13 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike For Beginners

Riding a suspension mountain bike is one of the passions and fondnesses for every mountain biker and bike lover.

Over 75% of bikers have a myriad interest to ride a full-suspension mountain bike.

Not every biker can operate this extreme bike on extreme mountain roads, especially beginners. In fact, a number of professional mountain bikers face a bit of trouble while riding them on the mountain. 

For instance, you should choose a high-quality and best full suspension mountain bike for beginners.

But you have to understand first which bike provides premium quality features, tires, controlling power, braking system

If you don’t have any idea about the most remarkable and worthy bikes, then don’t worry because I have an incredible list on it. Overall, in this post I will talk about;

  • Best suspension mountain bikes for beginners (Features, Pros & cons)
  • An ultimate buying guide
  • Lots of general and crucial issues & benefits of mountain bike

Top 13 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Beginner’s Reviews

A full-suspension mountain bike is a dream bike for every single biker and bicycle lover. It’s an exceptional and particularly structured bike, and it works significantly on mountain roads. 

Numerous people ask about which mountain bike is flawless for us and what types of bike will suit us. I know it’s full of confusion when you’re spending your money on a bike. 

Obviously, you have to find out which one is adequate for your style and comfort.

For this reason, I took the suggestion from the top professional and several mountain bikers, and they suggest some top mountain bike brands

After considering and filtering those brands, I select the 13 best full suspension mountain bikes for beginners.

I hope you will find out your dream suspension bike from this amazing bike list.

1. Merax Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork

Editor’s Choice


The Merax branded mountain bicycle is one of the superior brands and multiple brake style suspension bicycles.

This black and the red color combined bicycle have two break styles, Linear Pull and Disc brake. 

Its wheels sizes are 26-inches and it is made of a lightweight aluminum frame.

For fluid riding, it has front suspension forks design smooth’s bumps controlling technology. 

Indeed, this bike is highly recommended for beginners because it is fully featured and economical with seeing beginner’s wants. 

Dual disc brakes will increase the stopping power in a critical situation. Merax bicycle’s total weight capacity is 330lbs, and you will get a 1-year warranty.


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2. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike For Beginners


Do you love large wheels mountain bikes? Indeed, I feel really comfortable with large wheel size mountain bikes.

Schwinn Traxion mountain bike contains large wheels, and its wheels demission is about 27.5-inches. 

Because of your durable riding experience, Schwinn manufactures added fork soak up bumps and thumps in it.

2.25-inch wide knobby mountain tires will work absolutely on the toughest and scariest mountain roads. The suspension fork will soak up bumps and thumps and prevent shock and impacts. 

Conveniently, it has premium alloy cranks, and that provides steady quality gearing and less pesky maintenance.

EZ Fire trigger shifters and dual derailleurs will help you during gear changing.


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3. Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Also Great

Are you looking for any premium suspension mountain bike?

If yes, then consider Diamondback bicycles release full suspension mountain bikes. 

With a number of admirable features and magnificent eye-catchy looks, this pro mountain bike could be a fabulous choice for you. 

Exceptional features it assures such as supple rear suspension, fox float DPS EVOL LV rear shock, Shimano SLX cranks. 

Amazing gear range with 28R tubeless wheels, 15mm thru-axle, 150mm travel, grip damper, and more. 

A total of 7 different colors are available in it such as grey, mint, blue, yellow, and more. Disc brake style and dual suspension will improve your riding performance utterly.


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4. Merax Mountain Bike 21 Speed Full Suspension (FT323)

Merax is one of the spectacular and worthwhile brands for choosing any kind of mountain bike. 

This bike comes with two exception colors including grey & green and black & blue combination.

A Dual-suspension design will provide smoother bumps during riding or increasing the speed limit. 

It can ensure magnificent stopping power via superior linear pull brakes. If your weight is less than 300lbs then definitely this mountain bike is for you. 

Its frame material is made of aluminum, and linear pull is the brake system. 21-speed derailleurs and shifters will ensure you reliable and comfier shifting and ride.


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5. Gravity 2020 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike (FSX 1.0)

If you’re looking for an expensive full suspension mountain bike, then have a look at the Gravity mountain bike.

It is made of strong and durable aluminum frames, which ensures a long-lasting cycling period. 

Beneficially, its wall rims and wheels will help you to change the gear as quickly as possible.

Any age’s person can sit on it, but I think this bike will be superb for young and teenage bikers. 

Things you will get from these mountain bikes are dual disc brakes, dual adjustable suspension, double-wall rims, quick-release wheels, and more benefits. 

This black color bike wheels demission is about 26-inches approximately.


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6. OBK Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike (G4/G6 26)

Foldable bike is very supportive while riding, parking, and storing somewhere.

OBK full suspension folding mountain bike is a foldable structured bike. A total of 6 different mind-blowing fashionable colors are available in it for you. 

If your height is between 5’3-5’9″ then this bike will be appropriate for you, which means it’s the best bike for adults. 

This steel euro bike comes with dual disc brake systems and a number of high-quality accessories.

Its front and rear shock absorbers won’t let it be a break at an accident.

You will get additional features such as Shimano 3×7 shifters, Shimano front, and rear derailleurs, 3 spoke mag wheels, and more.


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7. Schwinn Protocol Men's & Women's Mountain Bike

Talk about one of the trendiest and unisex mountain bikes, Schwinn protocol mountain bike is one of the consummate ones to prefer you. 

Schwinn protocol bike is available in 3 colors including matte blue, red, red & blue. 29-inches wheels are suitable for 64 to 74 inches tall men and women. 

Exceptionally, its fork soaks up bumps and thumps will provide you a smooth and comfier ride. For easy gear and shifting changing, it has 21-speed trigger shifters. 

Front and rear mechanical disc brake technology will help you to do better stopping at the crisp condition. 

Overall, 2.25″ wide knobby mountain tires are waiting for you to provide an unthinkable mountain ride.


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8. Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for Kids

I know kids and girls have been waiting to see some sensational and superb dual-suspension mountain bikes. 

Here is the Mongoose Eclipse mountain bike. This pink color bike is so attractive, and it works incomparably better than other normal bikes. 

It is made of lightweight, but durable steel and it has three-piece cranks.

Uniquely, you won’t find bikes that have three pieces of cranks. Via front and rear linear-pull brakes any kids and adults can stop the bike at any critical conditions. 

Particularly, its wheels are alloy wheels, and it can provide you 21 speeds via Shimano rear derailleur.


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9. Gravity Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2.0)

Literally, I already talked about the Gravity 1.0 bicycle, but this particular bike is the second version of that bike.

Gravity bikes come in multiple colors; one is a black and green combination, and another one is all black mountain bikes. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro rider or armature; the Gravity bike is totally compatible with you.

A total of 3 sizes are available for you such as 15-inches, 17-inches, and 21-inches. This bike is made of highly durable and persistent quality materials. Shifters work efficiently, and you can use them faultlessly. 

Front and Rear suspension, easily releasable wheels, and better performance all you will get from this precise mountain bike.


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10. Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Concerning the best electric mountain bike and multiple functional bikes, I think the ancheer folding bike will be a noteworthy bike for you. 

The most renowned features and specifications it has such a collapsible metal frame, ultra-lightweight body, 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery, 250-watt supreme motor, ultra working wheels, three different modes, charge quickly, and more. 

Actually, its battery and motor work admirably, you can ride up to 15 miles – 30 miles approximately. With one full charge, you can raise its speed up to 15mph. 

Overall, you’re going to have a tremendous bike for yourself and you’re going to enjoy mountain bike riding.


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11. Eurobike Mountain Bike (S7 Bicycle)

Truly, I love S7 bikes because not only it has supreme quality features but also this bike has pleasant color and designs. 

Eurobike Mountain Bike S7 Bicycle has three-spoke, and 1 spoke system wheel. Its wheels are quite large, about 27.5 Inches. 

This bike’s aluminum rims and traditional V-Brake Systems will provide you with a better experience. 

As far as I know, every biker wants to have long-lasting and stronger fasting stopping power. Assuredly, bikers won’t face any trouble with the Eurobike braking system. 

This bike is highly suggested for riders whose height is between 5’4″-6’0″ and if anyone’s weight is about 310lbs, those people can ride in it efficiently.


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12. Ancheer Electric Bike Folding Electric Commuting/Mountain Bike

Commuting bike or mountain bike whatever you call it but this type’s bike is highly anticipated for riding on the extreme road. 

I have seen various types of attractive and muscle bikes, but ANCHEER electric bike is a little bit different and special. 

Riding an electric bike is convenient, but it feels awesome when an electric bike comes with foldable technology. 

Basically, this bike is highly suitable for 10-40 aged bikers. Its battery power and persistence motor will provide you up to 15-17mph speed. 

The major benefits you will get from this mountain bike are folding technology, double shock absorption, mechanical front, ultra-strong wheels, fully electrical, and you can charge it so rapidly.


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13. Kent Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (KZ2600)

Well, this is the last in this list, and it’s one of the best full suspension mountain bikes for beginners.

It has 26-inches wheels, an aluminum MTB frame, and a suspension fork of 65mm. In reality, this bike looks very elegant, and it will suit every type of person, especially adults and young people. 

Kent bike shifters with rear tourney derailleur won’t let you down while riding.

Alloy Wheel Rims and dual types of brake systems will also make your bike riding experience better than ever.

This bike has Shimano 21 speed shifters that will help you change the gear effortlessly. 

Above all, I hope you will find this beginner mountain bike as worthy as you wanted.


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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Beginners - Buying Guide

Do you know why you should read the best full suspension mountain bike for beginners buying guide? 

Actually, a buying guide literally will tell you what things you should consider while buying and what things you should avoid.

[On a side note: if you aren’t sure how to chose a mountain bike, read this.]

Here’s a buying guide for you;

  • Efficient Shifters

Mountain bikes are also known as gear bikes, while changing gear shifter plays an important role. If your bike shifters don’t work efficiently, then you can face unfortunate issues. 

Therefore, before buying a mountain bike, don’t forget to consider efficient shifters.

  • Wheel Size

Basically, wheel sizes depend on your height. If your height is over 5.5, you should look for a 27-inch wheels sized mountain bike. 

Or if you’re under 5.5, then 22-inches wheels will be preferable for you.

  • Durability & Frame

You have to ride on extreme roads or mountain tracks that are why durability and frame quality matter a lot. 

Before buying the bike, make sure it has a premium quality aluminum or steel frame. Also, don’t forget to consider its other material persistence.

  • Weight Capacity

Obviously, you can’t sit on a kid’s bicycle because that bike hasn’t much ability to tolerate your weight. 

Therefore, estimate your weight and the maximum weight capacity of that mountain bike.

  • Cost

Because of the lack of proper price information, the majority of the time people are deceived. 

So, please check out the market price before you choose any mountain bike for yourself.

What is a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike?

A full-suspension mountain bike means a bike with a dual-suspension fork in both the rear and front sections. 

These suspensions improve mountain bike’s control, traction, reliability, ability, and comfort. 

Suspension bike comes with elegant looks, measurable features, superior function, and high shock absorption limitation. 

Also, it can suit itself utterly and perfectly with the mountain roads and extreme road conditions.

Why do I Need a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike?

When you’re riding a bicycle right in the mountains, you’re with lots of trouble and risks. You can lose balance, riding ability, shifter problem, or can fall down. 

A full-suspension comes with these issue free technologies, which is convenient for you and makes your ride accident free. 

This is why you need a full-suspension mountain bike.

When do You Need a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike?

You don’t need a full-suspension mountain bike for a regular basis mountain ride or any normal mountain rides. 

If that mountain is too critical and risky to ride or you want to do a bike race, that time you will need a full-suspension mountain bike.

Hardtail vs Full Suspension

Full suspension and hardtail are quite similar types of bike, but one simple thing makes their differences. That particular thing is front and rear shocks. 

The full suspension has both front and rear shocks in its bike, but the hardtail mountain bike doesn’t have rear shocks in it. 

For this reason, a full-suspension bike is easier to ride and reliable in the toughest condition. 

The hardtail bike is also comfortable to ride in the mountain bike, but it doesn’t ensure security or safety during worst situations. 

In my opinion, you should choose full suspension instead of a rear shock-less hardtail bike.

How we selected the top product

Before choosing any product, we always consider whether that product can create value for our precious visitor or not. 

We always choose featured able products, top-rated, budget-friendly, high-quality products, and experts’ recommendation on that product.


  • Can I ride a full suspension bike for normal roads?

Of course, you can ride a full-suspension bike for normal roads, even if you want to ride in a pretty low-quality or worst concrete road.

But you have to be more careful while riding because sometimes one simple accident causes a lot.

  • Why is full-suspension bike costly?

Full suspension bike always comes with full mount road supportive features, multiple functions, and ensures better performance. 

Ordinary bikes won’t assure you safety and a better riding experience, but a full-suspension bike has enough ability to provide you a better ride; that’s why its prices are bit costly.

  • Can you recommend me a mountain bike specifically?

Overall, I recommend a total of 13 individual mountain bikes in this post. 

If you still need to prefer specifically, then you can try OBK Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike or Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike. 

These two full-suspension bikes work conveniently, and these two will be noteworthy bikes for you.

  • Is full suspension bike reliable to ride?

In my consideration, the full-suspension bike always creates enough efficiency, balance, safety and security.

That means you can call this bike a reliable bike to ride. 

To Sum Up

In conclusion, we are in the finishing touch-up of this best full suspension mountain bike for a beginner’s article.

I’m pretty sure you liked the way my recommendation, reviews, and answers to your issues. 

Thank you so much for giving your precious time to our website, and we appreciate your time.😊

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