t be frequently visiting the doctors.

It reduces incidences of dry skin and skin itching caused by hot dry air. This can slow your work in the office since you lack comfortability and a proper working condition. A cool mist humidifier improves your body’s cooling mechanism by allowing a cooling effect on the skin.

This, in the long run, reduces water loss in the form of sweat brought by increased temperature. It also minimizes dry throat and dry vocal cords, letting them stay moisturized always. Importantly, it improves your sleeping time by easing snoring effects caused by dry air.

All in All

It is never too late to try anything new, especially now that we have provided this interesting and essential insights about a humidifier benefits. 

It is important to note that there are different kinds of the product.

Ensure then that you get the right one. Again ensure that you buy from a legit shop or authorized dealer. This is to make sure that avoid getting counterfeits and getting the real value for your money.

The purpose is also important to note. This will enable you to buy for the right reasons and even buying what may suit more than one need. 

Putting all these insights into consideration will help buy appropriately.

Your health and that of your baby ought to be invested in well. The benefits of using a humidifier offer all this. All you have to do is to find a real dealer shop, give your health the first priority, and enjoy…

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