17 Types of Tents Explained in Details

You need a lot of things when you go for outdoor camping. But the first thing you need is a quality tent. But there are so many tents it gets extremely confusing to choose among them.

However, it’s important that you choose the right one; otherwise, it may ruin the entire experience.

Now, there is a wide range of shapes, designs, and styles of tents you can choose from. And to help you out, we will give you the information you might need about all the different types of tents.


Different Types of Tents

Below we are going to discuss various types of tents in detail.

1. Dome Tents

The dome shape is one you are very likely to see when you look at the wide selection of tents. 

Depending on your needs and the number of people who will be staying inside the tent, you can choose different sizes ( to know more about tent size read this post ) and colors of this tent.

Now, the shape of the tent forms as there are two curved poles which intersect one another and anchor the frame on the ground. 

The top of the tent may be curved or dome-shaped, but the bottom is square.

Campers prefer this style of tent over most others as they provide additional space at the front, and in such restricted spaces, even a little addition can make a world of difference.

2. Ridge Tents


One of the most commonly seen and used tents in the world is the ridge tent. They are the ones we think of whenever the word tent comes up in front of us. 

Where the previous tent had a domed top, this one is shaped like an ‘A’. You will see that it is more common for tents to have this shape than the other.

The poles that hold and create the frame of the tent are straight. And because of the way they are designed to intersect with one another, they have a better capability of holding the structure of the tent. 

Now, that is not something many modern tents are very good at doing.

Even though there are many pros of purchasing a tent such as this one, but one problem you must face upon its use is the lack of space. 

Because of how narrow it is at the top, you might end up feeling like you’re trapped inside. In many cases, people might feel like the walls are closing in on them.

3. Pop-up Tents

Setting up tents is a very big job, one that most people want to run away from. 

But if you happen to bring along a pop-up tent with you on your trip, then there is no need to run away from the job anymore. Because you can pop it right into shape without wasting much time.

You will most commonly use them at different music fests when you have to sit out there for a long time. Another place you will spot these is outside of big malls right before a sale when people have to sit out and wait in line.

Also, if you are a parent of young children, then this is the perfect addition to your back yard or their playroom.

However, you will face a few problems with these, first of all, they are not meant for full-grown adults, well you will be able to fit in, but it won’t be comfortable. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these tents are ideal for harsh outdoor environment.

4. Inflatable Tents


More and more people are becoming interested to try things they have never tried before. 

And inflatable tents seem to have become a trend in the ever-growing list of new things. They are very interesting to look at and very different from your normal tent.

You will see that they are one of the easiest to set up if you have an air pump that will fill the tent up with air. 

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the pump to finish its task. Also, much like the inflatable mattresses, these too are very comfortable.

The main downside of using this tent for camping trips is that the sticks and stones lying on the ground can easily poke holes into it. And if you don’t have a backup tent, then you will be in big trouble as the tent will deflate. 

However, there are ways you can patch it up, but you might not have the tools in hand.

5. Geodesic Tents

This tent here is a step further than a regular dome-shaped tent, they are of the same shape, but rather than the two poles that cross one another, on this one, there are many poles that crisscross to form the framework of the tent.

You will see that the crisscrossing of the poles has created various shapes on the tent, much like triangles and hexagons. 

Now, the reason behind these additions to the normal tent is for greater stability. That is something you will require the most if you decide to go camping in a rather windy weather.

They are more common in mountaineering, where the weather is more volatile and unexpected. 

Along with being secure, tents such as this one is very convenient as you will be able to get a lot of space and room for movement. Both of which are very important for a lot of people.

6. Tunnel Tents


There are many families that prefer to spend a lot of time outside, but they have a problem finding the right kind of tent to accommodate their lifestyle and requirements. Tunnel tents can be a very good option for them, as they have a lot of space for movement.

Now, depending on how big your family is, and how many people are going to be going in and out of the tent, you can choose to go up or down in size. Whichever you choose, you can get them easily as they have a variety of sizes.

The name of the tent comes from the design; the opening of the tent is shaped like a tunnel so that people can very easily move in and out of the tent. This type of tent can be a good match for events or functions.

Also, you will have a lot of area inside the tent so you will not feel cramped or trapped. However, as it provides you with a lot of space, it requires a huge space for the setup. So, you can not put it up anywhere you want.

7. Backpacking Tents

There are some specific types of tents you can use for your trip, especially as there are certain restrictions you will face. And one of the restrictions is how much weight you will be able to carry.

Weight is especially important if you happen to hike for a long time with a lot of weight on your back. For that, you have to make sure the tent you are carrying isn’t too heavy.

They are not the best at long duration of stay as the size is pretty small; they are also not made to withstand very harsh conditions or weather.

But, if your aim is a hiking trip and resting inside the tent at night, then this can be one option to go for.

[ On a side note, if you planning on a hiking trip read this checklist first. It will help you to figure out all you need to include on a hiking trip especially if you are hiking for the first time. ]

8. A Vis-à-Vis Tent


The word ‘Vis-à-Vis’ can be translated to mean ‘face to face’. Now for the reason why it is called that, in this tent, there are two rooms that are placed in a way that they face one another

That’s one of the reasons why it is my favorite among all the different types of tents.

You will find that there is a big space in the middle of the tent right past the entrance, and there are two areas allocated for sleeping on either side. 

The center of the tent will, at times, have a dome shape or a tunnel shape, so there is a more open area for larger groups of people.

Tents such as these are preferred by many people as they allow a certain degree of privacy that is not available with other tents.

However, the only major drawback of using this tent is the added weight. As it allows the users so much space inside, they will obviously weigh more than other tents. 

Also, you will need a big area to set it up.

9. Cabin Tents

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If you are looking for a large and tall tent, then this might be just what you have been looking for. 

They are known for their size as you can comfortably stand up inside the tent without having to worry about hitting the top with your head. 

You and your family or friends will have a lot of living space inside the tent. 

Even though it is typically single space, but you can use separators and dividers to make smaller rooms or areas inside the tent. They will certainly allow you to have more privacy.

Now, because of their size, you might have some difficulty carrying it. They have more extensions, fabric, and poles, so overall, they weight more. Another thing you might find complicated is the setup process. 

You will have to involve more than one person to complete the task, and that might not always be possible.

10. Pyramid Tents

Many people now like a more modern and minimalist look when they buy products. And this is exactly what they get when they buy a tent like this one. 

They are usually very small in size and are set up in place using a single pole that is placed in the middle of the tent. That is what creates the pyramid shape.

Now, as they are very simple and do not require many extensions, you will find them very easy to carry. That is why this makes a very good choice for long hikes.

However, the problem you will face upon its use is the lack of stability. As it mainly helps in place with a single-pole, the chances of it falling or losing its shape are very high. And the likelihood of it toppling increases along with its height.

11. Pod-Style Tents


Tents usually always have a single space inside for living; there are however, a few exceptions. 

Like the pod-style tents have many pods made for sleeping or other work, but they are all connected to one another by single and larger living space. At times the pods might even have doors of their own.

In any case, this is a very good option for a large family or a large group of friends who are camping together.

They can all stay under one roof, but will still be able to enjoy some privacy of their own.

However, if you are renting the ground for the camping trip, then there is a high chance that you will have to pay more as you will occupy more space with this giant tent. 

But, it might be a small price to pay for a better bonding experience.

12. Bell Tents

If you have been to an outdoor wedding, then you might know what a bell tent looks like. This type of tent for weddings is the perfect option. 

Not only are they known for their size and the space provided inside, but this tent actually has many facilities that are not available in any other tent.

The fabric that surrounds the whole tent, for example, is not like all the other ones. This one is able to regulate the temperature inside the tent. 

So, if you go out for camping in the summer, you will not feel as hot inside. And the same goes for the winter or autumn season.

Even though it can house a lot of people at the same time, you will not be able to divide the place up into smaller rooms. Another problem is that this cannot be used in harsh weather. Because of its size, a strong wind can topple it over.

13. Hammock Tent

Most of the time, we see and use tents that are set up on the ground; however, there are tents that are tied up to trees and float on air. 

The hammock tent, for example, is a type of tent that is not attached to the ground.

The concept behind this and a hammock is exactly the same and looks like one as well, but the only difference you will find between the two is that the tent is covered all the way. That means, at night, you are safe and protected from the outside environment.

Tents like these are especially useful if you go to areas where the ground is wet, setting a normal tent in a place like that is not the best of options.

You will find this to be an ideal option when you are camping in the forests, too, but the main downside is that there is no space for movement. And for many, this might be a reason for claustrophobia.

14. Beach Tents

Tents are not meant for a long duration of stay or resting overnight; there are many other reasons for using it too. Many people like to take a beach tent with themselves when they go to the beach.

The main reason for taking it to the beach is to get some rest and break from the sun if they are out for too long. They even protect you from all the sand that blows in the wind.

These have been built for the beach in particular and cannot be used in most other settings. You can not really take this with you if you want to go camping. 

But the added layer of fabric at the bottom of the tent really does make it a good fit for a day out at the beach.

15. Car-top Tent

One sight we do not see very often is a tent on top of a car. The idea and the image itself does not sit very well in our minds. But, these things do exist, and they are actually very useful.

The main reason why someone might opt to use a car-top tent rather than a regular or normal on-the-ground tent is that the place they are camping is wet. 

Avoiding bugs might also be a very significant reason for you to use a tent on top of a car.

It is a bit of a hassle as you will first need a car that has a solid and wide enough roof so that you can mount the tent on top of it. 

Then you will also need to have a ladder as otherwise, you will not be able to get in or out of the tent properly. 

At the end of the day, if you think this gives you better use and you have no problem setting it up, then, by all means, you should buy this tent.

16. Teepee Tent

You will see a teepee tent in movies most often; they are the small tents that usually houses no more than two people at a time. 

Tents like these are somewhat like the pyramid tent in a sense that this, too, is held in place using a single pole that is located at the center.

These have been used for many years, mainly by the indigenous people when they needed support or shelter. 

The tents are still very much in use but have been made to suit the demands and the choices of modern people. Firstly, the fabric used to drape it now is able to regulate the temperature inside.

Tents of this size are very handy, and you will be able to take it everywhere with you, but they lack the stability that many other tents have.

17. Bivy Tents

Much like the backpacking tent that is mainly used for hiking, this too is used for that reason. You will find different types of tents for this activity. 

The bivy tents are much smaller in size than most others and will allow only one person to stay inside comfortably; any more would be very difficult.

When you look at it, the size and the way the body is formed may look like a sleeping bag. But you will have more space inside than a sleeping bag will allow you. 

Now, the pole is set at one end of the tent so that you can have an easy time getting in and out of it.

Even though it is small in size, you will not have to worry about your safety or comfort. You should be protected and dry in case the weather turns bad in the middle of the night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is it called a pup tent?

Pup tents are small triangular tents what are now used for storing extra item that cannot be fit inside the main tent. You might think it has something to do with housing dogs, but that is not where the name comes from.

These tents originated from the military and were used by foot soldiers, and as soldiers are often referred to as pups, that is how the name came to be.

2. Are dome tents good?

Dome tents are one of the most popular and in-use tents available. They are good as they offer a lot of space as well as stability.

So, yes, they are very good.

3. What is a tent house?

The term tent house is a newer word in the modern dictionary. But, what it really means is a tent that is used as a house. More and more people are living the green and mobile life, and for that these houses are perfect.

4. What is a posh tent called?

Well, if by posh you mean luxurious then the name of the tent would be a bell tent. They are the best for weddings, events as well as a luxurious living in the outdoors.

5. What is a tent without sides called?

You would typically refer to a tent without sides as a canopy.

Final Thought

Now you have all the important information you need about different types of tents available. Hopefully, you have the insight you need and, therefore, will be able to make the right choice when you make a purchase.

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