The 8 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Your best companion on the mountain roads is your bicycle. Nothing can beat the feeling of speeding through the trees with your mountain bike.

Budget is a major factor when it comes to buying a good bike. However, nowadays you can get amazing bikes under just $500.

If you intend to buy a mountain bike for heavy cycling and also for a long period of time, then it is essential to get a quality bike.

Here I’ll present you some choices for the best mountain bikes under $500, so you don’t have to look at anywhere else.

But prior to that, you will need to know some essential things to make the right choice.


Top 11 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

It’s hard to choose the right bike from the market because there are a lot of options. So, without any further ado, here’s the best 11 mountain bikes you’ll get under $500.

1. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

Schwinn Traxiom provides you with amazing features and stellar design. The elegant build sets it apart from any other Schwinn bikes.

It’s built with aluminum alloy which is not only lightweight but also very strong and sturdy. That means you can use it for years.

The frame of the bike is weather resistant. So, the bike will give you a damage free ride in any weather.

The cranks provide steady gearing. With the mechanical disc brake, it’s safer for you to ride on the rough terrains.

Also, its build makes it so easy to go through rough roads that it feels you’re in any other highway.

It’s tremendous performance is highly recommendable for mountainous regions. Within the price range, it’s one of the best to buy.



2. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

At first look, you’ll notice the huge tires on the Mongoose Dolomite, which might make you think it’s out of proportion.

However, these tires are the best part of the bike because they give the bike stability and smoothness.

One aspect that makes this bike the great is its frame design. The cruiser frame on the bicycle gives it a beautiful look and also offers amazing performance.

Another great feature is its powerful brake, which will be of great help in congested traffic and help you to stop immediately.



3. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Also Great

The market is filled with quality mountain bikes, but 2018 Gravity FSX is certain to get your attention due to its beautiful look and amazing features.

It’s a very simple bike which is made with quality components. Also, the brakes used in this thing are of top-notch quality. 

Just like the earlier bike, this one doesn’t come with a kickstand as well. Not cool!

24-speed drive makes your ride through the mountains enjoyable. The lightness of the bike makes it easy to maneuver around.



4. Schwinn Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Timber is built in a way to fit all your needs, which makes it very preferable in this price range.

This bike has a unique design for the wheels which makes it distinctive from any other bikes and it also enhances the quality and performance of the bike. 

Furthermore, the design adds to its aesthetic value and is certain to draw some compliments from your friends.

Also, the thicker frame of the bike makes it stronger and gives the bicycle a stable structure. 

Schwinn Timber is one of the few comfortable and mountain bikes out there. Due to its amazing fork suspension, it will go smoothly over any sort of road.



5. Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension

Another amazing bicycle for girls which has some great features. This one comes at a reasonable price without compromising the quality. 

Its sturdy aluminum frame provides a beautiful look and also a strong build.

The bike is made as comfortable as it should be with full suspension forks on the front and rear wheels. That helps you ride comfortably through the rough terrains of the mountain.

Alloy linear pull brakes are durable and helpful due to the size of the bike being small. 21-speed gear shifts help you to limit your speeds on the mountain’s trails.



6. Vilano Cobra 29er Mountain Bike 24 Speed MTB with 29-Inch Wheels

Vilano cobra is perfect for you if you’re looking for a bike that can handle anything from uneven trails to asphalt.

Its suspension fork gives it lockout abilities and the EF-51 shifter plays a role as the brake lever.

However, this thing does not come with a kickstand which is a bit of a bummer.

The mountain bike has hydraulic disc brakes that enable fast hard stops even on the rocky trail. Moreover, the aluminum frame of the bake makes the bike strong and stable.



7. Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss is the best affordable cross country mountain bike you can buy. It’s made from treated and heated aluminum which makes it not only lightweight but also robust.

This thing comes with 21-speed Shimano derailleurs which are 26-inch diameter big. That makes bike riding easy and comfortable for you.

It has one of the finest brakes and an amazing suspension fork that gives you one tremendous experience and provides the bike the durability it needs. 

On top of that, this guy comes with a very reasonable price tag. However, the fact that the front fork can’t be adjusted is a bit disappointing.



8. Murtisol Mountain Hybrid Bicycle

This Hybrid bike provides you with the dashing build and immense durability. It has great performance and a number of amazing features.

Starting out with Murtisol’s Shimano design, which makes the bike lightweight and gives it an eye-catching look. 

The front wheel has an impacting suspension which helps you to ride on rugged roads smoothly. Latest disc brakes are installed in it to make sure you are safe on the roads.



Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

The bike that you are going to buy will determine how well you travel with it along the uneven roads. Depending on the rider and trails, you will need different features for your bike.

Let’s talk about those features below.

  • Mountain Bike Styles

There are around five different types of mountain bikes and each one has a different purpose.

Trail bikes are the most common bikes which are meant for well-trodden roads with a lot of casual climbs and descends. Cross country bikes are faster and ideal for riding through steep and uneven terrains. Fat bikes are the best for the beginners due to the comfort they offer.

All-mountain bikes are for the aggressive bikers with the most speed due to their lightweight built. Lastly, Downhill bikes are for professionals who take on dangerous trails regularly.

  • Suspension Type

In the bicycle world, there are three types of mountain bike suspensions we know of. The most basic one is a rigid suspension which is essentially no suspension at all. It’s not preferable due to a lack of shock absorption.

Hardtail suspensions are far more common and useful with their front impact absorption. For average mountain bikers on a budget, Hardtail bikes are the ideal ones to buy.

Full-suspension has the suspension fork on the front which increases shock absorption and gives a comfortable ride, but it’s expensive and requires extensive maintenance.

  • Wheel Size

For casual riders and beginners, 26-inch is the perfect wheel size for comfortable riding. 27.5-inch wheels give a better middle ground than 26 inches and 29 inches.

For good mobility, the 29 inches will be more preferable. It’s best for the aggressive riders.

  • Frame Material

Most of the mountain bike frames are made with aluminum alloy which makes it lighter and helps it to become more durable.

Sometimes, steel is used to make such frames. Steel is heavy and tough which is not considered to be good frame material.

Why These Are the Best

All these bicycles meet all the requirements of an ideal mountain bike. These bikes are preferred over many bicycles because these have the capabilities to be the finest bikes. Moreover, each bicycle has the capability to perform at an optimum level.

All in all

The market is filled with an enormous amount of mountain bikes which makes it harder for you to choose. That is why this list is here help you find the best mountain bikes under $500 without any hassle.

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