Know When to Use Mulching Blades and Why!

If you have a garden and you are looking for ways to cut the grass efficiently, mulching is the best technique to go for. 

Not only that, but you will also be taking part in making the environment greener and healthier. 

In order to get your job done smoothly, you have to use a mulching blade along with the mulching mower.

Mulching blades are commonly known as the 3-in-1 blade, and these are very good in discharging, bagging and even mulching grass clippings. 

Before you start mowing the grass, we highly recommend that you gather general information first about the blades so that you don’t face any problems afterward.

[ On a side note, if you want to know more about the blades read this. ]

Following the article, you will get to know when to use mulching blades and the reasons behind using them. Read on to find out more.


Why Should You Mulch?

Are you genuinely interested in keeping your grass as healthy as possible in your garden? Yes? Then mulching is your ultimate solution.

This is a very easy and time-saving process. Your garden will look cleaner because the grasses will get additional nutrients due to mulching. 

When mowing, waste will be produced. With the help of this process, you can do complete recycling

If you have a packed schedule and you are down with a small amount of time, you can utilize that time with mulching as it doesn’t take much time when it comes to cutting. 

Usually, trees and grass are very efficient in taking nutrients from the soil and reserves them onto their leaves. 

With the help of this mowing technique, these plants will deliver the nutrients to the soil so that they can use it again. 

In this way, the cycle will continue, and your whole garden will look like a new one. [P.S: to find the best mulching lawn mowers, click here.]

Why Mulching Blades?

From the above, you have seen lots of potential benefits of mulching. If you are ready to do this process, you must need mulching blades

The blades will cut the grass clipping and take it onto its deck where it gets cut multiple times again until it gets smaller. 

Afterward, the blade pushes them down onto the lawn precisely so that no grass gets thrown out in the process.

When to Use Mulching Blades?


If you are planning to mow your lawn for 3 to 4 days per week, you have to use mulching blades in this case. 

In case your grass is getting bigger, and you don’t want to undergo the hassle of continuously emptying the catch bag and putting it into the garbage bag, use mulching blades.

Along with the cutting, if you want to provide fertilizer to the grass in a natural way, mulching blades can help you achieve that. 

At the same time, if you are interested in doing all the tasks on a single period of time, mulching blades can do it for you

It’s a 3-in-1 blade that will bag the grass clipping, chop all of them in small and accurate pieces, and leave all of them securely onto your lawn. 

So, you can do all 3 of those tasks with the help of these blades. 

How to Use Mulching Blades?


You have to use a mulching blade with a mulching mower. The following step will give you the proper guideline about cutting your lawn with the help of the machine.

  • Top Left to Bottom Right

Start from your top left corner of the garden and slowly move towards the direction of bottom left corner. 

Slowly turn left after that and then change the direction towards the bottom right corner. 

Make sure all of the mentioned areas are getting mowed precisely and not getting missed. Mow all the outer edges and check whether you have completed the whole perimeter or not.

  • Starting on the Second Row


When you complete with the first row, continue with the second row.

Mow another perimeter inside the outer edge. This step is significant as mowing the second row will make sure all the discharged grass clippings from the first row are getting cut down. 

If there are any bunches of leftover grass present, all of them will be munched and pushed down to the soil properly.

  • Final Touch

After the first two steps, it is predictable that you will be adjusted with the mulching. 

You will go with the flow with full confidence. Just follow the same direction for every row in a circular or rectangular form. Continue the process until you have reached the center successfully.

Your task is complete. Congrats!


1. Can you use mulching blades with side discharge?

Yes, you can use side discharge with mulching blades. Side discharge will help in preventing any clumps that might occur under the deck due to the grass.

2. Can you use mulching blades with a bagger?

It depends on the fact that whether you are using a lawn tractor or a walk-behind mower. Either way, it won’t be a good process if you use mulching blades with a bagger. The bag filling will be reduced to a large extent if you are planning to try it out. 

Use the bagging blades for your benefit. This blade contains a wing that is situated at the back so that it can create more airflow to push all the grass straight into the bag.


3. Can you use mulching blades with the mulching mower on a rainy day?

No, it is very unlikely that you can get your job done in rainy weather. Rain will create more grass clumping, and you won’t be able to mow the lawn due to that. 

The machine will either be slow or will get stuck. So don’t use mulching blades with the mower in this weather. Pick a day when there will be no rain for straight 2 to 3 days.

Some Tips

 Keep two things in mind;

  1. Before you start mowing, check the length of the grass. It should be 1/3 longer than your preferred length. 
  2. You should increase the number of mulching every month as it is required to be done frequently. If you are doing it for 3 days in a month, increase it up to 4 days in the next month.

All in All

When to use mulching blades is an important aspect when it comes to mulching your lawn. We hope this article gave you all the necessary information that you were looking for. Use mulching blades with proper technique. 

Best of luck!!!

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